Monday, June 2, 2014

National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day!


One of my fave ice cream flavors!:dummy:Interesting that it has its own day. It was created by William Dreyer (founder of Dreyer's ice cream) in 1929. He wanted something people could smile about after the stock market crash. The original was with almonds, marshmallows, and chocolate ice cream. Dreyer's added chocolate chips to it later. There are many different variations now that have added to that combo. I like that it was created specifically to cheer people up.:iconheroamericaplz:
This is my wallpaper for June. It's Reborn, Tsuna, Yamamoto, Gokudera, Lambo, and Hibari from Hitman Reborn. Hibari's scary if you get on his bad side. Hence why Tsuna's freaking out about Lambo hurling towards him. I like how Reborn's just watching it all unfold with a big smile. Kind of funny that Reborn's pet chameleon, Leon, has sunglasses on. Leon's a funny 'character' anyways. He makes suits, gloves, weapons, etc. Usually spitting them out when he's done. Not sure why Yamamoto would be throwing Lambo like that.:iconwtfukplz:But, he is into baseball, and can throw really well. Gokudera doesn't look too enthused with the whole situation. Thought it was a fitting one for this month, and with the weather we're currently having.

My Italy calendar features the Marche region this month. There are 5 provinces within it. Ancona, Ascoli Piceno, Fermo, Macerata, Pesaro and Urbino (apparently, these last 2 are considered one province). It's very hilly, has river valleys, and has a coastline along the Adriatic Sea. The main pic's of a cliff that drops off into the sea. There are a lot of sailboats near it, too. Apparently today and tomorrow's pic's of a beachfront. So, I guess they're taking me to the beach today...:iconsleepygreeceplz:

My Jewish calendar's main pic for this month is titled as Havdalah Service. Looks kind of like a modern sculpture. Not sure if I like it.:iconkikuplz:It's just 'different'. I guess if you look at it a certain way, it looks like a silver flame, which goes along with Havdalah. (Havdalah is the concluding service for Shabbat, every Saturday night.) It was made by Yaakov Greenvurcel, out of silver and walnut wood. From Jerusalem; 1981. A relatively recent one, compared to the other stuff the museum features. The second one's a kiddush cup, it has an unknown maker, made out of silver and silver-gilt. From Nuremberg, Germany; 1700-1750. Kiddush cups are used when we say the blessing over the wine or grape juice on Shabbat and other holidays. They can look pretty elaborate. This one has an interesting design. Kind of busy looking, actually.:iconwtfromanoplz:Cool to see the really old stuff. The last one says it's a kiddush cup, but looks more like a spice box used for Havdalah.:icongermanyplz:It was made by Albrecht Biller, out of silver. From Augsburg, Germany; 1717-1718. It looks pretty fancy, and has an inscription on it. The reason why I think it's a spice box is because it has a lid over it. Haven't seen too many cups with a lid like that. But, I can't really see holes coming through it. Interesting. Not sure what it really is then...:iconswissplz:

The month-long holidays are: National Candy Month, National Dairy Month, National Iced Tea Month, National Papaya Month, National Seafood Month, National Turkey Lover's Month, Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, Great Outdoors Month, National Camping Month, National LGBT Pride Month, National Rivers Month, National Rose Month, National Soul Food Month, National Zoo and Aquarium Month. Some are important causes, some are to make you appreciate things you may take for granted, and some are just for fun. A lot of them this month...:iconchibiswedenplz:A lot of good food stuff. Good to help the shelter cats, they deserve a happy home. People should definitely enjoy the outdoors (especially if it's nice out). Camping is fun!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Although, I haven't gone camping in a very long time. I might go to the Seattle Pride, they're going to have George Takei there. Those are usually kind of fun. And, I definitely support that community. I'm an ally for many reasons.:iconchibinitalyplz:Rivers can be amazing to go to. I love roses! Roses are one of the rare flowers that I like. I kind of feel odd about most other flowers. The zoo and aquarium are important to support, too. 

