Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ah, What a Wonderful Cat Life


Sung by the Gumi and Len vocaloids. First time I actually liked a song sung with Gumi in it. Although, I haven't heard many that feature her, yet.:iconchibiswedenplz:It's a cute song. Really reminds me of Drifter and Shana. The first 2 cats we had. Drifter was a stray, and Shana was an indoor only cat that my parents got when she was a little kitten. So, the 'rogue' reminded me a lot of Drifter. I think Shana was afraid to go outside before, too. (Later, she went outside, but it was as long as Drifter was with her.) I heard they used to coo at each other through a glass window, before we took him in. They were inseparable after that. Really was like a love story.:iconchibihungaryplz:I kind of miss them.

Sorry that its been so long since my last post!:iconhongkongplz:I've got to get back into this!:eager:I thought I'd relax a little by taking a bath on Tuesday. Haven't taken one in ages! I usually just take showers, but they're not always so relaxing. Anyways, some water ended up getting trapped in my ear. And, because I have an earwax problem it mixed with that, and plugged it pretty good.:iconromanoplz:

Couldn't hear anything out of that ear until after I went to a doctor yesterday. Was a pain in the butt.:iconchibienglandplz:Had to keep asking people: 'huh?' or 'What did you say?'. Not only do my ears produce too much earwax, but I have a eustachian tube problem. Yay!:iconyaykumajiroplz:I had to have both ears irrigated. Apparently, the other one was about to plug up too. It's a pain at first while they're trying to flush it out, but once they get everything it's amazing!:dummy:I usually can be hyper-sensitive to sound afterwards. I've only had my ears irrigated 3 or 4 times. Apparently, I should be self-irrigating every 3 months.:faint:I'm nervous about that. My ears are very important to me, and I feel I could damage them if I don't do it right. Kind of dangerous.:iconraivisplz:At least I'm good for now.

Since I had that ear problem, I decided to cancel my appointment with the orthopedist. I still need to talk to him, but I'd rather be able to hear what he said. The pain in my shoulder has been gradually returning. It was great for a while after the cortisone shot. Not only is the pain slowly coming back (it's really not as bad), I'm hearing the popping sounds again.:iconlietplz:I told this to the other doctor during my ear appointment, and he gave me some pain killers that may be more effective and have far fewer side effects. They don't cause any kidney, liver, or blood problems. He said the only thing some patients may get is a rash. He said I can take it for a longer period of time, as well. We'll see how it goes.:meow:Made another appointment for the orthopedist towards the end of next month. Thought it'd be good timing then. 
Started another manga called Grim Reaper. It's a bit dark, but interesting so far. Yuuka Shinchiro is a 2nd year high school student, whose parents passed away several years ago in an accident. He has, what he thinks is, a horrible dream. He's walking through a park at night, a child's head jumps into his hands, and he's bitten by an alien. After telling himself it was just a dream, he notices he has a bite mark in the same place as in the 'dream'. The next morning, the news reports that a child's head and lots of blood were found in a park. He goes to check out the scene, and finds a ruthless man asking him about the 'abyss'. Later, the man attacks him in his own home, and calls him a Grim Reaper. Kind of bizarre, but interesting enough story. It seems to be a bit short, though. Only 5 chapters, and I'm on the 3rd one. The other manga I was reading for that time, didn't have an update. (Still doesn't.) So, maybe it's good for the time being to read something else while it updates.:iconchibiamericaplz:

Been able to play the clarinet everyday since the last time I posted. It feels so good to get back into.:la:Today, I played mostly jazz and Beatles tunes. 

Also, got back into writing everyday. This chapter's going pretty quickly. I'm still editing previous chapters on the weekend, too. Maybe I'll finish the first novel soon!:iconlachoirplz:I've heard for fantasy/sci-fi novels, most new authors shoot for about 80,000-100,000 words. I'm up to just a tad over 60,000. Getting close to the bottom end. I already have an idea of how it will end. And, it will be a huge cliffhanger.:iconenglandispervyplz:This will hopefully turn into a series. There's so many directions it can go. 

Started the planning phase of the next drawing meme I'm working on. The first panel says that #4 or Zero (in my case) is having a pleasant dream. What's he dreaming about? There's many things I can draw for that. Should be fun. Hard to narrow it down though.:iconkikuplz:Also, started planning out a building diagram from my story. Just to get a better 'visual' of it. 

