Friday, September 4, 2015

Mr. Cool


By Snook. Snook was a Swedish rap duo group. They debuted in 2000 and were active until 2009. Snook is Swedish slang for 'nose'. The group often made fun of traditional rap, and tried to reinvent it. Both the members, Linnros and Adams-Ray, met in high school. Mr. Cool was one of their biggest hits. I first heard it in a Gintama amv a long time ago. Fits the main character, Gintoki, really well. It's apparently about a guy who thinks he's too cool, gets into some trouble, and somehow everything turns out ok. There's a part in the song where they slip up and mention Snook, but then catch themselves and say: "I mean, Mr. Cool!" Sounds like they're mocking themselves...:iconlaughingplz:Gintoki certainly has his cool moments, but a lot of things backfire on him. It's hard to find translated lyrics. With the ones I've seen, the translator mentioned that there are some words that have no meaning throughout the song. This is that amv:

This is my wallpaper for September. It features Gokudera from Hitman Reborn. He used to play the piano. I think he stopped after his sister kept poisoning him with her cookies after each performance. Don't remember if he went back to it at some point. This is his future self playing in the reflection off of it, too. In the future arc, they go 10 years into the future. They can't exist in the same space or time, so they personally don't see who they become. But, other characters do. In fact, Tsuna (the 10th generation boss, whether he likes it or not...) met the future Gokudera first. Once that one disappeared, the current Gokudera appeared. It would have been interesting if they could talk to their future selves face to face. I also chose it because the High Holy Days are during this month. Kind of a time for reflection, and it's not necessarily joyful. Kind of a bittersweet time. It's like he's 'reflected', and doesn't look too happy, but not really sad either. There's another one I like to use for this month, but I haven't used this one before. So, why not use a new one this time?:icontinoplz:

My Paris calendar features Ile de la Cite. It's one of the islands that sit in the middle of the Seine. All distances in Paris are measured from the center of this island. The most famous landmark on the island is the Notre Dame Cathedral. There's a small uncrowded park called Place Dauphine.

My Jewish calendar's main pic features Torah finials, unknown maker, made out of silver, Netherlands; 1820-1850. Torah finials sit on top of the rollers of the Torah scroll. They're basically fancy ornaments. Some are similar in shape to pomegranates, which have many reasons behind it. Some have bells, and others have tower-like shapes. Some have some sort of combination of all these. These are kind of tower-like with 3 different levels to them, and they have bells. Cool to see such old ones.:iconchibihungaryplz:And, they seem like they're in good shape. The second pic's of a New Year greeting card, anonymous maker, made out of cardboard and ink, Netherlands; 1930-1940. Rosh Hashanah is our New Year, so that's what they're referring to. It has the traditional greeting in Hebrew, flowers next to that, a meadow-like scene that leads up to a town, and at the top there's a star of David with some sort of design on the inside with big flowers around it. It's kind of hard to see since it's a small card, and there's a lot of detail to it. Really cool to see. The last pic's of a shofar, anonymous maker, ibex horn; 1850-1900. A shofar is a musical instrument made out of a horn that's blown during the High Holy Days. Usually it's a natural ram's horn. It can be a bit difficult to get sound out of it, let alone playing the notes/beats that need to be done during the services. It sounds cool though. We have our own shofar at home. Many families play it every morning for a month leading up to the holidays. (I've kind of forgotten about doing it this time...:iconohboyamericaplz:) It's essentially to wake our spiritual selves up for the holidays. This one looks fancier and longer than ours. There are some really impressive looking ones out there. Interesting that they don't know where it came from...

The month-long holidays are: National Biscuit Month, National Breakfast Month, National Chicken Month, National Honey Month, National Potato Month, National Rice Month, National Piano Month. Some are for important causes, some are to make you appreciate things you may take for granted, and some are just for fun.

It's been a bit of a strange week for me.:iconusaplz:Dad started her new job, and says it's been a dream so far. Which is great, and I'm really happy for her.:iconthailandplz:Interesting that it's at my old high school. 

I've been feeling kind of weird ever since I've noticed how much hair I've really lost.:iconsadnessplz:It doesn't look good down anymore. So, I've been putting it up in a bun for the last few days. Every time I see it down, I feel kind of bad about it. At least, it looks better than it used to up. If I still don't look good with it down after I use the hair products I just ordered, I'll just have to talk to a hairstylist. Hopefully, they'd have some ideas. 

I've been having a bit more abdominal pain lately. I have to be careful with certain pain meds now, since I have an IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). The pain I'm experiencing doesn't have to do with the IBD, but it's a bit more than I'm used to.

I've been thinking more about my mom. We're going to have her memorial/headstone unveiling soon. (Not sure on specifics yet.) I wasn't there when Dad chose the design, but it sounds good. They're in the process of making it now. I hope to be able to take a pic of the headstone while I'm there. I have no idea how I'll really feel...:iconwtfromanoplz:I haven't been back there since her funeral 3 years ago. 

