Friday, June 15, 2012

National Fudge Day


This is actually tomorrow. But, why not celebrate it throughout the weekend!:dummy:Fudge is awesome! So many different flavors out there.:iconchibispainplz:

Today's been weird. Things have gotten to me a bit more than usual. I think I'm just stressed. My shoulder pain is increasing much more rapidly than I expected. I almost couldn't stand it last night. It might be because I laundered my bedding for the first time in a long time. That has to do with a lot of arm movement. If that's the case, maybe it won't be too bad later.:iconswissplz:Surprisingly, that IcyHot stuff works wonders! I'm going to try and appeal my health insurance's decision on dropping my coverage, this weekend.:iconhongkongplz:We'll see what happens. 

Rosie woke me up at around 5:30am.:iconromanoplz:I don't know what she wanted. She just kept licking my arms, getting really close to my face, standing on my stomach, sitting in between my legs, and trying to launch herself next to a leg. As far as I know she had plenty of food and water. Maybe she just was unusually playful today. But, it also set the mood for the rest of the day.:iconwtfromanoplz:

I'm starting to like this season of Gokusen, more than I thought I would. The faculty seems better. The guys seem a bit more 'complicated', than the previous ones. 

Hitman Reborn was better this episode too. I'm liking the idea of different bullets having very different effects, and that he made a henchman. Although, his henchman seems to be a little too attached to him now. He uses bombs, and studied in Italy. At first, he thought he'd challenge Tsuna to see if he's the right candidate to be the 10th head of the Vongola family. Eventually, after Tsuna unknowingly proved it, he accepted it. 

Posted another chapter to Alliance on dA. Had a lot of fun with the new character.:iconchibinitalyplz:The next chapter might be more fun to write as a whole. Since it doesn't have as much 'tension'. I think I'll end the first novel soon. Probably not this coming chapter, though. I have a good idea of how I want this one to end. It will be a huge cliffhanger. Hope to get right on top of a second one, as soon as I get this one out. So, people won't be too agonized over it.:iconenglandispervyplz:Again, lots of ideas for after this one ends, as well. 

Played a little of my clarinet. Did some solo tunes. Wasn't too bad today. Hope to get some practicing done this weekend, so I can get even closer (or better) to where I was before. Have to figure out the flyer a bit more, too. Practiced writing out the last 5 kanji again. I have them pretty solid now.:iconeestiplz:So, moving on to reviewing the ones before those, this weekend. 

deviantART fave: The wings of Prussia I did not make this! Another awesome Hetalia fanart. This one depicts the history of Prussia. Very well done, and shows how complicated he is. I like the description in the author's comments. 

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