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This is a cover sung by the Kaito vocaloid. The original is by Imagine Dragons. I might like this version more.:iconheroamericaplz:The person who created this version seems very talented. Originally Kaito was made with a Japanese voice bank, and his English version is rather new. Interestingly, the first vocaloids were English. (Leon and Lola.) But, I've always liked the way Kaito sounds. (I think he's my fave vocaloid.:iconinloveplz:) Even if they purposely make him sound computerized, he still sounds good. He goes a little lower in his singing than usual in this one, but I think it gives it more depth. 

I managed to get my morning walk in!:iconranranruuplz:It was just starting to heat up, and was rather humid. So, halfway through I was sweating like crazy.:iconitshotplz:I manage to do more of my normal speed, too. (Enough to be considered a 'brisk walk'.) Haven't done that in a while. An hour or so after, there was thunder, and soon after that a downpour. Glad I wasn't stuck out in that.:iconhanatamagoplz:I've kept up with my 5 sit-ups twice a day so far, too. Got my second walk in for the day after dinner, again. That was nice.

My gastroenterologist emailed me back last night. She first said that the IBD test I recently got back isn't 100% reliable, and it doesn't change if they repeat the test. She also mentioned that it's hard to distinguish between Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis with some people. While I'm on azathioprine, she said I should stay away from 'live' vaccines like anthrax, intranasal influenza, MMR, OPV, smallpox, BCG, typhoid live oral, varicella, and yellow fever. It's ok to get things like the flu shot and the vaccine for pneumonia, since they don't contain a live virus. Going off of another question I asked her, she said I probably have a very irritated colon.:iconusaplz:She said that should improve over time. I love how at the end of the email she says to ask her more questions during the phone appointment on the 21st. Like, go away, I'm busy right now...:iconinsultedplz:At least that's how it feels. Other people say things like if you have a question, ask your doctor. Meaning contact them, and that's what their messaging system is for. Oh, well. Maybe she just wants to hear directly from me rather than read it? Or, she'll go over new stuff that might answer my questions? She'll probably ask for another test of some sort.
I'm really liking Magico so far!:la:There's a lot of unique qualities to their world, some of the characters, 'quests' or rituals, how they get their ability to use certain magic, etc. Very interesting. I hadn't seen much about it beforehand, but I'm glad that someone recommended it. I didn't think it'd be very long either. I'm glad it is, though. Their most recent 'ritual' was to attain the wedding dress, ring, and something else I'm forgetting. A group of 3 brothers had stolen them from a vault, and told Shion that if he wanted them he'd have to kill them. Those brothers just wanted the items in order to get Emma, so they could get her special hidden power that can destroy the world. The main ritual is to essentially counteract that. Shion and Emma have to go through the 'marriage' one in order for her to be/stay 'normal'. (It has lots of individual rituals they have to fulfill in order to finish the main one.) Her power can wake up on its own and goes berserk when it does. Anyways, they beat the brothers, and get the items fulfilling that part of the ritual. The brothers had a really sad story, by the way. The remaining brother seemed to continue to go through turmoil after he was captured and thrown in jail. They'll punish him with their magic for a 120 years...:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Emma tried on the dress, and it immediately started attacking and she went up into the air. Apparently, if you're really emotional, the dress defends itself from what it deems as threatening. It sprouts wings, legs, attacks anything around it, and flies. The only way to keep it under control is to say 'closet'. She was emotional because she's feeling even more for him than before that ritual. She's not sure what to make of it. Luu's fight was cool, too. She can summon her 18 year old self (she's like 12 right now), and fight with 100 times the power she currently has. It lasts for a 100 hits that she lands on the enemy. So, it's not really a long time, but she might not need much time. She's kind of considered an adopted daughter to them. I like the talking cat, too. She seems like the only one who has common sense. Very bright, too.

I finally decided on a title for my nightmare anthology!:dummy:It's: Sweet Endless Terror: An Anthology of Nightmares. It was either that or A Dreadful Nightmare World. I was going back and forth between them for so long.:icongermanyplz:Sweet Endless Terror might sound the best out of the two. Next time I'll finally get to putting everything together. I'm glad I finally got this out of the way.

