Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Star Surfer


By Genki Rockets. Kind of a fun, happy, positive and energetic song. The lyrics are interesting, too. I think there needs to be more genuine 'happy' and/or positive songs out there. Genki Rockets is a musical and visual project by digital media specialist Tetsuya Mizuguchi and music producer Kenji Tamai. The face of the project is a fictional 18-year old named Lumi, who exists in the year 2037. They say she was born on the International Space Station on September 11, 2019. She's the first human born in outer space, and has never been to Earth. They debuted in 2007. Singers Rachel Rhodes and Nami Miyahara provide the vocals for Lumi. Rhodes appears as Lumi on the group's album covers, music videos, and in a video game called Child of Eden in 2011. 

Started watching Doku or Poison yesterday. Although hokey at times, I'm liking it so far. It's about the mystery behind a man who seems to appear out of nowhere, and gives people who have thought about killing someone or feel stuck, a bottle of poison. He tells them that one drop will kill a person, and the choice is up to them whether to go through with it or not. But, if they do, he says he can 'take care' of the rest. The poison kills the person exactly 24 hours later, so people can plan for the perfect alibi. It leaves no trace in the body, so forensics won't find anything. Also, it'll appear to be a fatal heart attack. The police are onto him though. The only 'evidence' he's left behind as an identity is a fuzzy pic online and some digits on his hand. In the first episode, a man killed a woman who told him she was pregnant with his child. He had a wealthy fiancee, and didn't know what to do with the woman who was pregnant. He killed her, then found out that she had cancer and only had 6 more months left to live. (Wouldn't have lived long enough to have the baby.) She was working as a prostitute half the time, and he hadn't known about it. She was trying to save enough money so they could live comfortably as a real family. Out of guilt, he ingested a drop of the poison that was given to him, and eventually went to the police. He tried to confess and tell them where the bottle was. He died before confessing, but managed to get out something like 'my desk'. The man came by, picked up the bottle, and passed right by the detective that was running to see what was at that person's desk. He's a little too good, and she wasn't suspicious. Funny thing is the man who died was also the main star in Namonaki Doku (Nameless Poison). Maybe he likes shows centered around poison...:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:This show came out before Nameless Poison, though. Still, makes me wonder.

Kakushou was pretty good. I like how intricate the cases have been. Even though their division's main objective is to catch thieves and return stolen items, they've helped with several murder cases. Tokyo Ravens keeps getting more interesting. I'll post info on it at some point...

In Tripeace, apparently Nana was apart of an anti-peace organization before he had amnesia. He's a totally different person now. That organization, Ares, is declaring war on Tripeace. They kidnapped Nana, and dragged him back to where he came from. (According to them.) Looked like a very hostile place. They hope that he regains his memory and joins them again.

Played my clarinet. Did some jazz and Irish tunes. My tone is getting a lot better, and my playing is improving again. Feels good. Wrote a bit more of the 2nd short story for my nightmare anthology. It's progressing quite a bit. Might be done with this story soon. Should be interesting to see where it ends up.:iconchibihungaryplz:

Yesterday, I went to the local support group. Had quite a few new people. Some were allies. Yay!:dummy:The group that went to Shari's after was pretty big as well. I got some tater tots with a side of BBQ sauce, and a fruit bowl. The fruit bowl had honey dew melon slices and red grapes on a bed of lettuce. The melon and grapes were pretty good. I had some of the lettuce, and noticed they didn't even wash it. It was gross. The tater tots were extremely crispy, so I could barely hear people while eating them.:iconkikuplz:Had a very small portion of that. Kind of treated it like my late night snack. I try to have fruit with almost every snack and meal, except dinner. It was very good though. Made for a couple more 'snacks'. Actually had more fun talking with everyone this time. 
I studied 2 kanji today. First one was: . When pronounced as ま.つ (ma.tsu): to wait; to await, look forward to, anticipate; (usu. in negative form) to depend on, need. As ま.ち (ma.chi): (suf) waiting, waiting time. 

The second one was: . (A very common one.) When pronounced as か.える (ka.eru): to substitute. As か.わり (ka.wari): substitute, replacement; stand-in, proxy, alternate, deputy, relief, successor; (usu. as 代わりに or か.わりに [ka.warini], etc.) compensation, exchange, return; (usu. as お代わり or お.か.わり [o.ka.wari]) second helping, another cup, seconds. As か.わる (ka.waru): to take the place of, substitute for, take over for, represent. As が.わり (ga.wari): (suf) substitute for..., instead of... As しろ (shiro): substitution; material; price; margin (e.g. for stapling, etc.), area required for something. As だい (dai): (suf) charge, cost, price; generation, age, reign; (after someone's name or title) a representative of, on behalf of, for (someone); counter for decades of ages, eras, etc.; counter for generations (of inheritors to the throne, etc.); (abbr) proxy application company; (abbr) (used in dictionaries, etc.) pronoun. As (yo): world, society, age, generation. Next time I'll start going through the HUGE list of compounds for it.:iconlietplz:If it's so common, it's very important I go through and study them.:iconberwaldplz:Might take me at least a few days to go through, though. 

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