Wednesday, July 17, 2013

National Gummi Worm Day!


Yay for gummi worms! (This holiday was a couple of days ago.) Used to really love them when I was little. I still kind of like them, just not as much.:iconheroamericaplz:They were created by the German company, Trolli, in 1891. The gummi (also spelled gummy) bear, was invented 60 years before the gummi worm. Gummi means rubber in German. They named this type of candy 'gummi' because of its rubbery texture. 
Started watching Namonaki Doku, or Nameless Poison, yesterday. Very interesting so far. And, the filming feels like movie quality. Somehow a step above the usual. Most of the first episode seemed happy, but sinister at the same time. The sinister part seemed like it was in the background, like you knew something was too good to be true or something wrong was about to happen. Don't really know where they're taking this show especially since most of the synopses I'm finding online are really long, and essentially are saying what happens during the first episode.:iconnataliaplz:I read that it's based off of a mystery novel. The main character, Sugimura Saburo, marries into a wealthy family, but on one condition. That he doesn't get 'ambitious' and works in a dead end job for her father's company. He originally worked for a bookstore called Aozora (or 'Blue Sky'), and now he works in public relations where they also publish a newsletter called Aozora. The couple later has a daughter. 8 years after joining the company, the president of the company's (Sugimura's wife's father) chauffeur is killed by a bicyclist ramming into him. The bicyclist had fled the scene afterwards. The president and Sugimura were both pretty close to him. The chauffeur's two daughters ask Sugimura to help them publish their book on what kind of person he was. And, that maybe the bicyclist will find out, feel guilty, and confess. One of the sisters believes it was murder, and that someone had a vendetta of some sort against her father. He had a shady past, and she's not entirely sure he left it all behind. She was also kidnapped when she was little. Didn't say for how long or by who, but said that person might have something to do with it. 

I might have finished the first story in my nightmare anthology. It was tough, but I think it came out better than I expected.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Managed to play my clarinet on Monday. Hope to get to it more often. Sounded pretty good, though. 

Went to Shabbat services on Saturday. Haven't gone in a long time. Probably since the end of April. My main reason for going was to drop off the books I borrowed from their library. I don't particularly like how early in the morning it is. In fact, we discussed with people afterwards about possibly having it at a later time. Everyone seemed to have a hard time with the time as well. There's a couple of more personal reasons why I don't feel like going to this congregation's services all the time. When I move to Seattle, I'll have a lot more options and they wouldn't have really known me from before. It'd be perfect that way.:iconchibinitalyplz:Plus they seem nicer and/or more inclusive, have bigger congregations, and much more groups/events to go to. More people my age, as well. 

Anyways, it was a nice service this time. Seemed much more emotional and engaging. It also was just before Tisha B'Av, so kind of a prep for it. It's one of the saddest days on the Jewish calendar. Not everyone observes it. It's a fast day, and it's a day we mourn the destruction of the 2 temples. There has also been numerous tragedies that have happened to Jews around this date, and we mourn them as well. This was Monday night until last night. 

Oh, and the high holy days seem to be early this year.:iconusaplz:Only because we use the 'regular' calendar normally. It's on the same dates every year on the Jewish calendar. This time Rosh Hashanah (our New Year) is at the beginning of September. I love that time of year, but it can feel 'heavy'. 

Went to the support group last night. Apparently, someone had broken into the room we use, so it was locked again this time. Had to hold the meeting somewhere else. It was next to the sanctuary at the church, kind of in a lobby area. I felt even more uncomfortable, mainly because of the religious symbols around. I know it's their thing, and it's cool since it's a church. But, still doesn't 'feel' right to me. Great that they let us use a space for meetings, though. I'm not downing that.:icontinoplz:Found a spot where I didn't have to see those symbols, so it was a bit better. It was a good meeting though. Got to know more about some new people, and some events coming up. 