Played my clarinet. I'm thinking of increasing the practice time each week until I hit an hour. I'm starting with 30 minutes. I just feel better when it's an hour long. Like I get a lot more done, I can 'feel' it more, I think I improve faster that way, etc. I sounded a lot better than I expected today.:iconthailandplz:Did some Duke Ellington, Gershwin, and a little of my advanced classical solo book. Seemed like there was more of a flow between high notes. Fixing the keys probably helped a lot with that. Sounded nice and rich, too. It does 'feel' better. I'm happy with what they did.

Went through the bottom part of my closet. Spent a couple of hours on it, and filled 6 bags' worth.:faint:Last time I went through about 1/3 of the hanging stuff. I've never gone through the bottom part before. I feel like I lost so much, and am somewhat lighter. I can move my closet doors a lot more freely. Probably the way it was meant to be...:iconseychelles-plz:Got rid of most of my shoes. In fact, of the ones that were there, and the 2 pairs I keep on the outside (slippers and sneakers), I probably have around 9 or 10 pairs left. I think there might be more on the top storage area of the closet. A lot of the shoes I threw out were once Mom's. Some don't fit me, and some aren't my style. Either way they weren't suitable to go to Goodwill or something. There was a pair that looked brand new, had the tags still, and the elastic string connecting them still as well. I thought if it didn't fit me, or I didn't like it, or something; I certainly should be able to donate it. Nope.:iconwtfukplz:Turns out the leather to those sandals was incredibly brittle, and became more so over time. It made weird crunchy sounds, and there were stress marks. Not really suitable to donate this way. I found my old jellies from when I was little. That was interesting to see. I loved them so much and wore them everywhere, so of course they were really run down and beaten up. Had to toss them. What's the point in keeping them if I won't be able to use them?:iconpolandplz:Also found 3 pairs of marching band shoes. All of them looked pretty bad. Not sure why I had 3 pairs...:iconchibiswedenplz:I know I had some in college that were different than my high school ones, and I'm not sure about the 3rd. Had to toss all of them, too.

I was just going to stop at the shoes, but everything seemed to flow into each other in there.:iconhongkong-wantsursoul:Turned into one big mess that I had to dismantle. Found some old large blankets piled up that I think I was just storing them there. That would have been ok, except they got in the way and they were deteriorating quickly.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:There were a ton of clothes down there, too. Things like old jeans with holes in them, old pj's, cardigans, and other things crammed in there. I found 2 shirts and a cardigan that I thought I had lost. I'll wash them before I try them on. Found my old rust colored dress with a leaf pattern that I wore to a high school band dance in New York City. It was just after a big international competition, and collectively we played at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. It looks really wrinkly, but I might try it on in the future and try to iron it if it fits. I really liked it.:iconchibihungaryplz:It actually goes from a red color to an orangey rust color going from the top to the bottom. I still have the pearl necklace, earrings, and bracelet that go with it. It's not a normal sort of pearl necklace or bracelet. It's got an interesting gold pattern interwoven between large spaces of pearls. Really cool. I think they're a bit more metallic-looking, too. So, if it fits, I could have the whole matching outfit. Even found the small top jacket thing that goes over it. I'll try it on once I go back to the hanging stuff.

Found some boxes full of old letters and such. It was cool to see, and I think that's something to keep. Found my old electronic keyboard I played when I was a little kid. I thought I had lost it. It still had power even though it had been sitting in its box for years.:iconshockplz:I'm keeping that. Found my rock collection. Didn't think it was very impressive, and decided to toss it. Found a box full of art stuff. Everything looked too old to use, and the art I had in it didn't look that great to me. So, I tossed it. I had let Rosie, my cat, into the closet once everything was cleared for the first time. She seemed to like it, and looked cozy in there. I can see my closet floor now! Yay!:iconlachoirplz:Made quite a dent going through stuff in there. 

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