Finished drawing Kenta's face. Looking better than my last drawing of him. Anzu's next. I might post this sheet of faces when I'm done, on dA. They're much better than my previous characters have been. I can tell I'm improving.:iconhappychinaplz:Also, finished the current character descriptions. There might be another one I have to fill out soon. Especially with what goes on in my current chapter.

Found a few more songs. Also, wrote out the kanji for the days of the week on my calendar. Just to remind me and practice. If I see it all the time it sticks more. So, since today's Thursday, it's 木曜日 or mokuyoubi, which can be shortened to or moku. Also, got back to being active in the forums this last weekend. Another person faved my Hetalia meme this week! 

Went to a Friday night Shabbat service. (Which is kind of rare.) It was nice to see people.:iconchibicanadaplz:Most of the food was good. There was a kid next to me who was a bit weird, but she's known to have some sort of issue (not sure what), so it didn't bother me too much. I know she didn't mean anything mean by what she said. In fact, I could tell she was trying to comfort me in some way, but it didn't come out right. Poor kid.:iconamericasadchibiplz:Anyways, they also had these really addicting chocolates that had a dusting of more chocolate. Really strong, but also had the consistency of fudge. The bowl kept moving around the table while we ate dessert.:iconheroamericaplz:

Didn't feel like going to Saturday morning services that weekend. Which meant I also got to sleep in. Yay!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:I'm thinking of going this time. Plus, Shavuot starts that night. And, they're doing a Torah study thing with both rabbis from both congregations in honor of it. It celebrates the giving of the Torah. We're supposed to eat a lot of dairy foods. So, there's also a dairy potluck. There's already going to be a 'blintz'-fest.:iconitalyplz:Dad said she'd like to go, but she might not be able to eat much. (She hates cheese.) Maybe she can have something small beforehand, and then see what's there. The tradition is to study Torah throughout the night. But, we'll stop at the synagogue at around 10. Maybe I can keep it up or something at home. 

Managed to go to the cafe on Wednesday like I usually do. But, it was just before my doctor's appointment, so I could barely make out what people were saying. But, I'm glad I was able to see everybody again. Since I wasn't feeling very well, I just got some bottled water there. Not my usual tea, mocha, or hot chocolate.

Naruto Shippuden's getting good again. Naruto's continuing his training. Apparently, rasengan, is really a 'tail-beast bomb' jutsu. The fact that his father passed it on to Jiraiya, and then to Naruto amazed Bee. They talked more about the reanimation jutsu, which obviously Kabuto was leaving things out when he told Madara. The Shinobi Force found a bunch of the white Zetsu clones, and blew them up towards the surface. Looked pretty spectacular seeing thousands of them 'erupt' from the ground. They all looked surprised. Not sure if that was part of the other side's plan, though. Not sure what they really can do. But, that's what makes it fun to watch, finding these things out.:iconchibinitalyplz:
They finally updated Dear! One of my faves, but takes forever for each chapter. I guess it's worth it, though. Some demons (in the pic) are after Chiruha. Kurenai and Carol are fighting them. Carol left Chiruha unconscious with Purino and Komomo, at the Captain's place. They broke in, though. Chiruha was hoping to go on a journey to find a cure for Kisara.
I've been going over a new kanji everyday. But, I'm also writing out most of the previous ones on its own line for practice. Just writing them over and over again, until I get it, or it's the next grade level. Speaking of which, I'm up to reviewing/practicing grade 2 stuff. Wahoo! (Most of it I know, but don't really have 'cemented' yet.) The kanji I worked on today was . It can be pronounced as あと (ato), のち (nochi), うし.ろ (, おく.れる (oku.reru), (go), or こう (kou). It means [depending on how it's pronounced] behind, back, later, the rear, after, afterwards, since, remainder, more (i.e. five more minutes), butt, consequence, delayed, or overdue. 

deviantART faves: T-Shirt Need More Coffee I did not make these! First, a funny comic by an artist I watch. It's true, I guess it would be hard to search for a 3XL shirt online. Second, a funny T-shirt graphic from an artist I watch. I don't think he needs more coffee...

A cool song sung by the Kaito vocaloid. He's one of my fave vocaloids:

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