After that, only 3 of us went to Shari's this time. One of the new people, Dad, and I. I got their quiche special. It had tomatoes, spinach, and feta mixed in. Plus, some halved cherry tomatoes, basil, and some parmesan on top. Was really good!:iconfrancisplz:Also, came with a choice of salad or soup, some fruit, and your choice of pie. I got a Caesar salad, the fruit was a watermelon slice and some grapes, and I got their banana creme pie. The salad and pie were pretty good.:iconitalyplz:Pie had actual banana slices in it! Didn't get the fruit until I was done eating. Our waitress had forgotten. She was great besides that. Even had boxed up the fruit for me. I ate half of everything (except the fruit), and had the rest for a brunch today. The fruit was still pretty tasty! The funny thing is this 'deal' was a lot less than their other 'deals'. Plus, it had more food to it. 

Went to Tacoma Pride this past weekend. It always seems like there's not enough 'stuff'. There were booths for organizations that had brochures and free stuff, some merchandise booths, some food booths, live music, and some other things. I got 2 free beaded necklaces. They look like they have mini disco balls on them. They gave me a blue one and a silver one. Also, got quite a lot of free candy. Met some of my dad's friends, too. After going there, we went to Tully's. I got their iced chai. It was good. Played around on Dad's nook while we were there for a bit. 

Then, once it was dinner time, we eventually made our way to a place called 'It's Greek to Me'. One of our fave Greek restaurants. They had moved to a much bigger building across the street from their previous location. I got my usual, gyro with fries on the side. They make some of the best gyros I've had.:iconchibispainplz:Packed full of meat (ground lamb and beef made into strips and grilled), just the right amount of their tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, onions (which is the only thing I don't like, and forgot to tell them) all on a thick pita. Usually too big to pick up without everything going everywhere.:iconseychelles-plz: 
The kanji I studied the last couple of days was: . When pronounced as の.せる (no.seru): to place on (something); to give (someone) a ride, give a lift, pick up, help on board; to send out (on the airwaves, etc.); to deceive, take for a ride; to (sing) along with (musical accompaniment); to let (someone) take part, to excite (someone). As の.り (no.ri): riding, ride; spread (of paints); (suf) (two)-seater; mood (atmosphere). As の.る ( to get on (train, plane, bus, ship, etc.), get in, board, take, embark; to reach, go over, pass; to follow, stay (on track), go with (the times, etc.); to take part, participate, join; to be deceived, be taken in. As じょう (jou): (suf) (nth) power; (counter) counter for vehicles; multiplication. 移乗 or いじょう (ijou): transferring (to another ship, etc.). 騎乗 or きじょう (kijou): mount, on horseback. 下乗 or げじょう (gejou): dismounting. 試乗 or しじょう (shijou): test drive or ride. 搭乗 or とうじょう (toujou): embarkation, boarding (airplane). 同乗 or どうじょう (doujou): riding together, riding with. 分乗 or ぶんじょう (bunjou): riding separately. 乗員 or じょういん (jouin): crew. 乗客 or じょうきゃく (joukyaku): passenger. 乗船 or じょうせん (jousen): embarking, boarding. 乗馬 or じょうば (jouba): horse riding; riding horse, saddle horse. 乗物 or のりもの (norimono): vehicle. Next time I'll be studying 3 more kanji. Mainly because the first 2 don't have any compounds listed, and the 3rd has a bunch of them. So, I'll probably only get to go over a couple of those compounds. 

I've also been doing 40 sit-ups twice a day for this week. Surprised I've stuck to it more strictly than I did last week with the 35 twice a day. Keeping up my way of eating, too. Most days I've been pretty good with getting my 2-mile walks in. If I don't do those, usually it's because I went to an event or something where I walked everywhere anyways. Got another follower on PatientsLikeMe.:dummy:Also, introduced myself in 2 of their forum sections. One in the general one, and the other in the mental health section. Also, posted in a thread about my experience with pulmonary embolisms. Which apparently was helpful to someone. Feels good to help others.:iconthailandplz:Also, was asked to do a 10-minute survey on my sleeping habits. Might get to it later. They said 'just 10-minutes' like it was nothing. To me, that's kind of a long time to do something like that.:iconswissplz:

Sougo, from Gintama, showing his 'sweet' side:

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