Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election Day 2011


Finally, it's Election Day!:iconivotedplz:After today, hopefully there won't be those annoying political ads we get bombarded with just before.:iconchibienglandplz:Only a couple of things I hadn't heard about were on the ballot. Didn't know some of the people, but since most of them were the only candidates for a certain position, it didn't matter.:iconwtfukplz:

It's actually pretty warm today!:la:55 degrees at the moment. We've been in the mid 40s lately. We're having our house cleaned, paid for by one of the members from our congregation. Really nice.:iconfrancisplz:I'm glad they came last time, but they just did an ok job. At least it was mostly done. This time they're staying longer. About 4 hours. Yay!:dummy:
In Phi Brain, all the students who have titles (like 'Einstein', 'Da Vinci', etc.), have a special section to eat in at the cafeteria called the 'Genius Terrace'. The POG's head wanted to test and meet with Kaito. Gammon and Nanoha tag along. POG is constantly making puzzles everyday. The full name of the organization is 'Puzzle of G-d'. (Or 'Kami no Puzzle' in Japanese. Hence, the full title.) Kaito and his friends have to solve 3 puzzles in order to meet with the head of POG. His friends end up doing most of the work, as he remembers the puzzles. He realizes they were all his favorite types of puzzles, and the head knows a lot about him. When his parents died, the principal of the school he goes to, became his guardian. He took him to an elite school in England to study for a while, before going back to Japan and enrolling in his current high school. The last puzzle was similar to the one his parents died in. So, he goes crazy. After that, the head viewed him as unfit to speak to. His brain is rejecting puzzles now. Interesting story so far.
In En Passant, the sunflower thing Kujou gave Riu, is really a navigator for Dark Square. He's going to help them through it. There's a banquet to welcome the En Passant team. Riu thinks, since Kujou's not there right away, she should make a bento for him using things at the table. Everyone else throws something in, too. The black rook smashes it though. (By 'accident'.) Kujou finally meets his brother, the black king, Kujou Sito. Kujou's first name's Shin. But, even with people he's close to, most of the time, he's called by his last name. His brother seems to be one of the few that calls him Shin. Anyways, they end up playing video games. The kings have to meet before the game in order to agree on the rules, weapons, and fighting methods. Kujou immediately suggested they should fight by doing rock, paper, scissors. Because, he's not into bloodshed. I knew this before, but it was confirmed that he does indeed have 2 different personalities. And, his brother tries to make him turn to his 'stronger' more evil side. This has been a very cool manga so far. Characters are well developed, and they stand out on their own.

Worked a bit on translating what I wrote from the You Maga article. Kind of boring material, but gives me some practice.:iconsleepygreeceplz:

Decided on a new schedule I might start next week.:iconchibisitalyplz:I keep thinking I don't have any time for anything 'extra', I'm not getting anywhere since things seem to be going slower than I expected, or feeling like I'm running a marathon everyday on top of things like helping Mom.:iconromanotwitchplz:So, I'm going to entirely revamp my schedule. Do things like have a day devoted to something. For instance, one for Japanese, one for art/writing, music/reading, cooking stuff (recipes, and such), etc. I'll still watch anime, practice my Japanese (might shorten it like to doing quizzes or lessons and such for days I'm not focused on it), play my clarinet, and of course blog everyday.:iconhongkongplz:Might shorten my practice time too for days I don't work on music. Only to 30 minutes, not the 15 I did before (meaning before I made it an hour a day). That way I can feel like I did something on the other days. Not just warm up. Might do something like double up on Jdramas for some days, not watch for others. (Not sure about manga, yet.:iconkikuplz:) Even if I'm the only one that cares about this, I'll have it typed up.:iconimtheheroplz:I'll get things I've been wanting to do for so long, done. Might even finish things like chapters and drawings sooner. Yay!:iconlachoirplz:But, I'd like to start a full week with this schedule, so that's why I won't start this until next week.:iconusaplz:

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