Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dragon Slayer


This is from the first Fairy Tail OST. The background music for Fairy Tail is amazing!:dummy:Kind of has an Irish/rock flair. This is one of Natsu's themes. Dragon Slayers don't necessarily 'slay' dragons. But, they have dragon-like abilities, and most grew up and were raised by dragons. There's another track on a newer OST that features the 3 main Dragon Slayers' theme. Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy. Natsu has fire-type abilities, Gajeel has iron-type ones, and Wendy has wind-type ones. Found out recently that they originally came about when the dragons were at war with each other over whether they should be at peace with humans or not. The ones who wanted to live peacefully with humans, asked the humans to help them fight the other dragons. The dragons trained them, and with the help of the humans, they were able to overpower the others. Very interesting. One of the humans that helped, became so absorbed in his new powers, he eventually turned into a dragon. But, that was before Natsu and the others' time. All of the dragons that raised them disappeared on the same day. Still don't know why.

Did my nails again, yesterday.:la:This time it's called 'Paparazzi Pink Glitter'. I'm not usually into pink nail polish.:iconhanatamagoplz:Mainly because it doesn't usually show up too well on my nails. (And, I really don't like that color in general.:iconnataliaplz:) But, this one is more of a peachy color, and has glitter in it. I like glitter on nails, and for a lot of them you have to have something underneath in order to have it stick. But, with this, the glitter is so fine that it sticks to it on its own. Makes it more uniform too. It dried pretty quickly, which surprised me. 

Finished translating another paragraph from a pretty long article in You Maga. I think the article is like 10 pages of the actual magazine. It's more than fine, though. Gives me some practice. I managed to clean up my English version of it pretty well, and still keep it close to how the author had it. That can be hard sometimes.:iconpolandplz:Read an article on Asahi's site about a guy who suffered minor burns after throwing a cigarette butt in a manhole on the street. There was a high concentration of methane gas and trash that had collected inside the manhole. That lit, and blew up in front of him. Crazy! At least he survived...:iconkikuplz:
In Pandora Hearts, Oz is learning what really happened to Alice and the kingdom of Sabrie or what they called the 'Tragedy of Sabrie'. The story people were told was that an earthquake engulfed the kingdom one day, and swallowed it whole. The real story is that Vincent went on a killing rampage, and Alice was killed during the mayhem. And, the whole city was plunged into the Abyss. Gil was there, too. I still don't remember how they were able to get out, and why Alice is still 'alive'. She created the Abyss in the first place. I guess I just have to read and find out.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:I know she was locked up in a room before it all happened, for a very long time. I think her only visitors were her cat, Cheshire, and Jack. Things can get pretty twisted, if that's the only 'people' you ever see. (I think she had a lot of dolls to keep her company...:iconusaplz:) And, Jack only came so often. For some reason she doesn't want to remember him...I think I remember that the Will of the Abyss or other 'Alice', is basically her other more demented self. (It seems a lot more complex and twisted to me than Alice in Wonderland, which is what it's loosely based on. I like that, though.) It might explain a lot more than the anime did, especially since it's been around much longer than the anime has. 

Finished editing the 8th story of my nightmare anthology, and moved on to the 9th one. This one's more based on a campfire story that people would tell while I was in girl scouts every time we went camping. It creeped everyone out, and my nightmares twisted it even more. Even the person who was telling the story would get scared. This version will be a little different, but obviously have some of the same elements. It made me think of chokers in a whole different way. Looked around a bit online, and no one knows exactly where the original story came from, or who the author was. But, it's apparently a popular story to tell. Should be interesting to see where I take it in my 'version'.:iconchibiaustriaplz:Again, it's going to be loosely based on it.

Played my clarinet, yesterday. Did some Mozart, a lot of pieces from my general solo book, Duke Ellington tunes, and some Gershwin tunes. Sounded pretty good. Only problem I occasionally had was suddenly stopping, and trying to continue after. I don't know why that was going on.:iconlietplz:Almost like my confidence left me for a brief moment. It got better as I played more, though. I just have to play more often to get over 'that', whatever 'that' was. 
Studied the kanji: . If pronounced as くすり (kusuri): medicine, pharmaceuticals, (legal) drugs; efficacious chemical (i.e. gunpowder, pesticide, etc.); (pottery) glaze. As やく (yaku): (slang) dope, narcotics, drugs; (suf) medication, drug, treatment, anti-. 薬缶 or やかん (yakan): (usually written in kana, and not the kanji) kettle. 薬局 or やっきょく (yakkyoku): pharmacy, chemist (shop), drugstore. 薬学 or やくがく (yakugaku): (study of) pharmacy, pharmaceutics. 薬剤 or やくざい (yakuzai): medicine, drug. Next time, I'll go through more of its compounds. 
Started watching Shinigami-kun, or Mr. Grim Reaper, or more literally Mr. Death G-d, about a week ago. It's a lot better than I expected it to be. Again, it has one of my fave actors, Ohno Satoshi, as the lead.:iconchibihungaryplz:He's awesome! Also, the leader of the band Arashi. (I like some of their songs, but most of the time I find they are better at acting than singing. They do have some good songs, though.) Shinigami-kun, or grim reaper #413, is a rookie who pronounces the death of those scheduled to die, and brings souls to the nether world. He tends to appear and open with a line similar to: "Congratulations! I'm here to tell you that you'll die soon." He then tells them how long they have left, and if there's any unfinished business or things they've always wanted to do, but never had the chance. So far, he's helped them with those. Giving advice along the way. He starts to realize that dying might not be such a happy occasion for humans. He has to stay with them until they die. To grim reapers, persuading people to not commit suicide and preventing unforeseen deaths is also an important task. Since 413 is new to being a grim reaper, he has a tendency to lean towards humans in his judgments, break the rules of the nether world, and get reprimanded by his superior. She transforms into a crow to supervise what he does on Earth. The chief seems interesting, too. He's a bit angry with 413 now, because he went against the rules, and now the Devil might be doing his own thing. The music is funny and quirky at times. He seems so clueless about humans, too. He seems like an interesting character. 

Went to group last night, but there weren't that many of us. At least there were more people than the meeting before that. Since it was such a small group, we seemed to have had a difficult time coming up with things to discuss.:iconpolandplz:Didn't go to Shari's this time, though. 

I finally got tired of waiting for the Women's Clinic to get back with me, and emailed my primary care doctor about it. I told her I've been trying to contact them for the last couple of weeks and haven't heard from them, and should I get another referral? She came back saying that she'll have her staff look into it, if that doesn't work she'll get back to me. Later, I got a call from one of her staff members saying she talked to the people at the Women's Clinic. She said they've been trying to call me back, as well. But, what she realized as we were talking, was they had the same number and she was able to get through. She had emailed me, but wanted to see if the number they were using was correct or something. I think the Women's Clinic flat out lied to her.:iconhongkongplz:They got all weird when they realized I was serious. Suddenly, they're like, oh we tried calling you several times. Yeah...sure.:icongermanyplz:The person who was on my doc's staff made an appointment for me. She said if I have to cancel it, I should call the Women's Clinic. Somehow that sounds funny at this point.:icontinoplz:I don't think I'll have a problem with the date and time. I hope they treat me better when they see me. It's scary enough with what I'm asking them to help me with. I think they didn't think I was serious, because it's something that many women don't need to be knocked out for. I just lucked out, I guess.:iconsighingplz:

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