Friday, September 9, 2011

Kakko Warui I Love You!


By French Kiss. Kakko Warui means uncool. So: An Uncool 'I Love You'. This was also Sket Dance's first opening theme song. Fits the anime pretty well.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Kind of a fun song. Here's the full song:

Yay for it still being nice and warm!:dummy:Blew the shofar again. I managed to get everything I needed done yesterday. It's been a while since I've done that.:icontinoplz:Wrote some more of chapter 14. Then, started that writing vampire meme. Started drawing out the Hetalia heritage meme. Worked on my character and building descriptions. And, drew more of Zero's face. I finally figured out a better design for his hair.:iconfrancisplz:I wasn't really planning it to go this way, but it seems a little bird-like. That fits him even more, since he is a Phoenix. 

Cooked the frozen fish sticks, and made a large salad last night. It had lettuce, baby cherry tomatoes, garbanzo beans, olives, green pepper, carrots, broccoli, and snap peas. Really good stuff!:iconitalyplz:I think we're having ravioli and some sauce from a jar tonight. A nice Shabbat dinner.:iconchibinitalyplz:Not sure what we'll have for dessert. 

Watched the Zettai Kareshi special. Wasn't as good as I had hoped.:iconwtfromanoplz:They brought him back to life, only to destroy him later. Riiko was engaged to Soshi when they returned to Japan. So, it made things really awkward when he came back. Plus, he came back without any memories of Riiko. From square one. He was jealous of Soshi, and had forgotten entirely about the vow he made with him. Later, he gets all his memories back, and feels guilty about putting Soshi in that situation. And, realizing he couldn't raise a family and grow old with her, he begs them to destroy him. Hey, couldn't they adopt or something? And with the getting old part, once their partner died, they can be destroyed. Wouldn't that be better, than just destroying yourself? But, I was also pulling for Soshi. Riiko and Soshi are perfect for each other. Anyways, it was kind of an unsatisfying ending.:iconromanoplz:

Looked for a new anime for my Friday slot. Watched the 1st episode of Nekogami Yaoyorozu, aka Cat God. Seemed way too childish. Interesting story, but not very well done. I'll try a different anime next week or during the weekend. 

Played some more Irish tunes, and some Mozart pieces. The weather, I think, is getting to my reed. It seemed more drier and squeakier than normal. I didn't really squeak, but I could definitely feel it in the back of throat. I can maneuver it a bit so it doesn't squeak when I get that feeling. But, it was weird. Some pieces I was perfect with this time.:iconchibihungaryplz:

Mom just gave me a free High Holy Day album through Jewniverse. It's a new Craig Taubman CD. So far, some are cool, and some I don't really care for. But, it's awesome that it was free.:la:I still haven't gone through my old Jewish music, and put it to my mp3 player. Some of those songs are really nice. I'll have to go through those soon.:iconkikuplz:

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