Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Golden Rule


From the Liar Game 2 soundtrack. The entire series had some awesome music behind it. Plus, the 'games' were pretty clever. Kind of wish there had been another season...

Had a pretty crazy weekend. On Friday, I got to see a cousin I hadn't seen since I was 4. I barely remembered her. She was in Seattle with her partner for a convention. So, we went over to meet her at a Starbucks near her hotel. It was great talking to her for a few hours there. Then, we went back to her hotel, and met her partner and their friends that tagged along. Very nice group of people.:iconthailandplz:One had a particularly heavy New Jersey accent, but I thought that was cool. We talked for a while there, then my cousin went with us (my dad and I) to Trans Pride. We had missed the march, but the rally stuff was still going on. So, we had a bit more time to chat, and be together. My cousin left about halfway through. 

After the Trans Pride thing, we really needed something to eat. So, we tried a place called Chipotle. I had heard about it a while back. It wasn't too bad. I ordered a burrito bowl. For the meat, I said I'd have the chicken. It wasn't ready, and the only other options were shredded pork or beef. I told them I'd have the beef, and they proceeded to throw a bunch of pork on there.:iconwtfukplz:I don't eat pork products, so it was very unsettling to me. I told them to stop, and managed to get her to realize I wanted beef instead. But, that meant starting another burrito bowl. Anyways, the end product was good. The corn salsa was interesting. A tad bit more cilantro than I'd like, but still ok. We got home really late after all this. 

The next day was my 10-year high school reunion from late afternoon to around 10. That ending time was pretty lax. I was incredibly nervous at first, but it seemed like a lot of other people were as well. Got to see and connect with a bunch of friends I had in high school, which was great. Got to know more about some of the people I didn't really see or hang out with much. Met some of my classmates' partners. That was interesting. It was really hot inside, and we all ended up sweating like crazy.:iconromanoplz:Some stayed out on the balcony most of the time. 

There were appetizers laid out for a while. Kind of seemed too fancy for me.:iconhongkongplz:There was a cheeseball thing with something on top of it, and a toothpick going through it. Tasted awful. I like cheeseballs, so I was surprised that it tasted so bad. Tried like a caprese kabob thing. It was skewered with a cherry tomato, basil leaves, a cube of mozzarella, more basil, and another tomato at the end. Good, but kind of odd. Didn't try the others, because they didn't look very appetizing to me.:iconyaykumajiroplz:

For dinner, there was salad with some vinaigrette on the side, asparagus, dinner rolls, roasted potatoes, and I had wanted the salmon 'dinner'. Seemed like the salmon was what a lot of people chose. Almost everything tasted great, except the salmon seemed pretty dry.:iconseychelles-plz:Grilled salmon can be awesome, but not so much if cooked too long. Dries out all the goodness. Dessert was pretty good. I had the chocolate cake with raspberry filling. There was a white cake version. The alcohol section was really crowded. So, I'm glad that I don't drink. Felt like everyone else did.:iconswissplz:There was a huge thing of water, and another huge thing of punch. So, that was a nice alternative. 

There was a slideshow, but people and the balloons kept getting in the way, so I couldn't see much. Luckily, they posted the slideshow online, so I can actually see it. Funny to see everyone's high school pics. Even funnier to see their pics from before high school. I didn't send any pics in, so I was surprised that I saw myself in a few of them.:iconsleepygreeceplz:

There was some music playing from when we were in high school, and just a little before. Some of it played by a live band (a couple of classmates are members of it), and some other music playing when the band isn't. Someone pulled me up to the dance floor, and started dancing with me, quite a bit into it. No one was dancing up there at the time. After sitting back down and being coaxed up there again, people started to gather and dance up there. It was fun, except for the part where someone was really bumping and grinding, and running his hands over me.:icongermanyplz:I could tell he was drunk, but it was weird. Oh, and he kept twirling me. I was cool with it for a while, then I became kind of nauseous from it. 

There was an incident towards the end of the night where one of our drunken classmates took out the American flag from its holder, waved it around, and started trying to poke people with it.:iconchibichinaplz:He eventually was forced out. 

Everyone was amazed that I had a published a book. One of my classmates heard about it, and essentially advertised it to almost everyone else. It amazed me. A lot of people said they'd actually buy it, but no sells yet. (Had a ton of views the day after, though.) We'll see. The one who told the others about it, said he recognized that I'd be famous and why not tell people? Me, famous?:iconfrancisplz:Kind of crazy, but amazing. 

