Sunday, November 20, 2011

Name Your PC Day!


Wow. Naming your PC? Seems a little overboard, no?O_oI mean I like my computer, but it's not a person.:iconkikuplz:

It's been freezing out.:iconitsfreezingplz:Last night it got to 24 degrees, before I went to bed. Things are iced over. Although we didn't get any snow, it did hail. I know I've said it before, but I really hope it doesn't end up like last Thanksgiving week.:iconraivisplz:Record lows, lots of snow, power outages...It was a mess.

Last night Mom and I went to an Italian restaurant downtown we hadn't been to in a very long time. At least, for me, it's been about 10 years if not more.:iconusaplz:I can kind of see why we stopped going.:iconnataliaplz:The service was ok. The salad wasn't cut well, but was ok. The bleu cheese dressing I got on the side, tasted more like a cheesy garlic sauce. More garlic than cheese.:iconwtfukplz:We got a vegetarian pizza. Looked pretty big, but it had a very thin crust. It was pretty good other than that. Not the best, but ok. Most of their stuff, we realized, has bacon or some sort of pork product. Which is hard for us, since we don't eat that.:icongermanyplz:

However, it was nice to try something 'different'. There's only so much you can take of going to the same 2 restaurants every other time. I mean, I love Indian and Vietnamese food, but if that's all you eat while out, it gets tiring.:icontinoplz:Tonight, we might go to Sizzler's. I haven't been there in a very long time, too. I've almost forgotten what it's like.:iconchibijapanplz:

Found out some bad news about my mom after her doctor's visit on Friday.:iconamericasadchibiplz:(I think that's when it was...) She has a huge blood clot going from her jugular vein down to her wrist. Really scary to me.:iconchibichinaplz:Makes sense though, since her hand puffed up, changed color, etc. They kept telling her not to worry about it, and if something else happens give a call. That's disturbing.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I can't think of what would have happened if they hadn't found out what was really going on during her normal appointment. They're giving her 2 blood thinners. One, she has to inject herself twice for a full dose. The other, warfarin. 

When I was in the hospital for my blood clots a few years ago, they tried the injections on me. I think I would have passed out if I was forced to do it on my own.:faint:I did take warfarin too. Plus, she has to get her protime as well. Same thing I had to do. Only I did that for 6 months. Started to do my protime tests every couple of days, then it was every week, and I think we landed on every 2 weeks. It's a real pain.:iconromanoplz:She doesn't need another thing on top of what she's dealing with. The swelling is going down, though.

There's a special going on this year for a lifetime membership to Hadassah. Mom was hoping to have us both get lifetime memberships. Since we're so connected to it now. It's still a lot to get both, but it's for a lifetime. We wouldn't have to get it every year. The president of our Hadassah group, who's also a friend of ours, recently decided to raise the money for both. So, we wouldn't have to pay a thing.:iconchibihungaryplz:She feels like our family's going through enough right now. Really awesome! I can't believe she'll try to get both!:iconchibispainplz:

Had my own little Shabbat service yesterday. It was nice. Rosie kept trying to eat the fringes of my tallit.:iconseychelles-plz:The portion was the same one I worked on for my Bat Mitzvah. So, that was interesting to read again. I have read it a few other times since, but it feels a bit different each time. Sarah dies, Rebecca gets together with Isaac, Abraham dies and is buried next to Sarah, and a few other things go on. 

deviantART faves: Hetaween: The Conqueror And The Slaves Forever sad panda I did not make these! First, a funny drawing based on Hetalia's Halloween special posted by the mangaka on his blog. I love their expressions. It was pretty funny that almost everyone ended up in slavery outfits, except for Germany. Second, a beautiful conceptual pic. I'm usually not too fond of them, but this was nicely done. Third, a drawing by an artist I watch. Same one who did the murderous cute bunny. I really like deadly and cute drawings. Poor panda. I wouldn't hug you though. 

2 funny Sougo, from Gintama, vids:

Poor Kondo. (Also from Gintama.):

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