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By Nightstep. Discovered this through another amv. This time it was featured in a Kekkai Sensen (Bloodline Battlefront) one. The video itself is amazing.:iconawwwplz:I really liked the anime. The final episode still hasn't aired...The last episode that aired was, I think, back in early June.:iconohboyamericaplz:There's rumors that the last episode will actually be a movie. That'd be cool! I hope there's going to be a second season, too. It's one of the best anime, to me, and is close to rivaling Gintama. Gintama's still my top fave, though. The fights in Kekkai Sensen are amazing, it's hilarious, has a 'funky' feel to it, there's some dramatic/serious moments, and more. It's based in New York City, so it was interesting to see some familiar landmarks. (Which they destroyed every so often during the fights.) Had that sort of edgy/down-to-earth feel NYC gives off, too. I think there were a lot of homages to it. Almost like the mangaka (manga creator/artist) had lived there for a while, and loved it. The song fits really well, too. 

It got to around 80 degrees today. Most of the day felt cold, though. I was actually shivering.:iconitscoldplz:It was nice and sunny, too.

MAR has been very interesting so far. They seem to be close to ending the War Games with Chess. MAR's winning. In fact, I think they've technically won the tournament already...:iconkikuplz:They'll probably battle Phantom, who's at the top (I think he's the King chess piece. Each member is ranked by chess class. He's their leader, anyways), at the end of the war games. He's extremely strong. There's still quite a bit more left of the anime, so it'll be interesting to see what will be next. Ginta seems to have some unique ideas with using Babbo in different ways. Babbo's main form is a ball and chain with a handle for his owner to hold. Ginta has come up with 5 other 'versions' of him purely by his imagination. Apparently, no one has seen an ARM transform into those 'versions' before. They don't have a category to put those types under. The others are a hammer (it turns into a hard ball surrounding Ginta's hand that he can smash things with), sword, gargoyle guardian, a gun that shoots pink bubbles that explode, a woman that heals people, and a new one that turns him into jelly. (Kind of like jello.) That last one was just created in the last episode I watched. The jelly protects him from all attacks as long as he's inside it. It even broke through a glacier to protect him. With each 'version' you have to use a special magic pebble, and put it in a slot on the ARM. It'd be interesting to see if he can come up with more.:iconchibihungaryplz:The only one I thought was kind of lame at first was the bubble one, but it's grown on me. Understandable to have a form with bomb-like objects that way, too. The enemies have no idea what they do when they first see them. So, it's good that way as well. 

Fairy Tail has gotten crazy with this current arc. It seems they're winning against Tartaros, at least. Also, while Fairy Tail is fighting them, Jellal is looking for more guild members for his new guild. I think he's doing it to help Fairy Tail go up against Tartaros. But, also to get other ex-convicts to join him in atoning for what they've done. His guild is all about trying to make amends with what they've done in the past. And, the few that are currently members including him, have done some pretty horrendous things. During this current episode, he was trying to persuade Oracion Seis to join him. They were just let out of prison. The group kept going back and forth with accepting his offer, but finally agreed to it. The very end of this episode showed a new 'evil' character that was behind bars somewhere in Tartaros' home base. I'm not sure if he's the one who they kept referring to as 'E.N.D', but he looks like he might be pretty powerful. I wonder if they'll fight Zeref at some point? (They have in the past, but he's stronger than anyone they've dealt with.) He's supposedly behind the demons from his book. And, there's someone else who calls himself Absolute Zero (his real name is Silver), that seemed to disappear as soon as the fighting started. He seemed powerful and cruel at first. (He gave water to Natsu and Lisanna while they were in one of Tartaros' jail cells.) He has issues with hearing about Gray. Not exactly sure why. I'm sure they'll get back to him.
In Magico, they had to join a couples tournament in order to get the magical house prize that's a part of the main Magico ritual. Not sure why they'd need another house.:iconswissplz:They have one inside a very large pet dragon. (Apparently, he likes to wear sunglasses...He's not one of the dragons in the pic.) I think that one counts as a 'magical' house. But, the tournament is to see who's the number one couple in the magic world. To see how deep their love really is. During the first round, they made all the women weigh 100 times what they normally do. (They looked the same, just had more of a gravitational pull, I guess?) The husbands were told to carry their wives bridal style across the field. Emma became depressed after that one. They managed to get the top spot for that round. The second round was on how well they actually knew each other. They got most of the answers wrong. They never took the time to get to know each other that way. The first question was supposed to be a freebie which was about their birthdays. They didn't even know that. The last question was worth the most and had 3 parts to it. It was on if you can spot the difference. There was a slime that can transform to look like the contestants. The first part was spotting physical differences. The second, was the way they thought. Apparently, the slime can try to mimic their thought process through the chair each contestant was sitting on. Like, it used magic to get into their thoughts. The third one was going into a slime of their partner's double, and watching a movie moderated by a fairy about their partner's past. If the person can spot the one difference between what was shown and what actually happened, they'd pass. The last part was incredibly difficult for Emma. Especially, because Shion rarely talks about his past. The fairy ended up liking her, took pity on her, and made it so she passed it. So, they barely squeaked by that round. Only 20 couples remain now. They started with 800. Should be interesting to see what happens next. Emma vowed to learn more about Shion, and to share more about herself at the end. Shion agreed to that, too. He felt a bit guilty about it all, too. He had a pretty messed up past.:iconusaplz:

I was going to double check what Smashwords' formatting rules are, but the site was having some difficulties. So, I decided to just put the stories together in one document with the title at the top, and the individual titles at the beginning of each one. I was surprised by the length. Apparently all of that together in Word is 113 pages. Less than what I thought, but good to me.:iconthailandplz:They're short stories after all. I just was worried that I went a little too long with a couple of them, but it ended up just right. I'll check out the formatting again next time to fix things up. Then, I'll add more, like a contents page, about the author, etc. The so-called 'extras'. Yay! It's moving along pretty quickly now!:iconranranruuplz:I'm starting to like the overall title more. It kind of had to grow on me. 

Played some of my clarinet. Did some of my advanced classical solo book, jazz, and Irish tunes. Much better than I expected, but need to practice more.:iconhanatamagoplz:I actually upped my practice time to 35 minutes today, instead of the normal 30. Hope to do that for the week. Getting closer to my goal of an hour. This was also just my 2nd time practicing since not playing for a few months, and getting the instrument back after it had been worked on. Of course I won't be 100%, but that's ok. I'll get there soon if I keep it up. It does seem to play a lot better now, too. 
Went through one last compound for , studied the kanji , and started studying the kanji . (The last 2 look very similar. These might be a bit difficult to remember which is which...) 結婚式 or けっこんしき (kekkonshiki): marriage ceremony, wedding. When is pronounced as 建てる or た.てる (ta.teru): to build, construct. As 建て or た.て (ta.te): contract, commitment. As 建て or だ.て (da.te): (suf) indicates stories (of a building), structures, or materials used in a building; indicates denomination (after a currency). As 建つ or た.つ (ta.tsu): to be erected, be built. It tends to be pronounced as けん (ken) or こん (kon) in compounds. 建設 or けんせつ (kensetsu): construction, establishment. In general, means healthy, health, strength, persistence. I did some of the practice stuff on JapaneseClass' site. Hopefully, I'll get to the chapter quizzes next time.

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