Monday, October 21, 2013

Caramel Apple Day!


I love caramel apples! I rarely have them, even during autumn. Although, I think if I had them more often, I'd get sick of it and would probably lose my teeth.:iconseychelles-plz:So, it's better for me to have it as a rare treat. I like those caramel apple lollipops that come out this time of year, too. If I do have the actual apples dipped in caramel, it's usually store-bought. Some of the ones at our local grocery store can get pretty fancy with putting a bunch of things on the caramel. The plain caramel ones are still the best to me, though.:iconswissplz:

Last Wednesday, I apparently had eaten too little. So, the next day I felt like I had been hit by a truck, and was pretty sluggish.:iconwtfukplz:I had started to eat less the Friday before that. I was ok for a while, until I decided to see how little I can actually eat in a day on Wednesday. I noticed I can still eat small amounts, just not THAT small. I'm still eating less than before that Friday. With leftovers I've decided I can also spread them out for snacks. That way they won't go bad, and I won't feel like I'm wasting food.:iconeestiplz:

I'm up to 70 sit-ups twice a day this week. Hopefully, I can keep it up. Hope to get back to my walks soon. I finally will have my first appointment with my new therapist this Friday. Haven't had a session in about 8 months.:iconusaplz:At least I'll see someone now. On Saturday, I'll have my annual eye exam. I can tell I need it, since my contacts go out of focus quite often, and I'm squinting more. 
Decided to change my wallpaper. I had mentioned before about switching it to one featuring Chrome from Hitman Reborn halfway through the month. This is her. The wallpaper I had before featured Mukuro. Thought this seemed a bit more Halloween-ish. Her name is an anagram for Mukuro in Japanese. (Chrome in romaji: Kuroomu. Or: ムクロ and クローム.) Those aren't really her normal clothes. I don't think she has Dying Will flames coming out of her eye, either. (Or where she used to have an eye.) But, she carries the staff with her everywhere. The more I think about her 'situation', I'm realizing she's more like a zombie. She doesn't bleed either. The only things keeping her 'alive' are organs made out of illusions that Mukuro created. So, she really does fit the holiday.

Watched a Syfy movie Saturday night called Grave Halloween. Thought it'd be interesting, since the story's based off of the 'Suicide Forest' in Japan. Some of the Japanese was very poorly spoken. (I checked some of the words just to be sure. Some of them weren't actual words.) Some of it was spot on. So, on that front, it was kind of mediocre.:shrug:It had a very slow beginning and middle. It could have probably just been 30-45 minutes. There were some really gruesome/graphic deaths. I usually like the more psychological stuff rather than gore in horror movies. I love horror movies in general, though. Didn't like the ending, although I kind of saw it coming. Or, at least a similar scenario. A lot of it was predictable. I like the ones that keep you guessing. So, it was just ok. Not great or bad, just ok. Also, it was filmed in Canada instead of Japan. They tried to make it 'look' like Japan, though. 
Started watching Ando Lloyd. It felt like a cross between the Terminator and the Matrix. Saying the title in Japanese also sounds like android. It fits it well, too. Reiji Matsushima is a genius physicist who studies wormhole theories. He somehow came up with a list of people who were 'destined' to be murdered. It has the exact date and time on it. His and his fiancee's name are the next ones to be 'killed'. (His fiancee's name is Ando Asahi.) He predicts his own death, but tries to change it. He ends up getting killed anyways, but he vows to protect Ando forever. A robot who looks like Reji, shows up in front of Ando just before she was about to be killed. He says his 'client' told him to protect her at all costs. Even from herself. He destroys the other 'robot' before it carried out its mission to kill Ando. Now, he apparently has to deal with 10 other 'agents'. These 'killer' robots seem to come from some sort of different dimension, where when they target you, no one in the 'real' world will notice. That's about as much as they revealed in the first episode. All the summaries online that I've found weren't entirely accurate. Oh well. I like his fiancee. She's funny, smart, has confidence, and is spunky. The couple were very cute together. It'd be interesting to see how this one turns out. The pace of it was great, too. Has one of my fave actors as the android or robot that looks like (and was) Reiji. 

Log Horizon is getting interesting. They're still on a journey to find a girl named Serara, and help her escape. She's being taken care of by a cat character or 'player'. Serara's class is a maid. So, she's constantly cleaning things. She's angry at herself for choosing that class, since she feels you can't do much with it. Both her and the 'cat' are hiding from a guild of PKers or Player Killers. For some reason the master of that guild is searching for her. He'll kill his own guild members if they suddenly grow a conscience about killing other players. 

In Mix Vegetable, Hayato and Hana found out that Saki fell in love with their teacher when he was in school. When their teacher showed up at the sushi place to do a home visit for Hayato, Saki couldn't bring himself to talk to her and hid. When she left, he became incredibly clumsy and kept cutting himself while trying to prepare the sushi. So, thinking it'll get Saki back to normal, Hana and Hayato decided to ask their teacher how she felt about Saki. She told them to never say his name or bring him up ever again. Kind of sad. She apparently had feelings for him at the time. When he refused to go to college and became an apprentice to a sushi chef, she did things like vowed never to wear skirts again. (Students are constantly wondering what gender she is...) It'd be interesting to see how this is resolved.

Played my clarinet. Did some Irish tunes. Wasn't too bad. Was more aware of how I was playing, and sounded a bit better. (I sometimes get lazy with the Irish tunes and just rush through them without really being aware.) Wrote a bit more of the 2nd short story to my nightmare anthology.
Studied some more compounds for the kanji: . 代償 or だいしょう (daishou): compensation, reparation, consideration. 代人 or だいにん (dainin): substitute, deputy, proxy, representative, agent. 代置 or だいち (daichi): replace. 代入 or だいにゅう (dainyuu): substitution, assignment. 代任 or だいにん (dainin): agency, acting official. 代表 or だいひょう (daihyou): representative, delegation, type, example, model. 代品 or だいひん (daihin): substitute article. 代稽古 or だいげいこ (daigeiko): substitute teaching. Still have a lot more compounds to go over for this one. Read an article on Asahi's website about how morning exercises for junior high school students who are involved in sports, is affecting their grades. Most students felt they didn't have time for sleep or even breakfast. A proposal was brought up in Nagano to end those exercises, and was passed. It's one of the first districts to do so. They're expecting some backlash though. Kind of interesting.

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