Saw a rainbow Wednesday night. It was on our way to group. Looked cool with everything else looking dark and gloomy. I had to take a pic. It might have been the first time I took one in a moving car. We were going to eat at the new Sonic that opened in town for dinner. But, there was a ton of people. It would have taken too long to get our food. I didn't think it'd be that popular...:iconkikuplz:I visited their site online to see what they had. Didn't know that their hot dogs are all beef. That's pretty cool!:iconranranruuplz:I think I remember going to one once or twice. I barely remember some of what they had. I think I had a milkshake from there before and it was pretty good. We went to a Safeway that was near the group's meeting place instead. I grabbed a chicken Caesar wrap, and bottled water. The wrap is usually pretty good. It was the same this time. 

After group we went to Shari's like usual. I got their apple pie in a jar. It's really good!:iconchibispainplz:It's got chunks of apple pie with clumps of vanilla ice cream crammed into a mason jar. Whipped cream is on top with some cinnamon dusted on top of that. My first bite was a bit more intense than usual. It had a lot more cinnamon, caramel sauce with the pie, and the ice cream all in one spoonful. Really good, but I made a noise of surprise and happiness. Someone looked at me and said it must be good. I was slightly embarrassed, but certainly didn't regret getting it. It made me feel better about my hair when someone told me I looked good there too.:iconcblushplz: 

Got my blood drawn today. My gastroenterologist told me that I should do it at the beginning of this month. Before the lab tech started, she said that her computer gave her an alert to ask about what new med I'm taking, and what dose I'm at. I told her I'm taking azathioprine, and couldn't remember the exact dosage. I have it on my phone, but I didn't have it with me. So, she put that part as unknown. Shouldn't they have that info already? She thought it was a weird alert, but once I told her that it's an immunosupressant (as well as a chemo med) she understood it a bit more. I've also been told that I should bring it up with all medical professionals/staff. Apparently, they have to be careful while I'm on this. I kind of feel like I'm fragile when I think about it that way...Not a good feeling to me.:iconwtfukplz:

The lab tech distracted me by talking about my 2nd novel. She said she wants to read it now. Kind of hard to do if I haven't published it yet.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:People seem to be really interested in this one. Maybe it'll be a big success. One can hope. I'm going to try to do a better job at marketing than I did last time. It's a lot easier to explain what it's about, at least. 

I have to remember to add more protein to my diet than I used to. And, it seems a bit difficult for me. Some things I think have a lot of protein, don't. I'm surprised with some things that do. I might be losing other nutrients as well, so I have to stay on top of everything.:iconhongkong-wantsursoul:The blood tests will not only see how my meds are doing, but to monitor more of these nutrients. I remember that my gastro said my protein levels are very slowly improving. So, hopefully it'll be much better this time...I did notice I'm losing less hair, but that might be because I have less hair compared to before. So, there's less to lose...:iconpolandplz:

So, as you can see it's been strange this week. Not that bad, just weird. Even the weather's been abnormal. We're a lot cooler than usual. At least it's raining occasionally now. It's cold enough today, I'm wearing one of my heavier fleece winter shirts. Even with that, it still feels cold.:iconitsfreezingplz:

The High Holy Days are coming up. It's 10 days long and it starts with Rosh Hashanah, and ends with Yom Kippur. As I mentioned before, Rosh Hashanah is our New Year (it lit. means 'Head of the Year'). It starts the night of the 13th. Technically it goes until sundown on the 15th. Many people will end it on the 14th, though. These holidays are always on the same day on the Jewish calendar, but seem to move around compared to the 'normal' secular calendar. The Jewish calendar is lunar, while the secular one is solar. Hence, why our holidays always start at night. The New Year can be both happy and slightly somber. We wish people a sweet New Year with having sweets. Things like honey, pastries, candies, etc. We're happy we've made it to see another year, but it's also the start of reflecting on your previous actions from the past year. Some people think about what they can change for the coming year. Some apologize for anything that they might have done wrong to others. There's a custom that we toss our 'sins' away at the end of the day services for it. The sins are represented by bread crumbs, and they're tossed into a body of water. Kind of like the fish and wildlife will eat our sins.

Yom Kippur means Day of Atonement. It's considered the most important holiday on the calendar. Most are important, but this one's especially emphasized as such. It'll start the night of the 22nd, and goes until sundown the next day. People are required to fast, unless it'll affect you're health in some way. So, pregnant women, little kids, the elderly, etc. are told to not do so. I can't because of my meds. All my meds, including the new ones, have to be taken with food. It's also especially not good with having IBD to fast, so it's like doubly important for me to have food.:iconhongkongplz:My other 'condition' won't be balanced either if I were to do it. It's actually a sin for people with health issues to fast during it. Funny how it's a sin for everyone else if they don't fast. I still feel bad about eating during it.:icongermanyplz:It felt interesting after fasting during it when I could. The holiday ends with a break-the-fast potluck at the end of the day. There's often a rush to get to the food at that time. Most things disappear before you get to them, if you're not fast enough.:iconshockplz:There have been times when the stuff we've brought were gone by the time we got to them. There's usually a big dessert oneg after the Rosh Hashanah night service. We fill up on a ton of cakes (usually honey cakes), honey and apples, candy, etc.

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