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By Arashi. This is such a fun, and addicting song.:iconfrancisplz:The music video for it is really interesting. It's one of the few songs I really like by them. (Although, I'm liking their newer stuff more. Maybe they're just getting better?) Most of the time, I like their acting and variety shows more. They always seem to be having so much fun in anything they do. Oddly, the beat reminds me of disco songs.:iconseychelles-plz:It's basically about opening up your mind, and going out and doing things, even if you don't succeed at them. At least you gave it a go. And, you can always try again. Nice message.:iconthailandplz:

So far the 'diet' I set for myself has been great. I tweaked it a little though. I'm still eating half of what I usually would, except I'm eating more fruit and vegetables. Not good to limit my already low intake of them.:iconswissplz:Also, decided to add more water. Lately, since as far back as Mom being at the hospital, I drank less and less water. Not good for me. Need to get back into it. I thought I'd feel like I was starving, but I don't. I feel better this way.:iconeestiplz:Also, managed to get some walking done in the last week or so. Hopefully, I can keep this stuff up. Might be cheaper, and I might lose a lot of weight. 2 birds with one stone, so to speak.:iconchibiamericaplz:

The next step in me becoming a tutor is making a flyer, and sending it to various places. (In the process of making the flyer, hard to decide on how I want it. But, I'll get it done soon!:dummy:) Someone told me my starting rate sounded good. (Although, now I'm thinking of lowering it a little.) She really liked my idea of: if the first session's a half-hour, then it's free. If the first session's an hour, it's half what I would charge normally for an hour. I think it's pretty reasonable for new clients.:iconchibiaustriaplz:She also told me that as I get experience with tutoring, I should raise my rates. I feel nervous about that, because what if it gets to be too much for regular clients? I guess I can work with them individually. She told me she could send a flyer out to her local school's band director. That'd be great! This is sounding better and better!:excited:She also suggested a facebook page for it. Makes sense to me. 

Had a couple of days that seemed like I didn't have time to play my clarinet. Everyday I don't play, seems to take a while to get back to where I was. It doesn't sound as good as when it's everyday. That's the way its been since I got back into it the last couple of days. I make more mistakes, where normally they seem easy and effortless. Of course, it didn't help that I played from one of my hardest books today. Solos for the 'Advanced' Clarinetist. Tough normally.:iconkikuplz:Plus, my hand cramps up more. 

I can tell my next chapter in Alliance is going to be a lot of fun to write.:la:Not that this one hasn't been fun. But, the next chapter probably won't have as much 'tension'. Might do another background story of another character in it. I love doing those and interweaving those elements to later chapters.:iconchibinitalyplz:Makes it interesting. Plus, my story's essentially based on its characters. Almost done with writing/editing the current chapter. Might post it soon.
The last kanji I went over was: . Or: ひる (hiru), ちゅう (chuu). I was familiar with this one too, just didn't practice the kanji for this word enough. It means: daytime, daylight, noon, lunch, midday. I've been writing out the last 5 over and over this week. Doing it until they're more concrete. They were there, but not totally. I was going to practice writing them this passed weekend, but I wasn't feeling very good. At least, not emotionally.:iconlietplz:So, this weekend, I plan to go over the kanji from when I started going over them. And, practicing those again. Next week, I'll continue with the 'new' ones. So, look forward to those at least on Monday!
Started the second season of Gokusen last Friday. I'm not too sure about the new cast members yet. They don't quite seem as good. But, maybe that will change after watching a few episodes. I miss the old guys.:iconhongkongplz:Although, one apparently gets to still have a role, which is Kuma. I like him a lot, so that's nice. It takes place 3 years later than the 1st season. Shirokin Gakuen (Shirokin High School) was shut down, and 6 months later Yankumi was mistakenly asked to teach class 3-D at Kurogin Gakuen. These students seem to be a lot more troubled, and make her previous students look like angels. I was surprised by some of the new actors, because it's a completely different role than what I've seen from them before. Which means they're either going to be really awesome and flexible, or they're not cut out for it. We'll see.
I started reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn (or, Home Tutor Hitman Reborn. Sometimes, referred to as just Reborn) a couple of weeks ago, and started the anime last Friday. It kind of has a weird, and wacky beginning. But, I think it holds a lot of potential. Tsuna seems to always have low test scores, is poor at sports, and has an even lower self esteem. His mother hires a tutor to help Tsuna out. But, it comes as a big surprise to the both of them, when the tutor looks like a baby named Reborn, claiming to be from the mafia. Reborn then informs Tsuna that he is the next (10th generation) heir to the Vongola mafia family, and is there to try to help Tsuna reach the goal. Reborn possesses the Dying Will bullet, which kills a person, and brings them back to life to fulfill the last regret they had. Supposedly, later it helps him get some henchman to make him a true mafia boss-in-training. The anime is a long one, which is 203 episodes. But, the manga is still going. The manga started in 2004. I've heard very little about it, and wondered what it was like. So, why not give it a shot?

