Thursday, December 22, 2011

2nd Day of Hanukkah!


Yay! It's here!:la:The first night I made some latkes, and a broccoli and cheddar scramble (for protein and a vegetable). The latkes were from a 'Homestyle' mix. Really thick batter, and fell apart easily. But, good nonetheless. (Especially, with some applesauce.) They tasted more 'real', than the batch I made last year.:iconchibispainplz:Which was just a normal mix. 

We also lit the candles both nights. They're really pretty when the whole thing's lit, too. Last night, we didn't have latkes. But, I got a present!:dummy:Some Pigma Sensei pens (different sizes), a special pencil, and an eraser together as a set. Great for manga-style drawings. Really awesome!:iconfrancisplz:I'm really happy about it! It even comes with suggestions on what each pen is used for in your drawing. Kind of nice. 

We decided that all 3 of us are going to the Hanukkah party on Saturday. They're ordering lots of Chinese food, and people are bringing latkes and sides. Supposedly, there's going to be a movie, too. Don't know what it is.:iconkikuplz:Sounds more fun than the one at our regular synagogue, though. They'll also have a Havdalah thing before we light the candles.
On Tuesday, I started another drama called Boku to Star no 99 Nichi or My 99 Days With a Star. It's pretty funny. Interesting that they have a couple of actual Korean actors in this one. A top Korean actress, Han Yoo-Na, falls in love with a quiet man named Kohei Namiki. He's hired to be her bodyguard while she works on a movie in Japan, since he has no interest in her whatsoever at first. Everyone else is a crazy fan. He's asked to be her bodyguard for 99 days. I like how they show the cultural differences, and that the actress thinks she can get away with things, thinking he can't understand her. The stars Kohei is more interested in, are the ones up in space. He's hoping to become an astronomer one day. This also has a couple of actors that I like from other shows. That's a plus.:iconchibinitalyplz:

I've kept up with playing my clarinet everyday. It's getting even more fun.:iconchibihungaryplz:I'm sounding better every time. Rosie's acting like it's a free concert and lovin' it. Parents are enjoying it, too. Only encourages me to keep it up.:iconchibiamericaplz: 

Gintama was too funny!:rofl:I couldn't stop laughing through the entire episode. One of their best episodes! In Fairy Tail, Natsu, Wendy, Happy, and Carla find out that they're with Edola's (a parallel world's) version of the guild. Erza's a 'Fairy Hunter', and has a different last name. She's ordered to 'hunt down' guilds. Their Fairy Tail seems to be terrified of Happy and Carla. 

Finished correcting the first conversation in Japanese I wrote out on Japanese paper. I decided on writing a Hanukkah-themed short story during the holiday.:iconchibicanadaplz:From a memory and perspective of Shadow. (My main character in Alliance.) It'd be fun to write something a little 'different' and short. 

Read through some articles in You Maga at the cafe yesterday. Nothing really interesting in them. Also, got a mocha with whipped cream while we were there. So good!:iconitalyplz:One of the players at Mom's mahj thing there, gave everyone a box of chocolate truffles. Really sweet of him. The cafe was really packed this time, too. 

Finished transposing another Irish tune. Almost transposed 20 tunes! Yay!:iconchibipolandplz:Read more of Timeline. Getting into really graphic parts now. Still, so close to finishing...:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:

deviantART faves: Night Descents Enro You Spin Me Round I did not make these! First, a cool drawing by an artist I watch. Second, a drawing of an oc, also by an artist I watch. Third, a cute drawing of a dreidel spinning. 

2 fun Hanukkah music videos:

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