Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Belated 4th of July!


Yay! One of my fave holidays!:dummy:We had hot dogs, hamburgers, some beans, a little potato salad, and some pickles for dinner to celebrate. I made S'mores for dessert. Did that part inside. For the marshmallow part, I just had the marshmallow over a flame on the stove top, and held it there until it caught fire. Then, turned it around so every bit was slightly blackened. I love doing it this way, and it came out awesome!:iconheroamericaplz: 

Later, we watched the fireworks on TV. Those were fun. We had some pretty spectacular ones, even in our neighborhood. I think there were a lot of illegal ones going off here. We went for a walk a little before the fireworks on TV started, and it was crazy how big the ones in our neighborhood were.:iconchibichinaplz:Kind of killed my eardrums, too. I like fireworks, but usually for the big ones I like to watch the pros do them. There have been some years where I've come close to being hit by one, and some have even landed on our roof.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:They luckily didn't explode, but it was dangerous. Our cats were terrified of it all. 
This is my wallpaper for the month. Thought it was kind of dark and cute at the same time. Rufus, from Gaia, is fishing. He's also in Gaia's game, zOMG. He's Ian's, one of the shopkeepers on the site, talking cat. 

My spice calendar features lavender this month. I'm not very fond of the smell of lavender. But, I like some of the other uses for it. It gives detailed info on its history, where it originated from (the Middle East), wine pairings, and simple recipes. 

My Jewish calendar features another pair of Torah crowns or 'finials'. Basically, special ornaments that go over the top of the scrolls. They were made by Barend Roelef Citroen, out of silver and bone. From Amsterdam, 1859. There's also an oil painting titled: Fish-Selling Woman and Man Behind Their Stand. It's by Cornelis (Cor) Hund. From Amsterdam, 1938. The last thing is a spice box (we use it during Havdalah, which is the concluding ceremony for Shabbat), maker is unknown, made out of silver-gilt. From Augsburg, Germany from 1670. I love seeing the old stuff. It's very interesting.:iconchibihungaryplz:

The month-long holidays are: National Baked Bean Month, National Bison Month, National Culinary Arts Month, National Grilling Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Ice Cream Month, Air Conditioning Appreciation Days, Family Reunion Month, Family Golf Month, Mango and Melon Month, National Blueberries Month, Nectarine and Garlic Month, Women's Motorcycle Month. Some are important causes, some are to make you appreciate things you may take for granted, and some are just for fun. I love all those cooking based things. Air conditioning definitely needs some appreciation. I think I've only been to one actual family reunion. It was interesting considering most of my family lives so far away. Golf is fun. Motorcycling can be fun, too.:iconchibinitalyplz:

I've been practicing and taking tests on what I know in Japanese on a site called JapaneseClass. So far, I'm doing really well. They focus more on vocab and kanji. But, they also have a reading section, groups, forums, notes, a ranking system, level system, etc. I'm correct about 96% of the time with everything.:iconeestiplz:That sounds good. Need to focus more on that 4%, though! 

Vampire Heaven has been surprisingly good. It's getting intense, and I could tell it's getting close to the end. Hayato found out about them being vampires. Komachi is planning to kill Hayato, so she can get rid of the feeling of being in love. She went to the count, and is now working for him to get Sakurako back to their world. Aoi's past partner finds her. He wondered why she ran away after being with him for 30 years. The real reason was she didn't want to hurt him. The longer a vampire's in love with a human the greater the urge to drink the human's blood becomes. Should be interesting how that unfolds.:iconchibiswedenplz:

Also watched more of Hitman Reborn. This show's getting really good. The concept of this arc is very interesting and complex. I like stories that make you think. They're still 10 years into the future, and have managed to get all the Vongola Guardians together. Now they just need to attack Byakuran's mafia families (2 of them are working together), and find Irie. Irie supposedly holds the key for them to go back to their time. Meanwhile, a lot of their future selves have gone into the past, or at least that's what it seems. Tsuna was recognized as the true 10th boss of Vongola by the 1st himself. He was losing oxygen, so it seemed really like he was hallucinating. But, it seemed more real when he survived his ordeal and his gloves were essentially 'upgraded'. Kyoko seems to be catching on to what's really happening, and Haru still seems unaware about the whole thing. (She knows there are dangerous people outside, and that they've been transported 10 years into the future. But, doesn't know about the mafia stuff.) I think Yamamoto realizes what's going on, but wants to treat it more like a game to lighten the mood. Heck, he'd have to be blind if he doesn't get the mafia thing by now.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:

Read up to the last chapter that's up of Hiiro Ouji. I hope it's updated soon. I'm really liking the series! 

Wrote a bit more of the 1st short story of my anthology of nightmares. I think this is going to be the hardest one to write. It was one of my shortest nightmares. And, one of my oldest ones.:iconpolandplz:

2 hilarious Gintama vids. One's an amv that shows how crazy the show can be, and the other one's of a hilarious scene from the show:

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