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From the Liar Game soundtrack. The Jdrama was great, but the music may have been even better. This was when either they didn't know the result of a game, or they were double crossed, or realized they couldn't beat the other players. Just when things got out of hand. One of the best tracks, too. I love the layering of all the parts of it.

I was referred to a gynecologist to talk about putting me under to have my new IUD inserted. I called her assistant last week. Didn't get a word from her. So, I called her again today. I have to have it done soon or I might start hemorrhaging again.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I don't want to do that for 8 months straight again. In the message I tried to convey how serious this would be for me. Hopefully she'll understand and will get back to me soon. Otherwise, I'll ask for another referral...:icongermanyplz:Since she didn't call back today, they say they're off on Fridays. So, I'll have to wait until Monday to see if she calls me back. It makes me a bit nervous.:iconraivisplz:The receptionist at their women's clinic told me that I have to talk to the doc's assistant in order to get an appointment since it's a referral. Puts me in a weird spot.
Started watching the new Jdrama: Alice no Toge. Or, Alice's Thorn. So far, the first episode was really good. The main character is played by one of my fave actresses, Juri Ueno. She's awesome.:iconfrancisplz:She's extremely versatile with her roles. I think she became really popular through her role as Noda or Nodame in Nodame Cantabile. This is a totally different character. Pretty cool to see. (There are several of my other fave actors in it, as well.) It's about Asumi Mizuno's revenge on the doctors that killed her father. Their 'punishments' so far have been based on what happens to some Alice in Wonderland characters. Her father gave her an English version of the book for her birthday shortly before he died. He said he wanted her to be as strong and resilient as Alice was. During the 15 years after her father died, she became a doctor. Mainly so she could help others who were wronged by corrupt doctors, and to shed light on their mistakes. Her main objective during that time was plotting her revenge. (She just started working at this hospital, which makes carrying out her revenge much easier.) So far, she hasn't killed anyone, although I kept thinking she would. The first 'punishment' was based on what happened to Humpty Dumpty in the story. The second one I think was based on the Red Queen. Humpty Dumpty was the head of the nurses. After punishing him, he was forced to help her with anything she wanted. The Red Queen was a doctor who worked in the gastroenterology department, along with Asumi. She only thought of patients as lab rats for her to experiment on, not necessarily to save. She even said you can't be called a doctor unless you've killed at least 3 people on the table. (She killed many more than that.) In the end she swore that she'd never work as a doctor again. Before letting her go, Asumi tattooed the name of her father to the doctor's belly so she'd never forget that he had a name. And, wasn't some number or rat. She's rather elaborate with her revenge so far.:iconchibiswedenplz:She has a huge wall filled with pics of people who may be involved with her father's death. Should be interesting to see how this unfolds.

Naruto Shippuden still is on that Kakashi arc special. It's been a while since they've actually gotten back to the story.:iconwtfukplz:I've decided not to watch it until they do. I don't need to see Kakashi's past rehashed a million different ways. They say they won't go back to the actual story for another couple of weeks. This is the longest special I've heard about, really.:iconkikuplz:They actually say that it's a special and 'filler'...I don't even think they're trying anymore. Which is sad, because it's really good when it's not a filler. They probably just don't want to end it, and are milking it for all it's worth. 
In Hitman Reborn, Ganma tried to torture Gokudera in order to get info on Tsuna. He didn't know about them traveling to the future, their past selves replacing the future ones, and in Ganma's present Tsuna (who becomes the 10th Vongola boss) and Reborn are dead. At least, that's what people have reported. The Millefiore are trying to eliminate the Vongola family in their 'time'. This is 10 years into the future. Hibari, who's in the pic shows up and overwhelms Ganma. They bring Gokudera and Yamamoto back to the base through Hibari's entrance to it. He has his own section, and since he hates crowds, he normally only allows a certain amount of people to enter his area of the base. His area looks more like a traditional Japanese home, while the main Vongola base looks like a clunky bunker. His side's entrance starts at the Namimori shrine. (Namimori is the town.) Somehow that just fits him so well.:iconheroamericaplz:He's one of the few people who didn't switch with his past self at the moment. (He'll be the last one that does, at least that's the way it was in the anime.) No matter how old he is, he's just awesome. Even his 'present' self is amazing. No one can really take him down. (Actually, apparently 'nothing' can take him down either. Even when he's been given a powerful poison that'll paralyze an elephant.:iconusaplz:) I love how Ganma said that he couldn't tell if Hibari was an ally or enemy of the Vongola, because of the limited intel and rumors. He's Vongola's Cloud Guardian, so of course he sides with them. But, he mostly thinks about his own interests. Like keeping the 'order' in Namimori, and if you break one of his rules somehow. That's how the Cloud Guardian should be, though. Kind of helping from afar, or an outside entity. One of his catch phrases is "I'll bite you to death". He says it quite often. He calls some of his opponents herbivores as well. Anyways, they meet up with Fuuta and Bianchi from the future. Later, they decide that they may have a little time to train, and Reborn suggests that the 3 of them have new tutors. Yamamoto will train with Reborn, Gokudera will train with Bianchi (she's Gokudera's sister, and every time he sees her face without anything on it like sunglasses he faints), and Tsuna with Hibari. I remember that it was a pretty interesting match-up in the anime. Particularly with Hibari training Tsuna. He gets a huge boost from it. 

Wrote more of the 8th story of my nightmare anthology. Might have hit a small block, but I don't think it'll take me long to figure out what's next. Played my clarinet. Did some Gershwin tunes, and pieces from my advanced classical solos. Sounded a lot better than I expected. It was nice. 
Studied the kanji: . Pronounced as either おもて (omote) or おも (omo): face, surface; (おもて only) mask (esp. a noh or kyogen mask). As づら (dzura): (suf) looking like a..., acting as if a... As めん (men): face; mask, face guard; surface (esp. a geometrical surface); page; (suf) aspect, facet, side; (ctr) counter for broad, flat objects, levels or stages, e.g. in a video game. As つら (tsura): (often derog. or vulg.) face, mug; surface. 面会 or めんかい (menkai): meeting (face-to-face), interview. 面識 or めんしき (menshiki): acquaintance. 面積 or めんせき (menseki): square measure, size (e.g. of land), area, surface. 面前 or めんぜん (menzen): presence. 

Did the practice stuff for attendance on JapaneseClass' site, then went through a good chunk of my vocab oblivion list. The stuff that you haven't gone over in about a month. Then, I also did one of their reading quizzes. I haven't taken too many of them before. I could tell that area needs improvement, because there were some words that were translated incorrectly.:iconnataliaplz:Not many people use it, but it is interesting. They give you a chunk of an article to read in Japanese, a list of common kanji/vocab that's used in the article, and then you can quiz yourself on them after looking through. I think for these they should test more on your comprehension, not just on the kanji and vocab.:iconswissplz:Since, someone could just see the list, and go right to the quiz without even looking at the article. I might bring that up. These articles are current and from various news sites like NHK, Asahi, Mainichi, etc. I normally just read the articles straight from the site, but wanted to try this out again. The one I looked at had to do with the Ukraine.

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