Friday, October 4, 2013

National Taco Day!


I love tacos!:iconitalyplz:There are so many different types, and they can be customized as well. I tend to like the soft tacos more than the hard ones. Bean and cheese ones are one of my fave fillings. Put a little a salsa in there and it's awesome!:la:It's also World Animal Day. Animals should definitely be celebrated! The holiday started in Florence, Italy in 1931 at a convention of ecologists. Animal life in all its forms is celebrated, and special events are planned in locations all over the globe. 

Got up a little later than I expected to. This week I was hoping to get up a bit earlier than usual, to get more things done. Managed to do that for at least a couple of the days. The rest of the time, I ended up staying up later than usual the night before. There was one day where I woke up 'naturally' at 5:40am, and I had stayed up until about 12:30am the night before. So, my sleeping pattern has been really wacky anyways this week.:iconwtfromanoplz:Hopefully next week will be different. 

Doubles has been interesting so far. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I'm liking it a lot now. Every character has some sort of personality quirk. Very interesting story behind each case. 

In Uchouten Kazoku, the family's (the Shimogamo) being rounded up, and the eldest son (Yaichiro) might be used for the Friday Fellows' annual hot pot. The people behind it this time are another tanuki family called the Ebisugawa. The head of that family, Soun, is brother to the late Soichiro Shimogamo. Turned out he had turned his own brother over to the Friday Fellows all those years ago. The youngest son, Yashiro Shimogamo, is stuck in a warehouse. And, they supposedly caught their mother. The second oldest son can't undo his transformation into a frog, and is stuck in a well. (His guilt for not being able to save his father, pushed him to it.) Now, Yasaburo Shimogamo (the 3rd son) is the only one they haven't caught, but is surrounded by the other family. I think he's going to break down and fight them, and that he'll be more powerful than he let's on. Maybe the one that should be 'chosen' for the hot pot is Soun. This is all because of an election to appoint the head of the tanuki society. Soichiro won last time, and I think his brother couldn't stand it. Now, one of Soichiro's sons is also planning to become the head, and he can't stand that either. This is kind of sad, but interesting. 

I'm not exactly sure where World Embryo is headed, but its been a pretty good manga so far. For my kanji today, I practiced a bit on the JapaneseClass site. Then, went over my 'weak' kanji and vocab. The ones that I need to work a little bit more on. Which wasn't very many.

Oh, and a little while ago, I got a new candle. I haven't been as into them as I used to be, but decided to give it a go again.:iconchibihungaryplz:This time I got one called Toasted Marshmallows. It smells heavenly! I love it.:iconfrancisplz:Still smells awesome even when it's not lit. Last night, we went to JJ's. I hadn't been there in a long time. Got my fave, smoked salmon linguine. Better than I remember it tasting. But, there seemed to be less salmon, as well. 

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