Friday, June 22, 2012

Dragon Force


From the 3rd Fairy Tail soundtrack. Really cool Celtic sounding theme song from the anime. (With some rock and techno thrown in.:iconus-xdplz:) Nice battle music too. Just an interesting mix. I really like Fairy Tail's soundtracks. They seem unique compared to a lot of other anime ones. I think the beginning part of this one's interesting.

Watched Zombieland a couple of days ago. It was hilarious!:iconfrancisplz:Kind of felt like an American version of Shaun of the Dead. (Which I loved!) Of course, it did have some unique points. I was curious about it when it came out. And, I thought since it's on TV, why not see what it's like. The rules were funny, zombies seemed a bit smarter than in some movies, the cast was great, etc. Wasn't necessarily scary, but really gory.:iconcreepyamericaplz:There might be a sequel in the works. That'd be awesome!:dummy:

Played my clarinet today. Did some of those difficult 'advanced' solos, some jazz, and some Irish tunes. Quite a mix. Of course, I messed up a little on those hard solos, but most I haven't played in a long time. Did a lot better with the jazz and Irish tunes. Maybe even better than the last time I played them. Felt good, especially after those solos.:iconthailandplz:
Watched Hitman Reborn and I'm starting to like it a little. They introduced Lambo. He's weird. He's another family's hitman, and can transform himself into his future self with a canon. At present, he looks really weird, but apparently in 10 years he looks handsome. (The canon adds 10 years, and apparently at some point he goes in again, bringing his 20 years older self from the future.) He's still a crybaby, though. They also introduced Bianchi. She's Gokudera's sister. She's known as "Poison Scorpion Bianchi" in the mafia. She specializes in poison cooking. Whenever Gokudera sees her, he immediately gets a stomachache. She's in love with Reborn. But, when she sees 'adult' Lambo she mistakes him for her ex, named Romeo, and uses her poison cooking to destroy him. She also tries to kill off Tsuna in order to 'free up' Reborn's schedule. 
In Hetalia, the Netherlands was introduced. He's with Belgium in the pic. I like that they talked a bit more about her too. She refers to him as her big brother. She hates what other countries call 'Belgium waffles', and says people should try the original. They're far better. She's apparently surrounded by strong guys, but is trying her best. The Netherlands seems to be a bit stingy with money. And a little scary at the end, when he brings back a 'real' Santa to Belgium. 

Edited chapter 9 of Alliance. Yesterday someone put chapter 6 that's on deviantART into their 'Epicness' collection. So, not only did they fave and put it into a collection, they essentially called it epic!:iconlachoirplz:Made me happy! I like knowing that people like it. Great confidence booster. 
The kanji for today is: . Or: いけ (ike), (chi). It means pond, cistern, pool, reservoir. I knew about this one too, just didn't practice much with writing the kanji out. 

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