Wednesday, July 10, 2013

National Fried Chicken Day!


I love fried chicken! (This was actually a few days ago.) I just try not to have fried things too often. Feels even more special when I allow myself to have it. I like putting a little honey on it. Kind of a Southern thing, I guess. But, makes it awesome!:iconchibihungaryplz:

I'm going to get back into doing my fitness routine. Kind of derailed a bit after that weird week in mid-March with all the medical stuff.:iconwtfromanoplz:Been trying to do it off and on ever since. But, I'm going to give it another go!:la:I lost a lot of weight through my 'routine'. (More than 20 pounds in a few months!:dummy:

I'm also adding 2 more things to it. Doing some jump rope and Pilates. I seem to only be able to do about 5 minutes straight of jump rope.:iconkikuplz:Used to be better at it. Probably will get better with time. Had a hard time with doing the Pilates 'perfectly', but I just need to practice it more. Also, makes me really tired afterwards, but while I'm doing the exercises, I barely notice it. 

Getting back to my 2-mile walks and sit-ups. Decided that I'll do 35 sit-ups twice a day for this week. (So far so good!:iconeestiplz:) Hoping to eventually work my way to more than 65 sit-ups twice a day for a week. That's right about where I stopped before. If I add 5 of them to both times each week like before, it shouldn't take me that long. I followed my way of eating (hate saying 'diet', because you're always on a diet whether good or bad) about the same way I did before March, so not much will change with that. Might be slightly more strict about it. I'm also getting that weird feeling again, occasionally, where I'm sick of eating things. Not a very healthy way of thinking.:iconwtfukplz:

Watched the finale to Tokage. Kind of sad that it was the last episode, but it was a good ending. They caught the real 'Spider', and found out who the spy was. Hence, suspicion is off of Tokage for being a spy. The police commissioner was the real spy. He said he was absolutely terrified of Tokage. Thinking someday he'll figure it all out. It'd be cool if there was a second season, but since they figured out who the Spider and spy were, I don't know where they could go from there.:iconseychelles-plz: 

Also, finished watching the second special of Great Teacher Onizuka 2012. It was a pretty good one. Kind of a more intricate story than usual. I'll watch the 3rd one next time. That one's about the class graduating. 

Played my clarinet on Monday. Haven't done it in a while. Hope to get back to a regular schedule with this as well. Did some more klezmer tunes. Wasn't too bad considering that its been a while. 

Got back into writing the first short story in my nightmare anthology. Close to the end of this one. The others sound like they might be a bit easier to work with. I wanted to do one based on the first recurring nightmare that I can remember. It was twisted, but one of the shortest nightmares I've had. Tough to work a story around it. But, I love challenges when it comes to writing.:iconberwaldplz:I also put it into a first person perspective. I wasn't really used to that.

For my first novel, Alliance, I finally sold a book! Yay!:iconlachoirplz:It hasn't been out for long, and I didn't advertise it much. I put a link to it in my signature on a forum I had just joined, and someone saw it. They immediately bought and downloaded it. I think they were from the forum I was on before it recently shut down. They had 'migrated' to this new forum as well. I don't recognize the username, but I do recognize the avatar and signature. So cool that they bought it! So happy! I told them that they were the first one to buy it, and they said that they felt honored. Up to 16 downloads. (One of someone buying it, the rest got the free sample.) People are still checking it out, apparently. The view count is still kind of high. Hasn't gone back to zero since I've told people at the reunion about it. So, I know they're looking at it at least.:iconswissplz:

Went to Red Lobster Monday night. They were having a special for a 4-course meal at a cheap price. I got some iced tea, a small Caesar salad, small cup of chicken tortilla soup, Cajun chicken linguine, brownie a la mode, and of course some cheddar biscuits (kind of like the bread sticks at Olive Garden, they're complimentary). The salad was pretty good and wasn't drenched with dressing. 

The soup was a bit spicier than they told me it would be.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:I have a weird thing where I can't eat spicy food, because it messes with my gut. Happened after I was hospitalized twice, and they used heavy antibiotics. So, it killed off all the good flora and fauna down there. That usually aids in digestion. It'll never be like it used to be, but it can come close if I'm careful with things. I used to love spicy foods, so it's kind of hard for me.:iconpolandplz:Anyways, it wasn't too bad besides being a bit spicy. It was the only soup from the selection that I thought I could eat, too. I don't eat shellfish or pork products, and all the other soups had those things. Had half of this and the salad, even though they were both small portions. Had half of the biscuits, and put the rest in the bag along with the other stuff.

The Cajun chicken linguine was really good.:iconchibispainplz:Usually when things say 'Cajun' in this area, they're so overpowering with the pepper(?) that you can't taste the actual dish. I don't think that's very authentic.:iconchibiswedenplz:Sure, I know it can have a bold flavor, but you should be able to taste what else is there. This one was really nice and smooth tasting. Had a little 'pow', but I could taste the other stuff. Kind of a bit sweet too. The cheese was a nice touch, as well. Probably ate a little less than half of the linguine. I was already getting really full.

The brownie was really good.:iconfrancisplz:Really hot and soft. Kind of the consistency of what the cake part of a lava cake is like. The ice cream was good too. The brownie was rather small, so I allowed myself to eat all of it. 

Ended up taking a bunch of this stuff home. Made 2 more meals for me. Probably could have made 3 more meals instead, but I had the last bit for a brunch. Thought I could eat the rest of it, if it represented essentially 2 meals anyways. Good stuff. So, I stuck pretty closely to my way of eating. Didn't feel deprived at all. In fact, I felt a lot more comfortable and good.:iconheroamericaplz:And, it's always a nice feeling that you can have the same awesome stuff the next day or a couple of days more.

Went to Starbucks yesterday. Got an iced chai, and a blueberry scone. Both were really good. Ate half the scone, and saved the rest for later. While there, I finished reading The Essential Kabbalah by Daniel Matt. It was pretty good and fascinating.:iconchibiaustriaplz:Didn't really expect to finish it while I was there. The next book will be on American-Jewish folklore. Jewish folklore's usually an interesting topic. Hopefully, it'll be a good one. 

Got another follower on PatientsLikeMe. I'm amazed by this site.:wow:The only downside is that they don't have everything that I've used (treatments and such)/gone through/etc. But, they said they're constantly updating. They do have a lot of stuff though. So far I've only remembered 11 of my 'conditions'. But, there are more. I seem to remember them when I get off the site, though. I didn't think I had that many.:iconhongkongplz:And, in that case, I doubt someone would have exactly the same conditions. Although, people have come close.

2 vids featuring 2 parts of a hilarious and awesome scene from Gintama. Gintoki's voice actor or seiyuu's amazing! One of the best:

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