Monday, July 29, 2013

National Lasagna Day!


Yay, I love lasagna!:la:Especially the vegetarian, cheese, and sometimes beef ones. I've tried eggplant lasagna, and didn't like it. Even though it looked so good...:iconswissplz:I also hate eggplant in general, but people kept telling me they have a different 'texture' in this form.  

Went to a different trans support group on Friday, the one Dad used to go to more often. They loved that I was an ally. (They all kept hugging me, and brightened a bit after I told them.:iconseychelles-plz:) They seemed very nice and warm. (Maybe more so than the other group.) It was a much bigger group, than the one Dad facilitates. And, I was surprised by how many people I knew or met once before. Since it was a large group, check-ins were really long. The topic was interesting. 

Went to a place called the Hub afterwards. I was just going to share some Cajun fries with Dad, but they were too spicy for me and I was really hungry. So, I got their rustica pizza. It had artichoke hearts, olives, and huge cloves of roasted garlic. The pizza itself was huge! (Supposed to be for one person.) Was really tasty, though.:iconitalyplz:Ate half like usual, and was pretty satisfied. (Got to have an awesome lunch the next day!:dummy:

Somehow ended up having a 'deep' conversation with one of the members across the table for me. It was hard to hear her at times. Didn't expect to be answering such deep questions.:iconusaplz:I think she started those as soon as I told her I was Jewish. Some of the questions were related to my religion, but some were just on my life in general. She seemed fascinated with me. Don't know if that was good or bad...:iconkikuplz:Made it interesting. They want me to come to the next one. The only problem is that it's on Friday nights. Shabbat starts then. So, I don't know.:icongermanyplz:

I naturally got up pretty early this morning. Which isn't normal.:icontinoplz:At least I felt a bit rested. Started my 50 sit-ups twice a day for this week this morning. I could really feel my abs and surrounding areas tightening. Also, at the point where I'm building up a sweat. Before having that 'medical' week in March, I had made it to 65 sit-ups twice a day for that ending week. I'm getting closer to it. And, then I can surpass that. Yay!:iconfrancisplz:

I'm not going to add those 2 exercises into my routine. I remembered that I had lost a lot of weight until March, just on what I've been doing. So, why add more things? Unless I'm at a plateau, then maybe. Been more on top of my 2-mile walks, too. 

Trying to stick more closely to my way of eating, as well. It's easiest at restaurants. I'm good at home, but occasionally I have a tendency to just eat it all. It's easy most of the time for me to eat half of things, though. Thinking of limiting a bit more of my breakfasts, but I'll see. Already feel like I'm losing weight again. Even though it's not entirely why I'm doing this. It's also for overall health.:iconthailandplz:

Namonaki Doku is getting really interesting. The more Sugimura finds out the more complex the story gets. But, I love that sort of thing. The episode ended with him getting run over by a bicyclist. He had some pretty serious injuries. But, he's the main character, so it'd be pointless to kill him off just like that.:iconraivisplz: 

I'm liking Kaichou wa Maid sama a lot as it progresses. At the end of this episode Misaki and Usui almost kissed. I'm usually not into the romance genre, but they make it really fun. 

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, finally had an update! They were able to post a few more chapters, instead of having readers wait for a chapter every few months. So, yay! I'm thinking they might make another season of the anime version, once there are enough chapters out. Since, the anime ended with essentially what happened in the last chapter I read in the manga. The one I read today was kind of a fluff one. Kiri was finally able to see Iwai after the incident, while still at the hospital. The staff allowed him to cut her hair. They introduced his sister. She was feeling guilty over saying horrible things to Kiri about him enjoying cutting other people's hair, but he managed to help patch up their relationship. Of course, with the help of Iwai. 

Played my clarinet. Did a lot of classical pieces from my advanced solo book, and a couple of jazz tunes. Was pretty good. Only a few parts where I goofed up, but not too bad. Started the 2nd story to my nightmare anthology novel. I think this one will be even better! Thought I'd base it on a few of my short nightmares, and make it flow into each other. I think each short story is going to have a different 'style', I guess. Not exactly sure what the end product of this will be, but it's kind of exciting.:iconheroamericaplz:

Finally managed to cook something for dinner Saturday night. I haven't really 'cooked' for a while. Made an Indian dish that was basically chicken with a red bell pepper curry. It was pretty good. Found several new songs on Sunday, so look forward to those soon!:iconchibinitalyplz:
Today, I studied some of the compounds for the kanji: . It generally means: G-d, gods, deity, mind, soul. 神仙 or しんせん (shinsen): Taoist immortal, supernatural being. 神罰 or しんばつ (shinbatsu): divine punishment. 神意 or しんい (shini): divine will. 神像 or しんぞう (shinzou): idol (e.g. carving or painting of a deity). 神韻 or しんいん (shinin): exceptional artistry. 神格 or しんかく (shinkaku): divinity, divine. I'll do more of them next time. Also, translated part of a You Maga article. Read an article in Japanese from Asahi's website. It was about a massive recall on top loading washing machines put out by Sharp. They were the cause of 3 house fires. No one was injured, thank goodness. 

Another hilarious scene from Azumanga Daioh:

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