Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lemon Meringue Pie Day!


This was yesterday. It's one of my fave pies!:dummy:I like when the meringue is slightly toasted on top. As a kid, I sometimes took off all the meringue and just had the lemon filling. I wasn't too fond of the meringue.:iconhongkongplz:Now, it's pretty awesome put together. Seems unique. Today starts the new month of Elul on the Jewish calendar. Every night before and day of the first of the month is called Rosh Chodesh. Or, lit. 'Head [of the] Month'. So, technically, today is Rosh Chodesh Elul. Rosh Chodesh is considered a women's holiday. Some congregations have women's groups that meet during it. They sing songs, do crafts, tell stories, play games, etc. At one of the synagogues I used to go to, we had a Rosh Chodesh group that got together. I think it only lasted a year, though. It'd be cool to go to more of those in the future.:iconchibihungaryplz: 

The weather's been interesting the last couple of days. Friday seemed to be the craziest.:iconwtfukplz:There was a heavy downpour all day, and it was cold. Thunderstorms with lightning as well. It hasn't truly rained in a while, but this wasn't our norm for it. The next day was cloudy and cool. 

Dad and I decided to travel to a mall that's about an hour away (maybe a little longer) from home during the storminess of Friday. They have more of a selection of things there. Had quite the show outside on the way.:iconusaplz:Areas seemed to be flooded already in the early afternoon. 

Dad was looking for a nice business suit at Nordstrom's. She was pretty successful. She found one or two blouses, pants, and a blazer. A couple of the things have to be fitted, and I think another is being ordered in a different color. But, yay! She found things.:iconranranruuplz: 

I really need some long-sleeved pajamas. So, I looked around there. The few I saw, were in a strange style and fit me weird. I looked around at their other stuff, since Dad was still trying on things. Some of the employees said they liked my earrings, so that was a nice plus. A lot (not all) of the stuff I saw were for rather skinny people. Made me feel a bit weird, especially because I've lost so much weight already.:iconseychelles-plz:We looked at a couple more stores in the mall for pj's, but no luck. 

Then, we went to Teavana. As soon as we got to the entrance, someone gave us samples, showed us some cast iron tea pots, and talked about tea in general. She was like a whirlwind.:iconhongkong-wantsursoul:She gave us like 5 or 6 samples of tea to drink...I don't think we got anything last time we were there. We just wanted to look around. This time, after trying a special chai blended with something else in a sample, we decided to get it. Chai is apparently good for digestion (looking for more stuff that's good for my gut now), and I love it. They were having a sale on their chais, so that was good. She wanted us to get the other tea that was blended with it in the sample, but we didn't really care much about it. I think we got 4 oz of it. That should last a little while.:iconthailandplz: 

After that, we went to Olive Garden, which was next to the mall. I got their Cucina Mia deal. It's relatively inexpensive compared to what was on the menu. You get to choose the pasta, sauce, and meat. Also, you get to choose to have either soup or salad with it, like the rest of their entrees. I got the salad. It came with a huge thing filled with the dressing. Looked almost like a lake of the stuff.:iconromanoplz:I told them to put the dressing on the side, and I'm kind of glad I did. I wonder if they use that whole thing if you don't ask for it on the side? It'd be absolutely smothered in it. I like dressing, but not that much...:icongermanyplz:

I decided on getting the spaghetti, asiago Alfredo sauce, and chicken meatballs. Tasted amazing, but after a couple of minutes into it I bumped into something that was buried under everything. It looked like sausage to me, so I asked what it was. I don't eat pork, and any sort of thing that looks like meat that wasn't listed/or something I ordered, I'm suspicious of.:icontinoplz:They weren't sure just by looking at it, and asked someone in the kitchen. It was apparently roasted garlic. Didn't look like it.:icondisgusted-hongkong:Who cuts up garlic to look coin-shaped? Didn't look like cloves at all. It was very dark brown, and didn't look buttery like most roasted garlic is. Plus, the wait staff didn't know right away either...So, I was still suspicious of it. They gave me a whole new dish of it. Without the roasted 'garlic'. It was amazing!:iconfrancisplz:The meatballs had some rosemary and a bit of red pepper flakes in them. Made them really good.

