Monday, August 31, 2015

National Toasted Marshmallow Day!


This was yesterday. Yay! I love toasted marshmallows!:la:Toasted enough that they catch fire.:onfire:The day before was Lemon Juice Day. Lots of great things you can do with that. Not only for cooking, but for cleaning as well. Banana Lover's Day was last Thursday. Bananas are awesome!:iconinloveplz: 

The weather was crazy Saturday. It was pouring rain, extremely strong winds, and cold. The winds were so strong, it felt like it ripped off things from the house.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:There are a lot of branches and leaves that fell, but we were ok. Some people in the area weren't so lucky. We lost power for a couple of hours that morning, and it flickered throughout the day. One of my friends said a tree fell down from their yard, and landed on their neighbor's house crashing through it. Another person said the wind picked up their BBQ, and tossed it around so hard it's unusable now. Their little pavilion area outside has a huge hole in its roof now, too. I feel bad about what they and other people in similar situations are going through.:iconraivisplz:It also rained so much that the salmon at a local fish hatchery flooded over, and were swimming across that person's driveway and the road connecting to it. That's crazy! People were grabbing them. We needed the rain, but that was nuts. yesterday was relatively quiet out. Some wind (occasionally it picked up, but it was nothing like Saturday), and I think it lightly rained off and on that day, too. 

I've lost so much hair that it's starting to look funny down.:iconlietplz:Kind of 'airy' on top, and normal looking curls on the bottom. I decided to put it up in somewhat of a bun with my black scrunchies. Didn't really get a chance to use them before, so I thought I'd try them. They're prettier than the bands, and don't seem to rip out my hair as much.:iconchibihungaryplz:I wanted to have a pony tail, but it still had that weird airy top layer to it. This looks a lot better. Oddly, this 'look' is better on me now that my hair's thinner.:iconohboyamericaplz:There's no poofiness coming out in weird areas. It doesn't have that volume anymore. 

I'm thinking of ordering the curl styling mousse I've been wanting to get for months. It seems like the store that used to sell it, discontinued it.:icongermanyplz:It really works nicely with my hair. Currently, I'm just using the calming spray. I was trying out a Garnier Fructis thing for the styling mousse as a replacement. I think it damaged my hair, made it frizzier, there wasn't much 'hold', and it was hard to get out of the tube. I normally comb my hair with my hands as soon as I get out of the shower, comb it again with a wide-toothed comb (I only comb it when it's wet, so it needs quite a bit), work in the calming spray, and then the styling mousse. (I wrap sections of hair around my finger after working the mousse in, and then let them go. Makes for more controlled cascading curls this way.) That styling thing at the end is a pretty big part of it. Anyways, I'm thinking of ordering it directly from the company that puts it out. It might even be cheaper on there from what I've seen. I'm thinking of styling it like usual when I get it to see what it looks like with the normal stuff. If I've lost enough already that it still doesn't look the way I want it to, I might go see a hairstylist. Just to see what they can do with it. My hair might be slowly growing back, but it won't suddenly come in like it used to. I'd have to wait for a while, and by then the rest of my hair might be out of whack, too.:iconnataliaplz: 

I made a mug cake for the first time in a while. The last one was about a year ago. (That didn't turn out too well...:iconwtfromanoplz:) I think it was a yellow cake. This time I made a Nutella one, and the recipe came from Yummly. (The first recipe I tried from their app.) It was very rich and good. Kind of like fudge. Made a lot of it. They said it was one serving. Had a hard time finishing it, but that might have been the richness of it all.:iconseychelles-plz:It kept rising in the microwave, and I had to constantly open, close, and continue cooking it in there. It used a lot of Nutella, unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar, an egg, flour, milk, and a few other things. They suggest topping it off with whipped cream and/or chocolate syrup. We only had whipped cream. The cake was extremely hot and took a while to cool down enough for me to eat it. So, the whipped cream had already disappeared into the cake by the time I could have it. It was kind of funny.:icontinoplz:Probably cooled down the top layer a bit for me. 

Managed to find some Jdramas to watch. I had doubled up on some anime episodes for a while, since nothing piqued my interest. Or, what I did want to watch wasn't available yet. I just recently started Fugoh Keiji Deluxe or The Millionaire Detective Deluxe a few weeks ago. It's actually a second season to the series. Couldn't find the first season online, so I thought why not start it anyways? It's a detective series that has a new case every 1 or 2 episodes. The main character is incredibly rich, and solves cases in an interesting way. Her attitude's a little weird, but most of the successful detective shows are like that. I don't think I'm missing much by skipping a season this way. 