On Saturday, we went to the social group again. This time the group met at the same cafe as before. It was such a large group this time that chairs were being added throughout. At one point, I think we needed 2 more tables. I didn't order anything there, thinking I didn't want the extra calories.:iconchibiaustriaplz:It was nice to see everyone and chat about things. After that, we split into 2 groups for a late lunch. One wanted to have pizza, and the other group wanted to try a pub. I felt pizza would be too 'heavy' for me then.:icontinoplz:So, I went with the group that wanted to go to a pub. I got their fish sandwich with tater tots. It was pretty good. Couldn't taste the cheese that was in it. The tarter sauce was good, though. They gave me French fries at first, instead of the tater tots that I had ordered. So, they gave me a big thing of tater tots, and said I could keep the fries.:iconseychelles-plz:So, I had a lot more than I was expecting. I ate all of the sandwich, but took most of the fries and tots home. Made for a great lunch.:iconfrancisplz:Probably not the healthiest, but it was good. 

After that we left the group to go do a little shopping at the mall over there. On our way back home, we stopped at Costco like we do usually once a month. Got some more awesome stuff.:iconfeelingfullplz:The chocolate covered raisins from before lasted a while, so we got more. Also, got a big thing of cashews. I love cashews! There was a huge bag of BBQ flavored potato chips that we got, too. It's rare to see them this big. Hopefully it'll last a while, then. There were some marinated salmon that looked good, as well. We were out of a ton of frozen vegetables, so we stocked up on it. Perfect place to go for it. Got the spaghetti sauce we usually get there, as well. They come in 3 big jars, and last a while too. It's a pretty basic sauce, so I sometimes add stuff to it. The kippers or smoked herring were both great mixed up into it. I've also added bell pepper strips, garlic, basil, spinach, etc. Great to have a base sauce then. We still have quite a lot of pasta from the last couple of times of going to Costco. Those come in packs of 6 or 8 bags, and there's a variety of them. They're good. Went to a couple more stores before we finally stayed home. 

Went out to Hakata that same night for dinner. I ordered the beef yakisoba. We shared a sushi combo as an appetizer. Had my fave sushi: tekka maki (tuna roll) and kappa maki (cucumber roll). The other kind in the combo was California rolls, which I don't like. But, it was all the more for Dad, then.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:The entree usually comes with pickled bean sprouts and miso soup beforehand. I love the bean sprouts!:iconchibispainplz:I could eat them all day, but that might not be a good thing for me. The miso soup is usually blander than I like. In fact, at other Japanese restaurants they seem to be a bit more flavorful. The instant stuff has more, too. So, I always end up adding soy sauce. The yakisoba ended up being a bit bland too. I've had yakisoba at other places, and I love the taste usually. It's usually flavorful and fresh tasting. It probably would have had more flavor if I ate the pickled ginger they put on top. But, I never liked that stuff.:iconlietplz:I keep trying to like it, but I end up being disappointed every time...:iconhongkongplz:Anyways, it was ok all together. The beef was a bit more flavorful than the rest. So, that was a plus. I usually love their teriyaki and yakiniku (lit. grilled meat. This has beef in it) bowls. Those are really nice tasting. Plenty of flavor without being overpowering. We had green tea with it. I got their tempura ice cream for dessert. It's really good!:iconinloveplz:They wrap the ice cream in a cake, dip that in tempura batter, and then fry it. The cake is great with it. I had to take some of the yakisoba home, since I couldn't finish it. It was a lot. And, somehow I could stomach dessert after that...Go figure.:iconpolandplz:

Last Friday I ended up writing the 9th short story from my nightmare anthology a lot more than usual. It just seemed to really flow. Hopefully that'll happen tomorrow, as well.:la:It's becoming more and more interesting. The actual story I was told is much shorter. My brain apparently twisted it and made it a bit longer for the recurring nightmare that was based on it. This is twisting it quite a bit more. It still has the same 'essence', but different feel. 

The last couple of days, and apparently the rest of the week will be really nice weather wise.:icondenmarkgrinplz:It's been in the mid 70s. Perfect. The sun's been out, and the flowers are still blooming. Makes for really nice walks. People seem to come out more when the weather's like this too. I bumped into a few people today alone. It's nice to see people, though. I'm going to try to get back to my walks and sit-ups. I've done my walks for the day, and did my morning sit-ups. Looks like I'll be able to do the evening ones too. I'm doing 75 of them twice a day this week. It'd be awesome if I can keep it up like I did before.:iconeestiplz:Trying to get back to eating very small portions again. Maybe I'll feel even better soon if I keep everything going.

Also, wearing more jewelry lately. I'm not used to wearing necklaces. And, for a while I didn't care about earrings. I feel better when I do wear those things though. I'm thinking of getting back into makeup, as well. 

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