Friday, October 11, 2013

World Egg Day!


I love eggs!:iconchibispainplz:Nice that eggs have a whole day devoted to them. There's so many ways to have them, and they're used in so many recipes. Very useful food. 

Finally got my morning walk in.:iconberwaldplz:This time was earlier than what I used to do, because of getting up earlier. It was nice and crisp out there, the sun wasn't fully up yet (at least at the start of it), there was a surprising amount of people up and about, and I could smell the smell of cooking around some people's houses. Smelled like breakfast. It was nice.:iconthailandplz:A lot of the people I bumped into seemed nicer than the ones I would see later in the day. Most greeted me with a nod and a quick 'morning'. 

The only thing that was a bit odd happened after I got back and locked the door again. As soon as I went to settle down a bit, someone rang the door bell. They did it about 3 more times, then jiggled the knob. It was a little creepy.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I might have answered it if they hadn't rang so much (and quickly), and didn't jiggle the knob. They sounded almost desperate...That's happened before, but it was the head of the neighborhood association trying to give us a piece of paper with the minutes from the last meeting. I had been cooking that time. But, this time they didn't leave a note or anything. So, it feels a little more creepy that way. 

Doubles was kind of lame this time. Seemed anticlimactic. Next time should be much more interesting. One of the team members gets shot according to the preview. I hope they don't kill her off.:iconraivisplz:She's one of the coolest characters in the show. World Embryo's getting weirder and weirder. Despite that, I'm really liking it so far.

In Uchouten Kazoku, they caught everyone except the brother who says he can't transform back from a frog in a well. Kaisei saves the youngest brother, Yashiro, and forces him to look for his other brothers. Their mom is becoming sick while she's in her cage. Yaichiro, the eldest, is being 'prepared' to become an ingredient in the Friday Fellows' hot pot. He's fighting the entire time. Hasn't been killed yet, just being transferred to another place. Yasaburo, the 3rd son, was captured but is trying his best to get out. Soun is a really evil character to be able to do this, not only to family, but to fellow tanuki. Next time, in the preview, it hinted at the 2nd son (Yajiro) being out of the well, transforming into a train (like he used to love to do), with Yasaburo and Yashiro inside going towards where Yaichiro is being taken. Hopefully, they do go off to find him, and get there in time. Hope they get their mother while they're at it. If the Friday Fellows absolutely have to have a tanuki, they should choose Soun. 

Played my clarinet. Did some Duke Ellington and Gershwin tunes. Still not too bad. Made a few mistakes, but not many. My tone was pretty good, too. Wrote a bit more of the 2nd short story for my nightmare anthology. It's actually creepier than I expected. Again, not sure where it's going. This story is really based off a combo of 3 of my recurring nightmares. It's fun to mold and blend them. Definitely going in different directions than what happened in the actual nightmares. 
Went over more compounds for the kanji: . Studied the kanji itself yesterday. The general meanings are: other, another. 他事 or たじ (taji): other matters, other people's affairs. 他社 or たしゃ (tasha): another company, other company. 他者 or たしゃ (tasha): another person, others. 他出 or たしゅつ (tashutsu): going out. 他生 or たしょう (tashou): previous existence, future existence, transmigration. 他薦 or たせん (tasen): recommendation. 他念 or たねん (tanen): thinking about something else. 他聞 or たぶん (tabun): informing. 

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