Also, just started watching Ishi no Mayu or Stone Cocoon or Cocoon of Stone. I've wanted to watch it since this season started.:iconfinallyplz:They finally got at least one episode up. It's all about catching one serial killer. His first victim died from being smothered and covered in quick-drying cement. The cement had made it up into his lungs and other organs. It was first poured into his mouth for the head part. His body apparently was covered in the concrete first, and he was probably alive until the concrete was poured into his throat and on the rest of his head. The main character is a rookie detective, but she seems to think outside the box when under pressure. And, has an interesting way of thinking normally. It's a bit more scattered when not under pressure. The killer took an interest in her during the first episode. They actually treat her like she's a part of the team, instead of some dramas where they don't take them seriously right away. She experienced some sexism from one of the other squads, but her partner stood up for her pretty quickly. She has a tendency to overly apologize, and give out too much info when questioning people. The killer apparently wants to make a mockery of the police. He intentionally left a brochure to a Pompeii exhibit at a local museum at the scene, and took a chunk out of the concrete that was just above the victims chest (that was the only area that was bare). He did it to see what they would do with that info. Kind of testing them. By the end of the episode, he committed another murder. From the preview, it looked different compared to the first one. 

Also, just started Fuben na Benriya or Inconvenient Handyman. I think I wanted to watch this a while ago, but gave up on it because it wasn't up for so long.:iconhanatamagoplz:This one's a bit weird, but funny. A scriptwriter gets stranded in a Hokkaido town on his way back home, and gets mistaken for a guy's son. The guy hadn't seen his son in 23 years, the son would have been his age, and his son had the same name. A little too many coincidences. Jun, the main character, said that his father passed away 23 years ago and was quick to say that it couldn't be him. He's stuck in town until the bus service picks up again. But, they keep getting hit with horrible snowstorms. There's a cosplay bar that everyone in town goes to. The town itself is weird. The 'dad' has a handyman business. The 'dad' normally has a close friend that's his partner in the business. They sucker Jun into helping them with their work. Which is usually shoveling snow during that time of year. It seems a bit campy, but I like some of those types of shows. Should be interesting to see where it goes. 

Just started Clinic on the Sea, too. It's about a medical boat clinic that travels along some islands to help the isolated residents. There's usually not a hospital on those islands, so this tends to be the only way they can get medical care besides calling a 'water ambulance'. It's very interesting. They just had a new eccentric doctor join them. Even though his methods seem to confuse the nurse that works for him, he's very good at what he does. He has a very soft spot for women. Almost any woman he sees, he tries to go after. He doesn't seem to mind age, either. He was hitting on an elderly woman at the beginning. Only stopped because he saw much younger women get on the train...He laughs at weird times, makes strange jokes, showed up super late to his welcome party, etc. His mom works at a restaurant. He keeps telling her he has a girlfriend, and someday he hopes to show her that girlfriend. I'm not sure if she believes him or not. She just says he's a goofball. A woman at the end of the episode was looking frantically for him. Not sure who she is yet. All these 'new' shows have several actors that I like. Which is another plus.:iconfrancisplz:

I made something a little different for Friday's dinner. I noticed we still had some Garlic Chicken in the freezer. It's a mix of chicken with garlic in the breading, corn, broccoli, carrots, pasta, and maybe one other vegetable I'm forgetting. It's normally very good. I also noticed that there wasn't much left. So, I cooked some more pasta, added a ton of chopped up garlic, sliced kalamata olives, and olive oil. Then, mixed it all together with what was left of the Garlic Chicken thing. Turned out awesome!:iconchibispainplz:Might do something similar in the future. Smelled good, too. Kind of a Mediterranean take on it.

Since I was nervous about using my computer on Saturday (because of the storm), I stayed away from it. I watched my normal stuff, looked more through Drama Cool's list of dramas on my phone (found some more to add to my 'to watch' list), did some coloring in my new coloring book (the one that has designs by a tattoo artist, really cool ones), read, etc. Rosie was really scared, and tried to cuddle close to me. It was cute, yet I felt sorry for her. It seems like I'm her security blanket or something.:iconusaplz:I also just listened and occasionally watched the storm. It was crazy. It seems windier than it was yesterday during the day, at least. I'm kind of an awe of it. It can cause so much damage, and looks fascinating watching it unfold.:iconhongkong-wantsursoul:

Managed to go for my night walk yesterday. It was very windy at times, and there was a lot of tree debris. (Wasn't raining, though.) Smelled earthy and pine-like. I think it was quiet most of the day until then. Oh, and since it was cool outside, I decided to wear my jacket. Haven't worn it in a while. Maybe since April? It was even bigger on me this time. Felt like I was swimming in it.:iconwtfukplz:The large pockets started close to halfway down my upper legs, instead of around my hip area. I like to bury my hands in those pockets when it's stormy out there, but since they've become so big on me, I can't really do that anymore. Maybe at the very top of the pockets, but half my hand is still exposed. It didn't feel like I've lost that much weight. The jacket itself is probably long enough I could wear it as a semi-long dress. Feels heavier, too. It was interesting to not see my hair move crazily in the wind, since it was put up in a bun. Normally my hair turns into a mess when it's windy like that, and I can't see.:iconpolandplz:I love stormy weather, but there's also a feeling of being overly cautious while I'm out there. I didn't go out during the worst of it on Saturday, because it didn't seem very smart or safe. Considering all that stuff falling and the wind being stronger, not to mention the rain coming down like crazy. 

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