Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bouree in E Minor


By Johann Sebastian Bach. One of the first classical pieces I'll share. Still feel new to actually sitting down and enjoying classical music. I've played it, and have taken a couple of classes on it, but it's not the same. This one's really popular. It's the 5th movement from the Suite in E Minor for Lute. One of the most famous pieces among guitarists. Bouree was a type of dance that began in France. Jethro Tull did a version of this piece in one of their songs. Paul McCartney was inspired by it for a couple of Beatles' songs. Tenacious D even played it during a couple of their songs. This is nice and calming to me.:iconchibiaustriaplz: 

It's been really nice and warm most of this week. Like we really are getting a late burst of summer.:iconheroamericaplz:It's ranging in the mid 80s. Supposedly, it might reach 91 on Sunday. That's a bit too warm.:iconwtfukplz:

Forgot to mention, last Friday I got the newest edition of the North American Post. It's a newspaper that has Japanese-American centered news. First half being in English, and second being in Japanese. 

Anyways, they advertised an Aki Matsuri or Fall Festival that's going to happen this weekend. It sounds so awesome!:iconfrancisplz:I'm thinking of going on Sunday, since most of the stuff I want to see will be happening that day. If I could, I'd love to see everything. But, that's impossible.:iconsleepygreeceplz:I'm a bit nervous about going when it might be so hot, but looking at the map they had, it looks like most of it will be inside.:iconchibinitalyplz:Plus, since it's a college, they'll probably have air conditioning. The only thing that's outside is the food booths. I guess if we were quick and wanted to try something, it'll be ok. Even the flea market's inside. They're going to have a koto ensemble, Japanese folk songs, a yukata show, Taiko groups (lots of them), Tea ceremony demos, Ikebana demos, some Jpop performances, martial arts demos, tons of exhibit booths, workshops on bonsai, lectures, a movie, and more. Sounds like my kind of thing.:iconlachoirplz:Dad sounds a bit excited about it too. Mom might not be able to handle going there. So, I guess it'll just be the 2 of us. That's ok, we can see a ton of stuff, so it doesn't matter. Admission and parking's free! So, yay! Can't wait!:la:

Went to a Hadassah meeting Tuesday night. I actually made something for the potluck!:iconchibipolandplz:It was a corn pudding. It had macaroni, velveeta, 2 kinds of canned corn, some grated onion, and butter. Turned out really tasty!:iconchibispainplz:The people who could have it, said they loved it.:blush:

They complimented me a lot on other things, too. Felt nice, but a bit weird to me.:iconseychelles-plz:Not used to it. I had my hair to one side, and people liked the way it looked. They also said I looked like I lost weight since the last time they saw me. They were interested in my novel. Things like that. This meeting was all about the mahj tournament coming up on the 18th. Ironing out a few more details. Then, after the meeting everybody but me and one other person played mahj. Seems like all they do is mahj lately.I know it's a good fundraiser, but I don't want it to 'define' our group. Hopefully, it'll die down after the tournament. We do have other interesting events coming up soon, so we'll see.:iconthailandplz:

Went with Mom to the cafe where she plays mahj on Wednesdays. I seem to get quite a lot done while she plays. This time, I got an English toffee apple Italian soda. It was a really good combo, but the barista added way too much syrup. It was incredibly strong. I love when it's strong, but it was overkill.:iconromanoplz:I had to ask for more seltzer water. Transposed an entire Irish tune while I was there. And, wrote down a list of cheese/egg and side dishes. To help with my list of recipes that I'm organizing in Word. 

Also, planned out the Hetalia heritage meme. Decided I'll make them all mochis, and add some sort of symbolic thing tacked to their side. Like a thistle for Scotland, shamrock for Ireland, etc. Big ones will be countries where a large percentage of my family is from. Small mochis for lower percentages. And, they'll all flow into a big America mochi, and then I'll be at the bottom.:icondenmarkplz:Maybe I'll put a little clarinet with some music notes stuck to my side. I think it'll turn out cute, and will be somewhat simple. Interesting to make. Trust me, I will get to actually doing it soon.:icongermanyplz:Thinking of starting that writing meme soon, too.
Started Kokosei Restaurant yesterday. (Kokosei means high school.) It's been interesting so far. Muraki Shingo has top notch skills as a chef, but is a novice at being a culinary arts teacher. A former chef, Muraki has turned around to become a temporary teaching staff at a local high school. In order to open a high school restaurant. In this first episode, he walks into their kitchen, and right away tells them to clean everything. They were in the middle of making something big to welcome him. But, it was incredibly dirty, and he said one of the keys to being a great cook is to learn how to clean the kitchen. He's incredibly hard on them, but so far they're learning a lot through it. One student is trying to cook with his right hand, even though he's left handed. Muraki had told him to practice it because it will make working in the kitchen easier. He later tells him he was left handed too. Now, he's ambidextrous, and encourages him to become the same. Muraki doesn't talk much, but he gets his point across. He seems to be a really good actor, just with his facial expressions for the character. It also stars one of the actresses, named Kawashima Umika, that was in Bloody Monday and had a guest appearance in Kiina. She was pretty good in both, so hopefully she will be in this. 

QED had kind of an interesting episode. About a mathematician, who became a pirate. He ends up stealing a safe. But, the person he stole it from knew he would. They've known each other for long time. And, he loves her. But, doesn't know how to show it. The only thing that was in the safe was an elephant. There's a reason behind it, so it was a more sentimental 'treasure' for him. He wasn't really a criminal, so it was interesting to throw his story in.

Naruto Shippuden had one of the lamest stories its had in a long time.:iconkikuplz:It was about Guy and Rock Lee's 'visual training'. The story didn't progress, and it was kind of pointless. I like when it's an interesting side story. There was nothing there, to me. Hopefully, next week they'll do better.

Finally got to playing my clarinet again.:dummy:Went over the Irish tunes I transposed. The notes are correct, it just feels like I have to think different for it. For one, there are more sharps in all of those pieces. Another, I'm used to playing them in the other key. They end up being in a higher register. It'll take some practice, but I think I can do it eventually.:iconhongkongplz:Played some of the other Irish tunes as well. Started with playing some Klezmer tunes. I think I'm actually getting better. With all these things. I'm noticing that I'm paying more attention to the notes, I'm not as sloppy, etc. It's nice.
In Ao no Exorcist, it was pretty much similar to the anime when they're attacked by ghouls just after Yukio leaves them for 3 hours during their 'punishment'. Kamiki was acting strange all day, because her friend said she'll quit studying to become an exorcist. She gets in a really heated fight with Bon.  For their punishment, everyone in the class has to put Baryons on their laps. Baryons are a type of demon that possesses rocks. The longer you hold it, the heavier it becomes. They're forced to do training camp as well. This is to increase their abilities and to deepen their relationships. The ghouls were just part of a test, and they all passed. 

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