Friday, September 23, 2011

First Day of Fall!


Yay! I like fall.:iconchibinitalyplz:It's cool and crisp outside. Leaves turn beautiful colors. Everything just has a different 'feel' to it. It doesn't feel like fall. Although, it's kind of nice. Our weather hasn't felt very 'normal' lately anyways.:iconwtfromanoplz:It's currently 78 degrees. Feels more like summer.:iconkikuplz:

I haven't posted in a while, because I was sick.:iconsickplz:Head felt like it was detached and spinning. Felt like throwing up most of the time. Back ached too. Wahoo!:iconlietplz:Didn't have much energy to do a lot of stuff. But, now I'm feeling much better!:iconchibipolandplz:I've been much more on top of things. And, haven't felt like fainting or throwing up.:iconromanotwitchplz:

Mom just got a rollator. I think it looks cool.:iconthailandplz:Has a seat, compartment to put things in, can transform from being a 'walker' to a wheelchair, has adjustable handles, brakes, etc. Maybe she'll be able to go to more things this way.:eager:Won't have to worry about if there will be any wheelchairs at something. 

Finished Gosick. It was an ok anime. Not the best, but ok.:iconchibicanadaplz:Really liked the ending! Victorique's father's murdered by her mother. Her mother dies in the fire they set to the stage. One of the magician twins died in the fire as well. (The one who was more kind and kept a cool head.) The more violent brother tries to kill Victorique even though he swore to her mother that he'd save her. Eventually, he ends up saving her. After he dies on the ship that he managed to smuggle her on, the shock sets in and her hair turns grey. Interesting way to show her shock and her change in behavior. Meanwhile, Kujo was forced back to Japan, and ended up fighting in the war. At the end of the war, they manage to find each other. Victorique had traveled all the way to Japan on her own, and found the address where his family lived from one of his letters to her. They couldn't really understand each other, but they knew who she was. When he returned from the war, she was there to greet him. They eventually got married. Very nice.:iconhappychinaplz:

Just dropped Gate 7. Just can't get into it.:iconromanoplz:Kind of boring honestly. Might be done with the writing part of chapter 14. Next is more editing. Worked more on the article in You Maga on cherries that I'm writing out. Worked on the Hetalia heritage meme. Figured out what I'll put on Belarus. I didn't realize their national food was latkes! Crazy!:dummy:But, I'm thinking of using their national flower, which is flax. We'll see how the others turn out. 

Played more of my clarinet. Did some of my new jazz book and klezmer tunes. Actually played better than I thought I would today. Got into it more.
Started watching Iryu Sousa today. It's really good so far. Another great looking detective series. This one's about the lead investigator of the Metropolitan Police Department First Investigation Division Scientific Criminal Unit (quite a mouthful), Satoshi Itomura. His team's job is to handle and gather evidence to prosecute criminals. Itomura is a bit different, not only does he gather lost articles of criminals, he brings attention to 'damaged goods' left behind by the victims. In this first episode, a pianist is murdered while he's playing. The key items Itomura focuses on is a toy piano and a recorder. The toy piano was given to him by his mother, and he clung to it while he was in an orphanage. It's what kept him going. He kept it later as a keepsake, and to remind him not to become like his violent abusive father. The recorder had recorded his death. But, the killer tried to record over it. It was very interesting how it came together in the end. 

Beelzebub was pretty funny. Although, its charm is starting wear off already.:iconusaplz:It seemed 'lacking' in this last episode. I'll give it a little more of a chance. The baby's still naked, and the artist clearly defined his downstairs, if you know what I mean.:iconwtfukplz:Kind of distracting. The crying all the time's a bit annoying too. The school seems a bit weird. I know it's for delinquents, but it's strange. But, we'll see how the next episode is. 

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