Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Song of Storm and Fire


From the first Tsubasa Chronicle soundtrack. It's one of Syaoran's (or Shaoran) themes. It sounds pretty epic, and goes together with the anime quite nicely.:iconheroamericaplz:Apparently, the lyrics to this one aren't in a particular language, and so they don't make any sense on their own. The composer commented that it was a language of emotion. Kind of cool.

Wrote more of the 9th short story to my nightmare anthology. I can tell I'm getting really close to finishing this one.:la:Played my clarinet. Did some Irish and klezmer tunes. Sounded pretty good. Better than yesterday. 

Also, read some more of the American Jewish folklore book. This time it was on funny Yiddish stories, superstitions, stories about changing names while at Ellis Island, bilingual prank names, etc. It was very interesting. Some of the superstitious stuff is still used today. Like keeping the evil eye away, not naming a baby after someone who's living in the family, etc. Although, some of their meanings have changed. Like the naming of a baby after someone who's alive used to be because it'll bring bad luck, now it's because it will dishonor the one who's still around in the family. Or, their memory will be blotted out, is another.
Chibisan Date has been interesting so far. At times, it is kind of slow.:iconchibiswedenplz:But, it's pretty laid back and kind of relaxing. Seiji has gotten over his 'block' in his painting, and has gone back to it with renewed interest. He was beating himself up all the time, because he thought he couldn't be as great as some of the artists of his time. But, a local artist told him to find his own unique painting/drawing style. Before going to America to study art, he used to do watercolor paintings, but thought of them as nothing but doodles or something just for himself that no one else would like. When he started those up again, people liked them. So, he got back into watercolor. He loves to do paintings of flowers, lighthouses, and other things he finds around him in Nantucket. They just introduced his friend, Fischer, a bit more. He comes from a long line of fisherman, but is really interested in playing his violin. He just auditioned to be in an orchestra, but was told he was too sloppy. Although, they told him he had a unique sound. Seiji's not sure how they really became such close friends. He says it might have to do with them both pursuing creative interests. 
Studied 3 kanji: , , . Most of the time is pronounced as ひつじ (hitsuji), but in some compounds it may be pronounced as よう (you). It means: sheep. is only pronounced as よう (you). It means: ocean, sea; (pref) foreign, Western, European. If is pronounced as (ha): leaf, needle, blade. As よう (you): (suf, ctr) counter for leaves, pieces of paper, etc. 葉脈 or ようみゃく (youmyaku): veins of a leaf. 千葉 or ちば (chiba): Chiba (city). Wrote out some more practice sentences. I normally feel like I blank on it, but lately I've been able to come up with things for it. It's really helping me 'grasp' it even more.:iconchibinitalyplz:

Drew more of my characters' clothes/accessories from Alliance. This time I did Max and Ravel's clothes. Those were interesting. Max is a waiter at a fancy restaurant, and Ravel works at the university's main cafeteria. Both are interested in food. So, I basically drew their uniforms. Next time I'll do Nico's clothes and accessories. He has a lot of both, so that should be interesting. Cleaned up more of the 'sad' section of the exaggerated expressions meme in Photoshop. Kind of weird for me to see a sad version of Junko. But, she does get sad occasionally. Just most of the time she looks kind of like a bubbly and happy character. (She does go through a lot in the story.) I guess it's good to see my characters in different ways. Also, started to draw Shadow's head. But, got frustrated with it so much I had to stop.:iconhongkongplz:I also forgot that I wanted to draw the heads (or 'busts' I suppose) of those 2 characters at the end of the story who still don't have a name yet. (They refused to give it in the story so far. Maybe if there's a sequel, they might give it...) I have a pretty clear picture of them in my head still, so that might be a good thing to do.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

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