Buster Keel still hasn't been updated, so I looked around and saw that there was a new translated volume of Hetalia last Friday. Yay!:iconchibipolandplz:So, I read a little of that. I really missed the manga, but I think I miss the anime even more. Doesn't have the same feel. But, nice to get back to reading it.

I haven't posted for a while, mainly because of me not feeling well emotionally.:iconpolandplz:I was going to post last Friday, but ran out of time. Yesterday was interesting, because even though I was bawling my eyes out and thinking about Mom, it felt good.:iconusaplz:Maybe I really haven't taken the time to just breathe and think about her. I think I've been crying more lately, than I did at the funeral.:iconsadrussia:Maybe I finally feel like I'm in mourning? Not that I wasn't before, I think I was more in just a state of shock. In Judaism, you're technically still in mourning for a year after the death. So, this might ebb in and out a bit. 

What also sent me into some more emotional turmoil, is finding out that I've been kicked off my health insurance. Just when I need it most.:iconwtfukplz:At least, for therapy, psychiatry, and my meds. My shoulder still hurts, too. Only starting to gradually hurt more. Not like the pain before the cortisone shot. But, it might end up like that, if left untreated for too long. I want to be able to cook again! At least help a little with dishes, without being in pain. I've gotten tired of taking things like ibuprofen. The stuff that doctor I saw for my ear gave me, didn't do much.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:Still have a pretty full bottle of that. Anyways, I might be able to be on a temporary thing soon. I don't know.

It's even funnier, when I needed my friends the most, they were all too busy to say or do anything.:iconbraginskiplz:Now, suddenly, they're talking. Weird feeling. Might get to see that friend I knew in high school, that I met in May for the first time since, again in July. That would be awesome.:icondenmarkgrinplz:She was busy moving into her new place, and her sister is getting married. So, it's understandable that she couldn't be reached. She seems to be like one of the few 'real' friends I have now. And, that's really good. 

Another good thing that's coming up, is there's a Hadassah potluck/meeting next week. It'll be great to see everyone. Some I haven't seen since the funeral, some even before that. Haven't had a Hadassah thing in a looong time. It's interesting that Mom was only a life member for a couple of months, and I think we only went to one thing during that time. I'm a life member now too.:iconeduardplz:So, maybe I should wear that spiffy pin that came with it for this meeting. 

I'm hoping, when Dad's off, to get my permit. At least it'll be a step in the right direction. Plenty of people are saying they can help me practice. We'll see how that goes too. Who knows, maybe in the near future I'll be able to drive, be a tutor, and eventually move. Yay!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:

I've decided to join the religious practices committee at our synagogue. Mom was a part of it for 10 years at some point. I can use her notes, and whatever I feel like there. Also, when people heard I was going to be a tutor, they suggested that we should have jam sessions with other members. Sounded so fun. I think we tried to do something similar with a previous cantor, and it fizzled out.:icongermanyplz:I didn't tell them, but I also thought, if we become good enough as a group, maybe we can do fundraisers with it somehow. But it does sound exciting as is.:iconchibihungaryplz:

I'm thinking about posting more pics from my Israel trip. I know it was a while ago, but I never posted them all.:iconwtfromanoplz:People might still like to see them, I think.

I was kind of wanting to go to the cafe I usually do yesterday. I called for the ride I usually do, and didn't get a response. So, I thought either something came up, or she was on her way to get me. But, she didn't show up. Which was ok. Because, I think I needed that time to bawl my eyes out and think about Mom.:iconheroamericaplz:Even made a better mocha, than they would make. Did the stuff I normally would, downstairs. Anyways, I found out today, that the reason they didn't respond, was because one of the people that likes to go with us just had an operation. She was still recovering, but thought she'd be able to play with the Mahj group still. Ended up being too much for her. So long story short, they couldn't really be there. Would've been sad without them, too. 

deviantART faves: Hufflebadger don't care! StupidFox- 68 HETALIA- HK I did not make these! First, a hilarious T-shirt print, by another artist I watch. Second, another funny installment of StupidFox. Third, an awesome drawing of Hong Kong from Hetalia.

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