Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tougenkyou Alien


Or, Alien Shangri-La. It's by Serial TV Drama. It's also Gintama's 9th opening theme song. I've mentioned it before, but I found the long version of it. It's even better.:iconheroamericaplz:It fits the anime so well! Even the lyrics seem to be made for it. The anime's essentially about what happens after aliens take over the world, and everything's in kind of an old Edo-style. There are still samurai, ninja, the shinsengumi, and the shogun. Yet, they have things like their version of TVs, cell phones, radios, cars, flying spaceships shaped to actually look like old pirate-like ships, etc. Kind of a good mixture of historic stuff and modern. Might be partially why it's so popular, the show knows how to mix them well. The main character was once apart of Joi, which is a group of samurai that rose up against the alien invasion. They still want to topple the government that allowed the aliens to take over. (And, send those aliens back home.) Occasionally, they fight the shinsengumi. The shinsengumi consider the current members fugitives. One of the main character's friends is the current leader of it. (Yet, his 'partner' is an alien...:iconseychelles-plz:) The main character, Gintoki, doesn't seem to care about that. More about just protecting the people and town he loves. Whether their alien or human. Serial TV Drama were a 5-member Japanese rock band. They debuted in 2004. Apparently, they disbanded in 2012. Kind of sad. Here's a Gintama amv featuring the entirety of the song. Also, gives you a look at the craziness of the show. Some of it features the shogun, who seems to be unknowingly picked on every time he shows up. He puts up with a lot stuff, but usually gets back at people somehow. He's kind of angelic and naive seeming at times, and doesn't talk much. 

Something last night made me feel really upset, so I didn't get much sleep.:iconlietplz:My guts were really hurting in the morning, and I think it was because of it. Apparently, stress of any kind can affect the pain/side effects of the disease. Yay!:iconnataliaplz:I've felt like I swallowed a bunch of pins and their pricking my insides all day. They feel worse when I don't eat at a decent time. Like the pins burst into flames or something. So weird.:iconusaplz:So, I got up a little later than I wanted to.

Translated a bit more of that new You Maga article. Still the intro part of the article, so not much yet. Read some articles in Japanese on Asahi's site. One was about the Thai bomber. One of the wounded is Japanese, so they had it from his perspective. Along with what authorities told them about the case. Another one was about a gruesome murder and possible kidnapping. A 13 year old girl had planned to meet up with a 12 year old boy at around 9pm a few days ago. It's believed the girl was running away from home, and both of them had been bullied at school. The girl was found about a day later behind a truck in a parking lot. Her wrists were bound with tape behind her back, and they wrapped tape around her head. There were several stab wounds that cut to the bone. Her face was beaten and bruised. The only way her mother could identify her was by looking at her clothes. She was that badly mangled.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:They say she suffocated to death. The boy is still missing. I feel bad for both families, and what the 2 kids went through. Hopefully, they find the other kid, and whoever's responsible. 

The channel I'm subscribed to on Youtube that puts up compilations of current Japanese commercials, finally had an update. They tend to do it every 2 weeks, but this one had a 3-week wait. At least it was slightly longer than usual being 10 minutes long. There are no subtitles, despite some people begging them to do it. They said that it'll take more time if they do so. I think it's great to watch them without.:iconchibinitalyplz:Gives me a chance to go off what I already know. I think it helps a great deal, too. It's nice that all the commercials they show are current. So, I get to see them only slightly later than people start to in Japan. They talk really fast during their ads, too. This collection of ads, like many others have been, was really hilarious. The last one especially.:iconlaughingplz:

I also watched some of the ANN News Youtube channel. It comes directly from their Japanese TV channel. They're only a couple minutes each, but that's with each story. I've noticed that we kind of do that with our national news stories in order to fit everything in. It's just I'm used to it being one long video/program. I like their animal news section. It's interesting, but apparently isn't updated that often. It's on things like local zoo news, whales beaching themselves, aquarium news, animal cafes, animal rescues, etc. Not all fluff pieces. I also watch the normal news stuff they upload, that aren't in a particular playlist yet. Also, watch some of the current weather stuff they post. One of the most recent ones of that was talking about typhoon season, and how it's so bad this year. They do have current weather forecasts. Of course, all of this isn't subtitled, so it gives me even more practice in hearing it, seeing the headlines, and such. Some of the videos aren't available here. Which is interesting. Why would they block those specific ones?:iconhanatamagoplz:

Practiced more with sentence structure and grammar in Japanese. Just wrote about a couple of things I did this past weekend. I think it's best to practice with sentence topics I might want to bring up normally. To make it feel more natural.:iconthailandplz:I posted that to my blog that's entirely in Japanese. Only got back into posting to that one a few days ago. There was about a 2-year gap between those posts.:iconshockplz:I think I should post more often to that one. I also talked about my favorite teas on there. I think I'm going to try and post some of my practice sentences on there, and talk about my favorite things or other general stuff about myself. Gives me more practice for that, too.

One Piece has been interesting. I think I'm starting to like it more as I go. In Tegami Bachi, or Letter Bee, Lag was caught in an illusion. An old man had died alone in a lighthouse. He wanted his grandson to stay with him to learn more about taking care of the lighthouse, and to pick it up after the guy passed away. The sad thing is the grandson was taken far away from him by his father, thinking it was worthless. So, he instead wrote out a story about himself and his grandson staying behind to help him. He died caught in his own world he dreamed up. A gaichuu was attracted to the 'heart' that the old man had poured out while writing his story. It lodged itself on top of the lighthouse, and sent its tendrils into it. As soon as he stepped into the lighthouse, Lag was immediately caught in the illusion that the gaichuu created while it was eating the heart there. He had turned into the grandson, and it felt natural to him. He didn't think anything of it until he kept seeing a monster and the grandfather barged into his room saying "I hate you!" over and over again. The 'monster' was really Niche trying to wake him up. The grandfather had hated himself for dying alone, and that all he did in life was to keep the lighthouse going. It was sad. The next part was about Sylvette getting an order in to make a doll right away, and delivering it.

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