There was only a few awkward moments. I know one person that used to have a crush on me, and he seemed very awkward around me. Almost wouldn't look in my direction, even while we talked. (I think he at least tried to...) Another awkward moment was when I talked to what was a close friend while we were in high school. She seemed really nervous, wouldn't look at me while we talked, didn't talk much, and left pretty quickly. I thought there would be a lot more awkward moments for me, but there really wasn't. Most people seemed more mature, friendly, and genuinely wanted to know what was going on with me.:iconheroamericaplz:Managed to take a few pics. Still haven't put them up yet. My band director was there, too. But, every time I went to say hello to her, she was bombarded with my other classmates. Oh, well. 

I managed to get a pretty nasty blister from that night on my heel. I rarely get blisters on my feet, but I was wearing my 'wedge' short heels. Did a lot of standing, walking around, and dancing in them. I guess it was worth it, though.

On the following day there was a reunion picnic. I could not get myself to go, because of how hot it was. It ended up being in the low 90s. Dad didn't go to Pride because of it. And, honestly, I think that was wise. I kind of wanted to go to that as well. So instead, we went to a movie theater to stay some place where there's AC. We saw Monsters University. It was cute, and really funny. Good to kind of veg out on.:iconchibiaustriaplz:Then, we went to Hale's Ales for dinner. (When it's that warm, it's hard to even think about cooking at home.) Hale's Ales also had AC. I got fettuccine alfredo, and some iced tea. The fettuccine had some shavings of red bell pepper on top, and came with some garlic bread on the side (had a ton of garlic 'chips' on top). So, made for a very garlicky, but good dinner and a lunch the next day.:iconchibispainplz:

On Monday, we went to Barnes and Noble for a bit. It was about the same temp as Sunday. I suggested we have some of the canned salmon mixed in with some salad greens, we can put whatever other vegetables we want, with croutons, and dressing. Came out awesome, and didn't heat up the house. Plus, it was mostly healthy for us.:iconchibinitalyplz:

Yesterday was slightly (not by much) cooler. We went to where the support group meets, and found out that the door to the room we use was locked. So, we went directly to Shari's. Not really the best place for confidential stuff, so it was more of a social time. I had another pie shake. This time it was the caramel pecan pie crunch version. It was amazing!:iconchibihungaryplz:Maybe not as awesome as the S'mores one, but really good.

Today was slightly cooler than yesterday, but still pretty warm. Dad made something from the new Italian cookbook she got from Barnes and Noble on Monday. It was pretty good. Not quite sure if I wholeheartedly liked the pasta part, but it was good. The chicken was definitely good. 

Found out that one of the largest, probably closest communities I've been a part of, was shutting down. They have part of the site devoted to a good collection of anime, another part for drama, and a really nice forum. The forum is what I think I'll miss the most. Very intelligent people, friendly, warm, and have had some good times debating with some. It's kind of like a group of close friends suddenly disappearing. The note they had on the site seemed very suspicious to me.:iconnataliaplz:Like it was hacked or something. Someone suggested that they might be joking with us. I hope so, although it really doesn't sound like them. A lot of people are crying out or are outraged about it on other sites. I'm surprised at how many people really used these sites. Found some more drama sites, and forums related to it and/or anime. (People have been suggesting other places.) So, I'll have some places to go to, if it really does shut down completely. 

Also, found a new site through Dad (who heard it from someone else) called PatientsLikeMe. It's rather extensive with what you can put up. Basically, it's like a community to find similar people, and to document your progress with your conditions. I'm kind of surprised with how many 'conditions' I have. I knew there were a lot, but it feels different when it's all in one place. My 'primary' condition is Bipolar II Disorder. I also told them that I'm interested in advocacy. I find that there is too much of a stigma with many of the things I have, and I'd like to change that somehow.:iconeestiplz:I'm not used to being open about it, but I think I should be. At least a bit more. There's a section for putting up your 'treatments' (meds/therapy/etc.), charts, lab and test results, conditions list, 'MyCycle' (for tracking my 'monthly friend'), etc. There's even a thing to track your mood each day. There's an overall weekly questionnaire that's more in depth, measures your symptoms, and gives you more of a picture of how things are going each week. There's a forum section with tons of sub-forums. Some are geared just for Bipolar II people, some for women, some for people who've had clots, etc. They first suggest forums based on what info you've given them, but you can look at the overall list. It looks like a very interesting site. I think I can easily get lost on there. Every time I go on there, I seem to forget about some sort of 'condition' I have. Already have quite a bit down, though.

Oh, in our town we celebrate 4th of July a day early. Kind of funny. I can hear the fireworks going off from downtown. Anyways, happy 3rd of July!:dummy:

A funny Cuticle Tantei Inaba amv:

An awesome Gintama amv, featuring Kintoki vs Gintoki:

Another really cool amv (has various anime in it):

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