Friday, January 17, 2014

Special Illusion


This is one of Fran's character songs from Hitman Reborn. He has an interesting voice. And, like a good majority of the male characters (including the main ones), he's voiced by a woman. She sounds pretty talented. And, somehow I find it cool that there are so many female voice actresses that were apart of it. In the anime itself, there aren't that many female characters. Anyways, Fran is one of my fave characters from the series.:la:He didn't really have much screen time, and I've got a ways until he appears in the manga, but for some reason I really like him. He's Bel's partner in Varia. He replaced Viper or Mammon, and Bel told him he had to wear a frog hat to signify it. He loves to mock/verbally attack other members of Varia in kind of a calm demeanor. He especially likes to provoke Bel. And, Bel is constantly throwing knives at him. He's come up with nicknames for members of Varia. Like Bel's is 'Fallen Prince', 'Old Lightening Pervert' for Levi, and others. He's kind of a prankster, and specializes in illusions. This song fits him so well.

In Tokyo Bandwagon, it turned out that Ao's father has cancer of the voice box or larynx. That's pretty disturbing for most people, let alone a singer. At first, he told the doctor to act like it was just a stomach ulcer when they talked to the family. The doctor told them that he'll stay for a little while at the hospital to get better. That was a lie, and after about a day he checked himself out then went missing for 5 days or so. The doctor had told him that if he gets surgery to get rid of the cancer, he might lose his voice. He has this thing about saying what 'love' really is about all the time. (Says the love part always in English.) He said that dying isn't love, but taking away his ability to sing isn't either. Really sad. He turned the doctor down about the surgery, but from the preview of the next episode, he might go through with it. He did say that the song he sang at the end of the episode might be his last.:iconraivisplz:

I tried to start one of the new anime shows this season. But, sadly none of them looked that great.:iconkikuplz:I had high hopes for Pupa, but it turned out to be really horrible. They had kept postponing it. It was originally supposed to air during the summer of last year or something. Ended up only being 4 minutes. About 2 and half if you cut out the intro and outro.:iconamericadisapproveplz:Just a lot of crazy stuff thrown together with seemingly no rhyme or reason. A lot of people commented saying that the manga is far better. So, maybe I'll give that a shot in the future. 

I also tried Hoozuki no Reitetsu. It seemed very bland. It's supposed be a dark comedy series. The premise seemed interesting. Hoozuki is the aide to the great king of Hell, King Enma. He resolves various problems that come up in Hell. (And, there are many different divisions of Hell, so he's usually very busy.) He tends to be calm and very sadistic. When he has time, he has several hobbies, and loves to visit zoos and such. He loves animals. He raises goldfish flowers. And, since it's Hell, you can count on it being at least a little trippy. I got all the references and jokes, but they fell kind of flat. It's kind of like a very watered down version of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, which I absolutely loved. That kind of dark comedy is great. But, water it down too much and it has no substance.:iconnataliaplz:I also tried Witch Craft Works, but I only lasted about 5 minutes into it. One of the main characters' breasts seem to grow every time it panned over to her. It seemed very cliche too. So, since I didn't find any new ones for this season, I might start watching Ranma 1/2 next week. 

In World Embryo, Riku had to duel Rena, his new partner. He didn't know anything about being a Jinki user and she easily beat him. But, at least he found out how to use it. Riku is unique in that the kanshu took over most of his being, and yet he still has his ego intact. So, in a way he can become stronger than her. So, now she's training him. Should be interesting to see how it turns out. 

Wrote some more of the 5th short story of my nightmare anthology. It's getting creepier and creepier.:iconusaplz:Should be interesting how this one ends up. It's definitely 'different'. 

Played my clarinet. Did more of my advanced classical music solo book, and some jazz tunes. Sounded pretty good this time. Drew the entire 'sad' section of the meme for Junko. It was odd to see her exaggerated sad expressions, since it's so not her. But, eventually she does have to be sad. She did have a tragic, weird, and mysterious past. 
Studied more of the kanji: . If pronounced as はつ (hatsu): (n, suf) departure, departing (from...), departing (at time...); sending, sent (by...), sent (at...); (ctr) (also ばつ [batsu]) counter for gunshots, bursts of gas, etc.; counter for bullets, bombs, etc.; counter for blows (punches). As 発く or あば.く (aba.ku): reveal, expose, uncover. As 発つ or た.つ (ta.tsu): to depart (on a plane, train, etc.). Occasionally, it may be pronounced as ほつ (hotsu) in compounds. 発案 or はつあん (hatsuan): idea, suggestion, initiative. 発意 or はつい (hatsui): idea, suggestion, plan. 発育 or はついく (hatsuiku): (physical) growth, development. 発煙 or はつえん (hatsuen): emitting smoke, fuming.

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