Friday, December 16, 2011

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day 2011!


Yay for chocolate!:dummy:To me, chocolate goes with almost anything. So, it's fitting to have a day for it. I remember reading a while ago about a restaurant that only serves chocolate-centered dishes. All the meals were with chocolate. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. I think that's awesome!:iconeestiplz:I'm not sure if that restaurant's still in existence, but it was popular. Things have been a bit crazy, so I haven't been able to post for a while.:iconwtfukplz:
Worked on writing a conversation to myself on Japanese paper. Also, went over a kanji that's been repeating a lot in the article I'm writing out. Thought it'd be good to go over those. I've just started reviewing again how to write them, pronunciations, meanings, etc.:iconchibicanadaplz:This time it was:  which could be pronounced san, ubu, umareru, umu, musu. Usually, it's san though. It can mean childbirth, to give birth, native, produces, production, yield, assets, naive, or inexperienced. Just depends on how you say it and what context it's in. I'm also making a sentence with each kanji, just to practice it. This really helps me remember it.:iconfrancisplz:Also, read some of You Maga's December issue. And, worked on the article I'm writing out. Yesterday, I finished translating a recipe for Jagaimo Mochi or Potato Mochi. (Only took me about 45 minutes to translate! Wahoo!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:) Essentially a Japanese version of latkes. Funny, because I didn't really expect it to sound so similar.:iconheroamericaplz:Interesting, they say to season it with mirin and soy sauce. For latkes, we have applesauce and/or sour cream with them. Wonder what it would taste like the other way...:iconchibiaustriaplz:

Finished watching Iryu Sousa last Friday. It was a pretty good series. Not outstanding, but good. Also, finished watching Yukan Club. That was a hilarious and touching series. Left me with a warm fuzzy feeling after.:iconcuteamericaplz:I think it's one of my fave comedies now. Doubt it'd happen, but it'd be interesting to see a second season if they ever made one. Also, got a new watcher on deviantART! Yay!:iconchibihungaryplz:

Worked on the Hetalia Heritage meme. Mainly wrote out labels for the countries. Felt that it'd take too much time to paste flags on there.:iconhongkongplz:Also, edited some areas that were fading/needed erasing/etc. Next time I think I'll finally be ready to scan and edit it in Photoshop. Had an idea for a Hanukkah-themed drawing. It'd feature my main character from Alliance, Shadow. He'll be a little kid looking in awe at the lit menorah. There'll be dreidels and a pile of gelt off to the side. Menorah, dreidels, and stuff will be on top of a piano. Similar to what we normally do with just the menorahs at home. It'd be like looking through a window at it. Cool, if I ever get to it and finish before the holiday ends.:iconkikuplz:

Still been able to play my clarinet every day. It's been awesome!:iconchibispainplz:I can tell I'm getting much better. Also, finished transposing a long Irish tune. Almost done with reading Timeline. I want to finish it quickly so I can get to the next book on my list.:iconseychelles-plz:Maybe I'll do that this weekend. Didn't find any Lebanese recipes yesterday. But, I know they have amazing food! So, why isn't it online?:iconswissplz:Next time I'll look for more Cambodian recipes. 

Went to a Yiddish songs concert yesterday. It was cool, but really short. Yiddish has always fascinated me.:iconthailandplz:It feels 'familiar' or 'homey' to me, I guess. Some of my ancestors spoke it, so maybe that's why? My grandma's parents were always speaking it. So, she knows a lot too. There was some Hanukkah cookies there. They were pretty good. The congregation's annual Hanukkah party's coming up soon. If we go, sounds like it'd be a lot of fun. 

deviantART faves: second Gelt Moon Buns Game Girl .Under water. Hetalia drinks I didn't make these! First, an amazing pic of a cat. Second, cute crocheted bunnies coming out of a bag of gelt. Cool to find a Hanukkah themed thing. Third, an amazing drawing by an artist I watch. Fourth, Hetalia characters in their countries' most popular drinks. Kind of like those cup collab things I saw and linked to a while back. Just realized, all the characters are naked though. Nothing's showing (except for a little butt), just kind of weird. I guess if they didn't want their clothes wet...

Hilarious beagle with a leaf blower:

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