Monday, December 12, 2011

National Cocoa Day!


Yay for hot chocolate!:iconhotchocoplz:I love that stuff!:iconitalyplz:We still have some, plus little marshmallows, so maybe I'll have some later. Yesterday was International Mountain Day. Mountains are cool to look at, hike, camp at, etc. So, it's good to have a day devoted to them.:iconchibisitalyplz:

It's gotten much colder.:iconcoldrussiaplz:There's a possibility of some snow later this week. I hope it doesn't. Too much of a headache.:iconwtfukplz:Wow! I have 16 followers now!:iconlachoirplz:Didn't expect anyone to, so that was nice. 

Finished watching the anime, Ikoku Meiro no Croisee. It was a really sweet and cute series, with a tinge of sadness. Characters were very well developed, and the scenes of 19th century Paris were awesome. Also found out that they worked with people from France for the project. And, that the French are hoping to make a second season with the Japanese staff soon. Not sure if it'll happen, but they're asking for one. Kind of cool! I would so watch another season of this!:icondenmarkgrinplz:

Dropped Kaze no Stigma or Stigma of the Wind. I could not get into it.:icongermanyplz:Characters had no real depth to them, got a bit boring, and it's a bit more ecchi than I'd like. (Skirts were unbelievably short. Frankly, the less ecchi-ness the better for me.:iconkikuplz:

So, I'm thinking of watching the Ao no Exorcist specials on Fridays until the new anime season. I've been wanting to watch them for a while now.:iconus-xdplz:I love this show! Plus, the anime ended kind of abruptly. When the next anime season starts, I'm thinking of watching Another and Kill Me Baby. One looks like a good mystery/horror anime, the other a good comedy. (Genres I really love.:love:) Let's hope they don't blow it. Didn't see anything else that appealed to me. Kind of slim pickings, but this season I only liked Phi Brain. When that ends, I'll go down my list of other older anime.:iconheroamericaplz:

Watched Inglorious Bastards. What a crazy movie!:iconseychelles-plz:It was very brutal/graphic, but I oddly liked it. Weird ending. But, I guess they did wrap up everything. Felt funny after watching it.:iconswissplz:

Went to Himalayan Chutney Saturday night. Apparently, they're revamping their menu soon. I had one that had a page missing. Got my fave, which is Chicken Tikka Masala. They do the sauce awesomely every time.:iconchibispainplz:The chicken was a bit drier and bigger chunks than normal, but not bad. Their chai was good this time too. We ordered a garlic naan to go with it. A bit greasier than I expected, but good. 

Found a lot of songs this time. I wanted the Beatles songs we have on tapes, so I looked online for some. (Don't have something to convert it to CD.) I have more ideas for finding more music now.:iconchibiswedenplz:

Been able to play my clarinet everyday since Wednesday. Yay!:dummy:I usually don't do it during the weekend, but it felt really good. Getting in touch with my 'voice' again. Starting to feel comfortable enough to make it 'wail' or 'cry'.:iconthailandplz:

Put up a ton of Hanukkah decorations on Friday. Haven't had the dreidel lights up in a looong time.:iconchibipolandplz:But, they make it festive, and the holiday's referred to as the festival of lights. Also put up a ton of wall clings. Put up an old 'Happy Hanukkah' banner, and some hanging dreidels with stars in them. For a while, I've wanted to put up a hanging decoration thing that I used to do at the dorms.:la:Just didn't know where to put it. It's 12 ft long. It's like a long ceiling banner with streams of dreidels/stars coming down. It's fun. Well, we found a spot.:iconchibiamericaplz:In between my room and my mom's office, just over the top of the stairs. Tacked up a few times in the middle to the ceiling, since there's definitely less than 12 feet in between. Dad said it's like walking through a forest.:iconusaplz:Also, found in old tissue paper dreidel centerpiece for the kitchen table. So, yay! It feels like Hanukkah's actually coming. It starts the night of the 20th. So just in time.:iconchibihungaryplz:

Still keeping up with my little Shabbat services on Saturday mornings. I feel like at least I'm doing something for it. Rosie still tries to chew on my tzitzit.:icontinoplz:The portion was about Jacob wrestling with an angel, changing his name to Israel, meeting his brother Esau who warmly greeted him, etc. Interesting. 

Found a Japanese recipe that I started to translate. It's for Potato Mochi. Sounds good so far. Also found a lot of good looking Finnish recipes online. Here's a few of them: borsch soup, salmon soup, date cake. Actually ran out of time, so there's a lot more out there than what I found. Next time I'll look at Lebanese recipes. 

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