Our waiter said they felt so bad, dessert would be on them. So, I got the Black Tie Mousse Cake. It was mouthwateringly good!:iconchibispainplz:I couldn't finish any part of dinner/dessert. So, I was able to have more the next day. The waiter was amazing and very personable. He gave us 10 chocolate mints, instead of like 2. That was quite surprising, but nice. More dessert in the future.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:

After we got home, I tried 3 of the shirts I found the other day at the bottom of my closet. They all fit me. In fact, they fit me better than they used to!:iconeestiplz:That made me feel even better. One of them felt new and really soft. I remember I had a green version of that shirt, this one's black, but I don't know where that one is. I thought I recently saw it, but I looked through my dresser, and couldn't find it. But, yay! 3 more shirts I didn't expect to have!:la: 

The next day, we went to the county dump. Got rid of those 6 large garbage bags filled with stuff from the floor of my closet there. Dad had some bags of her own that she used to go through other stuff to throw in. Apparently, it was 100 pounds worth of garbage. That's a lot. The house might feel 100 pounds lighter...

After that we made it out to the same mall as yesterday. Looked through Macy's. They were apparently going through a big sale. Tried on a few things, but didn't like any of it. The dressing rooms seemed to not be staffed, either. Which meant the rooms were overflowing with clothes.:iconshockplz:Only one seemed actually usable. It was a bit weird.

We went to It's Greek to Me after for dinner. They make some pretty good gyros.:iconitalyplz:I just don't like that they use a ton of onions on top. Forgot to tell them to make mine without. The fries were awesome, too! 

After dinner we made our way to a Jamberry nail party. I hadn't really hard about them before, so it was interesting. They're basically stick-on nail designs. It's supposed to be easier than doing the patterns/styles at home with nail polish, and cheaper than a manicure. I tried on a black and white flower design. Thought it was the best out of the samples. Only put it on my index fingers. It looks pretty cool, except that it doesn't quite cover my nails all the way.:iconnataliaplz:Might have been how the rep was showing me to put it on. I painted the rest of my nails with the polish I brought. It was 'electric blue'. One of my faves. Both Dad and I decided on ordering a couple of designs. If you bought 3 sheets, you get a 4th free. So, we each got 2. The gilded leopard looked cool, and has some sparkle to it. The other one I chose was the tapestry one, which has a red lacy-like design over a white background. It sounded interesting. There were some snacks, we talked, told ghost stories, there was a raffle, and we played a couple of games. Dad won one of the games, and the raffle. Pretty cool! Quite a good number of people showed up. A lot of them I knew, but I might not have known maybe 2 or 3 of them. They still looked a bit familiar...:iconpolandplz:

I found a skirt from the floor of closet, too. The zipper to it was broken. Might be why I just threw it on the floor that way...But, why? Why not throw it out? It looked nice, but if you can't wear it, what's the point?:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:I tossed that out. Tried on the red cardigan I found from there too. It fit me pretty well, so I'm keeping it. 

I also found my Birthright Israel sweatshirt hoodie. I don't want to toss that. If it doesn't fit, which I highly doubt, I'll keep it as a keepsake. I guess it wouldn't fit if it shrunk in the wash...Hopefully, it didn't.:iconraivisplz:It was made in Israel, the group had their own special design on the back, and there's the logo in the front. It's black. The designs are in white. The only thing I don't like about the design on the back is the drawing of a gun with 'stfu' on part of it. 'Ki' is a little further up. Not sure what the 'ki' stands for, but the gun's not my sort of thing anyways. There are designs of a camel, shekels with 'mo' shekels, mo' problems' next to it, a hookah (there are tons of hookah bars there), palm trees, the Israeli flag, the desert, goggles (probably representing the Dead Sea), and a few other things. If it fits, I might have to be careful where I wear it.:iconlietplz:I'm still drying it out, since it seems to soak up a lot of water after you wash it. Put it through the dryer, and it was taking a while to dry that way. So, I'm hanging it. It's working a bit better this way. It probably will fit me, considering it fit me back then. Plus, I've lost a lot of weight since then. I went in January/early February 2011 (I think). It was a while ago. Birthright Israel takes Jews from around the world who are 18-27 to Israel for a free 10-day trip. 

Today, we just got some groceries, and have been relaxing a bit. We did go to a pet store as well for food for the cats. While we were there, we looked around a bit. When we got to the cat toys, Dad wanted to get something special for them. So, we found a stuffed carrot full of a crunchy-like sounding things and catnip, by a company called Cosmic Catnip. The cat in the pic looked high.:iconchibigilbertplz:The carrot has feathers at the end, to look like the leaves on actual carrots. Rosie seems to really like it so far. She went a bit crazy for a while after playing with it. Now she looks so tired. They also had a stuffed banana and hot pepper as the other options. They didn't have a feathery end, and I think they like the feather stuff the most. So, it was probably the best choice.:iconberwaldplz:

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