Friday, November 11, 2011

National Sundae Day!


Sundaes are awesome!:drool:There's a day for it? Cool! It's also Veteran's Day. All those great men and women who served deserve to have at least a day, if not more.:iconchibicanadaplz:

Just put up my new Jewish calendar yesterday.:la:This month's pic is weird, but somehow cool. It's a Torah shield, that has letters written as a mirror image. So, they're perfectly fine in the mirror. But, looking at it by itself, it's a bit trippy.:iconenglandispervyplz:This calendar's put out by the Amsterdam Jewish Historical Museum. And, they show various things from the museum each month. I've used their calendars before, and they're usually pretty interesting. Can't seem to find a pic online of this month's. It'd be cool to show. Oh well. 

Last night was really cold!:iconwtfukplz:At least cold for the area. I'm just hoping it's not like last Thanksgiving, where it snowed and there was record lows. Barely was able to go to a friend's house for Thanksgiving. The power went out, and it was in the single digits at one point. Scary!:iconchibichinaplz: 

This morning I woke up to high winds and pouring rain. Yay...:iconkikuplz:Also, when I got out of bed, my left side of my neck and my lower right side of my back were really aching. It hurt to move.:iconohboyamericaplz:Neck seems to be a little better, but my back is still killing me. I think it probably was from sleeping in a weird position or something. But, I've slept in weird positions all the time, and it hasn't hurt this much. I don't know. 

Yesterday, I brainstormed a bit more on my possible 'revamped' schedule.:work:It looks pretty fun (yet still work) so far. Finished translating a very short sentence in the You Maga article I wrote out. Oh, and tonight we get to have lasagna! Haven't had it in a long time! *q*

Naruto Shippuden still hasn't gotten back to the main story. It's been several months already.:iconmochibelaplz:The story this time was semi-ok. Same formula they usually do for side stuff. I like Shino and his group, but it was all about him becoming strong when he was younger. Just blah. I hope they get to the story again soon. I've already seen some fans say they've stopped watching because of it. 

In Iryu Sousa, the main items were a fancy looking button, someone else's clothes, and a key to a suitcase that had a formal kimono in it. Interesting story, but seemed to not be as emotionally charged as in previous episodes. It was a victim who abandoned his family just because his business tanked. He decided to live by sleeping in internet cafes and capsule hotels, and having a part-time job. His daughter was searching for him, and started to post a blog with her name and pics, trying to get his attention. His wife had declared him dead after he didn't come home for about a year. 

One day his daughter posted some info about a party she was having to celebrate her upcoming wedding. He saw, and feeling a bit ashamed of the way he looked, he stole someone's clothes in the next cubical at an internet cafe. He really wanted to see her. Later he gets attacked by a yakusa, because the clothes he stole were from his dealer who had put drugs in the pockets. Being mistaken for someone else, the guy killed him. The victim wanted to give the kimono to his daughter for her wedding day. Since, her mom and grandmother wore it too. She eventually gets it, and everything's sadly cleared up.
In Kaze no Stigma, Kazuma comes back to the Kannagi family to talk to Soushu. Telling him that Ren's been abducted, and that he wasn't the one behind the killings. Soushu believes him. He believes the people behind it all are the Fuuga. That clan's been planning a rebellion for centuries since the Kannagi defeated them. And, they became, essentially, their slaves. The Kannagi's barely won by sealing the Fuuga's source of energy, called the Youma. They revered it as a G-d. They plan on sacrificing Ren to revive it. Kazuma and Ayano have to work together in order to save him. Kazuma kept having flashbacks of the person in the pic. Don't know her yet, but apparently she was a sacrifice, and someone he knew.
In Buster Keel, Ravi and Keel go to Siva's place first to look for clues to where he might be. It's cool that they have an adventurer class that uses music as a weapon! They find a monster dictionary that Siva compiled. Even Keel had an entry. But, before Ravi could read it, he ate it. Siva's looking for the '4 Sacred Treasures'. So, they decide to look for them too, in order to meet up with him. They head to Shiton for info. They meet a Magic Warrior, named Bull, on the carriage ride over. Magic Warriors are both highly skilled in magic and 'warrior' techniques. (Supposedly, really powerful guys.) He saved them a couple of times when a giant monster attacked them. He's kind of a jerk. But despite that, ends up joining their group. 

deviantART faves: True Nature A hilarious lolcat. Just their expressions alone are funny! 

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