Friday, November 4, 2011

National Candy Day!


A whole day for candy! Wow!:wow:I love candy!:dummy:So many different types. I finished all my candy from Halloween, so I guess I won't celebrate this.:iconusaplz:

Watched Iryu Sosa. It was such a sad story this time.:iconamericasadchibiplz:They're all sad, but somehow each one makes you really feel for the victim. The victim this time was a bar owner, who had just given up on his dream of performing Rakugo, to settle his debts. Rakugo literally means 'fallen words'. A storyteller sits on a stage using only a paper fan and a small cloth as props, and without sitting up from the seiza sitting position. They depict long and complicated humorous stories. I've seen them before on TV, they're interesting. Anyways, He also wants to help his younger brother go into pro baseball. He was having a hard time coming up with the money, so he created a bank scam. Later, his bro's girlfriend gives him more than enough money to pay it all back. But, he wanted to come clean and turn himself in. His 'friend' who helped him with the scam, stabbed him to death, because he couldn't bare the thought of getting exposed. The items this time were a green towel with a 'little dragon' kanji symbol, and a piece of drift wood. Both having symbolism in Rakugo. His younger brother didn't want to have anything to do with him, but the victim tried his best to reconnect just before he was killed. Now, the younger bro's mortified by it all. 
In Kaze no Stigma, Kazuma fights his father who's asked to get him, and to go back to the family to see if he really did the killings. Kazuma wins. He was nice enough to call an ambulance for him. His little brother, Ren, finds him at his hotel. He's extremely happy to see him again. He wants to persuade Kazuma to explain himself to the Kannagi's and to help them if he didn't do it. Kazuma refuses and says that the Kannagi family will be destroyed soon, because whoever's killing them is stronger than himself. Kazuma lets him stay the night. But, the people who are targeting the Kannagi's show up, cut the hotel in half (in pic), and kidnap Ren. The preview looks like they'll have to cooperate with each other in order to get him back, next time. 
Started another manga called Buster Keel last week. It really reminds me of Fairy Tail.:icondenmarkgrinplz:The art, the story, the characters, etc. Heck, the 2 main character look very similar to Natsu and Lucy. One of them even has a flying companion. There are slight differences that make it interesting. Keel's the main character of the story, (much like Natsu) and he's desperately looking for Siva. Siva, the so called 'best monster fighter' took away something precious to him, and he wants to retrieve it. On his search, a beginner monster fighter girl, Ravi (very much like Lucy), along with her pig devil, Mississippi or Mippy for short, join him. And, they go on an adventure to find Siva, who's been missing for 2 years. Sounds like how Natsu's been searching for Igneel, who disappeared mysteriously. But, Keel's a dragon ape monster, that Siva transformed into human form. (Where'd they get the idea for 'dragon ape'?:icongermanyplz:) It's interesting. Also, Dear has been updated with all the missing chapters. So, I'll be reading that instead of Ao no Exorcist on Thursdays for a while.:icontinoplz:

Got to play my clarinet again! Yay!:la:Didn't sound too bad. I think I actually played better than before. Played some classical pieces, Irish tunes, and jazz tunes. 
I'm finally done typing up and translating that article on stress relieving exercises from You Maga.:iconfrancisplz:Here's the last 2 sentences that I finished today: すね内側を、膝の下からくるぶしの上まで、ところどころ押しながらさすりましょう。(Sune uchigawa o, hiza no shita kara kurubushi no ue made, tokorodokoro oshinagara sasurimashou.) Inside the lower leg, from below the knee to above the ankle, rub while pressing down in places. ①~③を行う前に、左右の足どちらも行います。(1~3 o okonau maeni, sayuu no ashi dochiramo okonaimasu.) Before doing steps 1~3, do both your right and left legs. 

deviantART faves: ragu Broken Heart :Collab: Snake Man I did not make these! First, found this by accident, but it's an awesome drawing of Lag from Letter Bee. Second, an amazing drawing/flash(?) by an artist I watch. It's almost chilling. Perfect for Halloween. Third, an awesome drawing of England from Hetalia. On the original creator's blog he suggested that maybe England would be Snake Man for Halloween. The fans took this and ran with it, almost as soon as he posted it. Some of them have been really good, this one especially. Apparently, America was Superman for Halloween.

2 cool amv's (one with just Soul Eater clips, the other with a mixture of different shows.) based on Marilyn Manson's version of This is Halloween (I think it's the best version, personally...):

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