Monday, November 14, 2011

National Pickle Day!


I love pickles!:iconchibispainplz:Almost any kind, and from around the world. I guess I celebrated it without realizing.:iconseychelles-plz:Had some sweet relish in my sandwich for lunch. So good! It's also Universal Children's Day.

Started my new 'revamped' schedule today, which was focused on Japanese. Got a surprising amount of it done already.:iconthailandplz:Glad I did something like this just before the test. (Which is in less than 3 weeks!:wow:) On the other themed days, I'll incorporate more of it as well. With working on Japanese recipes for my 'cooking' themed day, writing it on writing/art days, etc. So, I'll still have plenty of time to study.:iconchibisitalyplz:Just will make it fun, as well as being able to focus on other things during the rest of the days. 

Watched D no Arashi. This time it was the start of a 2-part special on what goes on behind the scenes of their concerts, a special concert with corners from the show, and other stuff. I like them even more now. Not sure about their music, some songs are good, some aren't.:shrug:But, their personalities are great. They exude humor, and can make fun of themselves.:lmao: 

There were 15,000 people that showed up for this special live concert. They made a new opening for the show with Ohno 'directing' them. He always comes out each week with something different written on a piece of paper stuck to his back, and he did a similar thing. The members came in, smiled, winked, etc. Then, they turned their backs to the camera, and Ohno had stuck pieces of paper to them spelling out 'Ohno is best'. The guys had no clue.:iconheroamericaplz:They also cut to the audience, and somehow they choreographed it right to have some with glow sticks spell out D no Arashi. It was cool.:iconfrancisplz:They also had Aiba do his A no Arashi corner. This time he wanted to see if balloons could actually lift/float someone. It worked with like 3,600 balloons. The fans waved fans at him, to steer him around the stadium. Kind of funny. Wonder what the 2nd part will be like.

Tried to find another drama. There was one that looked promising at first. Then, it got old real fast. So, that's a no-go. Maybe next time I'll find something.:icontinoplz:
In Gintama, it was still about the Renho taking over Earth. Someone on the inside, hmmm I wonder who, sabotaged their clouds and made them dissipate. So, The people affected by the rain, turned back to normal. Just before, Katsura thought he'd save Earth on his own, and takes one of their 'Gunsams' (a play on Gundam). Then, blasts into space. He didn't know that one of the people helping his group had planted bombs in the Gunsams. To help destroy the ship, or at least take out a few of the Renho. It explodes, but Katsura survives. Sadly he's pretty much out there with nothing but his helmet to help him breathe. Just when he sees the clouds dissipate on Earth, he sees Elizabeth take a Gunsam out right next to him and there's an even larger explosion. Then, it stopped. Looked like it took part of the ship/planet out. I hope Katsura and Elizabeth are ok. I know they probably won't kill them off, because they're such important characters. The pic's of Katsura walking off to save Earth, and Tatsuma and Gintoki are walking back to try and destroy the ship from the inside. They were once a part of the same group of samurai who fought together during the Amanto wars. (Aliens vs Samurai basically. Aliens won. It was a long time ago. And no one knows how old the original surviving samurai are.) So, they briefly turned back to looking like they did back then. (Almost more like a memory.)

Played my clarinet for a half hour. Got through some Irish tunes. Didn't sound too bad. Worked on translating some of the stuff I wrote out from that You Maga article. Also, worked on writing out conversations, more like letters to myself, using Japanese writing paper. Fixed some things I had already written at the cafe. 
I don't think I mentioned that a couple of weeks ago I started a manga called Kekkaishi or Barrier Master. At night junior high schooler, Yoshimori Sumimura, is a kekkashi. He's a demon-hunter that specializes in creating magical barriers around his prey. During the day, he has a sweet tooth, and a strict crabby grandfather. Yoshimori's 16-year old neighbor and childhood friend, Tokine Yukimura, is also a kekkaishi. But their families are feuding over who is the true practitioner of the art. I like Madarao, his family's demon wolf who helps him hunt. Kind of lazy, and has a bit of an attitude. I didn't quite like it at first, but it's gotten interesting. Not outstanding, but interesting nonetheless. It could grow on me, I don't know. 

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