Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Honey Pie


By the Beatles. One of my faves from them. Really fun to play on the clarinet. This and When I'm Sixty-Four. Funny, because I use a Beatles' book that's written for the guitar. And a lot of the songs are kind of boring to play. I also like Wild Honey Pie. Quite a different feel, though.:iconseychelles-plz:

Well, I felt pretty lousy last night, and manage to cry late at night until most of the day today. Oh, joy.:iconswissplz:The rest of the day was somewhat ok. I was distracted by it though. Rescheduled my therapy appointment. It's kind of funny. Didn't realize this until later, but most of that week I'm out doing things. I have that therapy appointment, next day I have a Hadassah meeting, next day's the day I go to the cafe, and finally I have my orthopedist appointment by the end of the week. Should be interesting. Kind of like after having a drought, there's a flood.:iconchibiswedenplz:

Toshi Densetsu no Onna has been getting better and better each episode. This one was about the urban legend of what happens when you see your doppelganger. There were apparently 3 of them in this case. You didn't know about the third until the last couple of minutes. The victim was about to get married, but she was tormented by thinking she saw herself or some imposter, and thought she was going crazy. Her fiance had fallen in love with another woman who seemed to look exactly like her. They wanted to confront her about it, on her wedding day. Before that, she was sent a pic of a place she hadn't visited yet with her fiance. But, it looked like she was there, and he was happy. There were a couple of other pics where her doppelganger also showed up. But, it turned out to be her 2nd one (or the 3rd person). They knew because the woman the fiance fell in love with had a mole. The victim didn't, and the 3rd person didn't. Kind of creepy. Going into kind of a fit of hysteria upon seeing the one her fiance loved, she attacked her. But, out of self defense, the other girl grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed her. They wrapped her up in a garment bag, put a heavy angel statue in with her, and tossed her in a nearby pond. She traveled into an underground water tunnel system all the way to a lake. The bride kept saying she saw herself dressed in a black wedding dress, before she died. So sad!:iconamericasadchibiplz:

Apparently I have watched more than 4 episodes of Bleach before. I'm still not sure where I stopped watching it in my college anime club. It is getting better with each episode though. I kind of like the story 'arc' at the moment. They have to deal with a mod soul. Souls that were artificially created by Shinigami (Death Gods), and put into corpses. Basically, to work as their army against the Hollows. They can have one superhuman ability. (Like super speed, jumping great distances, flying, etc.) But, they scrapped the project. And, most of the 'mod souls' have been destroyed. Except for some who managed to hide in objects, waiting for a body to come by. It's kind of sad. This one is in Ichigo, and has been wreaking havoc at his school, and around town. He's liking all the attention. People see him, and think it's actually Ichigo. So, his behavior was really weird to them.

Somehow managed to play my clarinet. It's weird when you're crying through half of it.:iconusaplz:Did a lot of Irish tunes.
Grim Reaper has been better than I expected. (Apparently, the Shinigami/Grim Reaper theme is very popular in Japan. I know lots of anime/manga that have them in it, or reference them.) Yuuka has to fight a Grim Reaper organization called Record, to protect his family and friends. They threatened to not only kill him, but everyone connected to him. The Grim Reaper that saved him from his first fight with them, her father was the one that gave him his 'abyss' powers. She thinks that if she finds him, they can turn Yuuka back to normal. She also plans to protect him for the time being. The pic above shows how weird she is. She's not embarrassed by going around the house naked. But, it's like she's not really aware of it.:iconsleepygreeceplz:
Started translating the first sentence of the You Maga article I'm working on. I've typed up the first paragraph in Japanese, and am going through it now. Today's kanji was: . Or: よわ.い (yowa.i), よわ.る (yowa.ru), よわ.まる (yowa.maru), よわ.める (yowa.meru), じゃく (jaku). It means weak, frail, fragile, delicate, reduce.

Worked a little on the original character meme. The first slot, where Zero's dreaming about what he'd consider pleasant. Got him and his bed better than I thought I would. Made his hair nice and messy, and perspective looks good. At least, to me. I made him drool a little too.:iconfrancisplz:I'm going to have a huge thought 'cloud' next to him. Maybe he'll dream about the girl he knew in Greece, and/or flames. Should be interesting, because I haven't drawn her yet. Also, worked on Anzu's face. Almost done with it. Her head, this was unplanned, is cocked to the side. Interesting. Did a lot of editing of chapter 16. Hopefully, I can continue with the story tomorrow.:la:

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