Thursday, November 10, 2011



By Kra. had recommended this band. (Just started an account there a couple of weeks ago.) This is the only song I like from them so far. It almost sounds like it should be in a video game or something.:iconfrancisplz:Relaxing and fun.

Had absolutely no time to post yesterday! It was crazy!:iconlietplz:Did cleaning stuff like my laundry just before going to the cafe for Mom's mahj group, then we went to the grocery store for about an hour and a half, had to put that away, and still make dinner. It wiped me out.:faint:

Dad just left for her conference yesterday, and won't be back until Sunday. Hope things are going well. But, since she's gone this time for Shabbat dinner, we got a big frozen lasagna for it.:iconheroamericaplz:She hates cheese. (We also got a few other things she doesn't like.)

Last night, we tried one of Wanchai Ferry's flavors, Orange Chicken. The bag said it serves 3, normally. I don't know how that's possible.:iconchibijapanplz:Very small portions, even just for the 2 of us. Luckily, we got some frozen chicken egg rolls that made it more of a meal. The egg rolls weren't too bad. Overall, everything was pretty good.:iconitalyplz:
Made this Tuesday night. My first tuna casserole!:dummy:(I think. -_-) It's loosely based off of a really bad/old recipe called Chopstick Tuna. Basically, just got the idea from it.:iconseychelles-plz:My own creation!;)It has: 2 types of pasta (we were running out), tuna, peas, Italian style bread crumbs moistened in margarine, cashews, dried onion flakes, cream of mushroom soup, and mandarin oranges on top. Turned out really tasty!:iconchibispainplz:Someone's already faved it! A group requested it, too. Yay!

Watched Kokosei Restaurant yesterday. The 3rd year students were thinking about what type of jobs they're interested in after they graduate. Many were unsure about working in the cooking world. The students managed to run the restaurant for a day on their own successfully, while sensei was sick. They later went to his place and surprised him for his birthday. Holding candles, singing, and bringing out a cake they made for him. It was very sweet. Sensei almost looked like he was crying.:happycry:
In Fairy Tail, Happy, Natsu, Lucy, Carla, Wendy, Erza, and Gray went on a mission to find a certain herb. Lucy got sick after the trip back. She was looking forward to the Hanami or 'flower viewing'. She wanted to play the games, and have fun with everyone. But, she especially wanted to see the 'rainbow sakura (cherry blossom)' trees. The normal sakura in Magnolia (where the guild is), turn into rainbow colors at night during this time. Natsu couldn't join in on the fun, since he was thinking about Lucy not being able to be there. So, he dug up one of them, put it on a boat and drifted it passed Lucy's apartment so she could see it. (In pic.) It was really sweet. Although, it ticked off the guild master, it probably was worth it. There was new opening and ending songs. Not sure if I like them yet. Happy looks awesome in the very last frame, defending Carla. They're cute together. Why not have 2 of the flying cats get together?:iconchibicanadaplz:

At the cafe I transposed an Irish tune, finished browsing through my new drawing book, finished a crossword puzzle (kind of a hard one), and started writing on my Japanese writing paper. (Which I found out that it's called Genkouyoushi [原稿用紙] or Gen for short in Japanese. Cool!:iconhappychinaplz:)

deviantART faves: Last Sunbathing Looking Back StupidFox- 58 I did not make these! First, a cute pic of a red panda sunbathing. Second, an amazing pic of a cat lying back. The perspective's interesting. Third, another funny installment of StupidFox. It would've been hilarious if this kind of thing had happened on my b-day. 

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