Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kimi wa Dare wo Mamotte Iru (Original Mix)


Or: Who Are You Protecting. This is from the first Rurouni Kenshin OST. There are 5 different versions of this track. There's the original, a strings version, acoustic version, electric guitar version, and a 'hard' version on the 2nd OST. Very interesting. This is one of Kenshin's themes, and with whatever version, it really fits him well. The strings one is a bit more calming and grand sounding. But, thought I should share the original if I'm thinking of sharing the string one in the future...:iconsleepygreeceplz:The flute and electric guitar is an interesting mix, though. The music as a whole for the anime is pretty cool and interesting. Liking the series so far, too.:iconchibinitalyplz:

Wrote more of the 9th short story to my nightmare anthology. Like the others, it's going in a direction I didn't expect to go.:iconseychelles-plz:But, I think that's what makes it interesting. Also came up with a possible title for the name of the anthology. It might be Sleep Well: An Anthology of Nightmares. Still not sure, though.:iconpolandplz:I want to keep it short and simple. It certainly covers that. I'm starting to like it more as I think about it, too. 

Drew more of my characters' outfits and accessories/extras, from my first novel, Alliance. I've gone through 10 of them so far. (I think I have 8 more written down with their info, but 2 more that I didn't add to my list. They were late additions, but seem to have become pretty important towards the end of the story.:iconheroamericaplz:I'll probably draw their stuff, too.) It's been fun figuring out their clothing designs. The extras are things like horns, tails, special hair (for example, one has feathery like hair, another has skinny strands of snakes for hair), etc. Seeing these things drawn out feels like they're coming to life. Which is a very nice feeling.:iconthailandplz:It'll feel even more so when I color them.:la: 

Edited more of Junko from the exaggeration meme. Almost done with editing the first part. Each 'part' has 3 drawings. That's pretty good. 

Drew out Doina's head (or bust, I guess I should say...But, it sounds funny while bringing up a female character:iconhanatamagoplz:), as well. This is apart of another project that I kind of forgot about for a while. It's drawing out all my characters' heads from Alliance. Just to see how they look on paper, and to improve on their design as I go. Doina's one of my fave characters, so it was kind of fun. It'll be fun to draw out her clothes and accessories, as well.:iconyayhanatamagoplz: 
Studied the kanji: , , . If is pronounced as よし (yoshi): reason, significance, cause; piece of information that one has heard, I heard that..., it is said that... If pronounced as 由る or よる (yoru): (usually written in kana, not kanji) to be due to, be caused by; to depend on, turn on; to be based on, come from. It might also be pronounced as (yu), ゆい (yui), or ゆう (yuu) in compounds. 自由 or じゆう (jiyuu): freedom, liberty, as it pleases you. can be pronounced as あぶら (abura), (yu), or ゆう (yuu). It means: oil, fat. If is pronounced as (u): [Buddhism] bhava (becoming, existence). As ゆう (yuu): existence; (pref) possession, having. As 有る or ある (aru): (usually written in kana, and not kanji) to be (usually of inanimate objects. For animate objects, it'd be いる or iru), exist, live; to have; to be located; to be equipped with; to happen, come about. 有余 or ゆうよ (yuuyo): more than. 有意 or ゆうい (yuui): significance. 有為 or ゆうい (yuui): capable, able, talented, promising. 有識 or ゆうしき (yuushiki): well-informed, learned. 有益 or ゆうえき (yuueki): beneficial, profitable. 有功 or ゆうこう (yuukou): merit. 有徳 or うとく (utoku): virtuous, rich. 有耶無耶 or うやむや (uyamuya): (usually written in kana, and not the kanji) indefinite, hazy, vague, unsettled, undecided. This one's very common, and I've gone over it before. Just not as in depth. It was good to go over it this way. I think I only went over the ある (aru) part before. So, it helped. Next time I'll be going over more of its compounds.

Finished watching Atami no Sousakan, or Atami Investigators. The last few minutes were really crazy.:iconwtfukplz:Left more questions than answers. There are a lot of speculations as to the meaning of it online as well. They finally found the girls who seemed to be barely alive, and took the doctor that was experimenting on them to a private hospital (he had been shot by one of the investigators). Apparently, there was a scene towards the end with the doctor getting out of his hospital bed that looked like it was in some sort of an apartment, and a dead nurse at his feet. If that wasn't enough, we don't really know if the girls are alive or not. One of the girls that came back on her own at the beginning, who acted like she couldn't remember anything, was also behind it all. She's the doctor's daughter. She seemed to be a bit tormented by it most of the time. (Although we thought it was about the amnesia.) The last few scenes she's on a bus with the bus driver who is supposed to be dead, at the wheel. One of the investigators gets on the bus. The girl asks do you know where we're going, and he nods, then whispers where he thinks they are going. The machine that he usually uses to answer his questions, that the girl stole and is holding, signals that he's right. He looks surprised, but amused. The next thing you know they're going into a tunnel with a light at the end that gets brighter. The brightness increases, he smiles, and then it whites out. Don't know what he whispered. And, don't know if they died or something. One of the last lines the other investigator said was: "Don't leave me here!" We don't even know if the whole town was dead from the start, or if it's some weird halfway place. This left more questions than the Interviewer did. Which was another one of Satoshi's dramas. He's a genius when it comes to comedy and mystery.:iconchibihungaryplz:Usually pretty dark stuff, though. The characters are usually all eccentric, but likable. This one had Erik Satie's Gnossienne no. 1, playing throughout in the background. It had many different versions of that same piece. They even mentioned and featured it in the drama. The doctor played it on a record player while the girls were in some sort of coma. The diner always played it on the jukebox. I like the piece, so it was nice to hear. (The different versions of it were interesting, too.) But, it really got stuck in my head every time they played it. It fit very well, though.

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