Tuesday, January 21, 2014

National Cheese Lover's Day!


I love cheese!:iconfrancisplz:To have a day devoted to it is awesome! This was actually yesterday, but I like it so much why not celebrate it for an extra day? There are certain types I can't stand. Things like cottage cheese, brie, and some of the really smelly cheeses. Some I can only have if it's mixed in something. But, I love the majority of them. I've gotten hooked on a new cheese I tried recently called boursin. It's really good. I tried the garlic and herb one. Apparently, it's one of the most popular cheeses in France. I can see why.:iconchibihungaryplz:Yesterday was also Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He was a great and inspiring civil rights leader.

Got up early today. Earlier than I was expecting.:iconwtfromanoplz:Even though I went to bed late, I couldn't sleep. Might have had maybe 4 or 5 hours of sleep. I was wide awake at one point, and couldn't fall back asleep. So weird. 

On Sunday, I suddenly felt a weird itch around my ankle. I didn't think much of it, and scratched. Then, I felt unusually cool and like some sort of fluid was coming from that area. For a moment I thought that maybe I popped a pimple or something. Then, I looked down at it. Blood was streaming down it.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I kind of freak out whenever I see my own blood. I eventually get a weird dizzy, sweaty, nauseous, faint thing going on. I've fainted before from getting my blood drawn.:iconohboyamericaplz:Apparently, I had scratched a weird leaf pattern, or maybe it was a bite. Can't really tell. I quickly found the largest band-aid I could find, and used it. It wasn't enough, and had to use another slightly smaller one to cover the rest of it. I still don't know what that was about. It's not everyday people bleed like that. My nails were cut pretty short, and I don't think anything bit me...:iconusaplz:Rosie (one of our cats) likes to bite me, but I don't think she did it around that time. Plus, it usually doesn't draw blood. They're more like love bites.

Finished watching Kyoukai no Kanata or Beyond the Boundary. It had a very trippy ending. It was good though. Even though I liked how it turned out, the last minute didn't seem very logical. More like a way to make the fans happy. She was supposed to 'disappear' or die, but suddenly appeared at the very end. They didn't explain that. Some people are coming up with their own interpretation, and I guess it leaves it open for people. Just a little unsettling, yet a feel good ending. Very mixed. It seems that they could make another season, but I'm not sure. It'd be nice, and they might explain more. What if she's not really herself or he was dreaming? That's even more unsettling.:iconwtfukplz:

Started the 2nd season of Tsubasa Chronicle. Sakura finally decided to do something for the group in order to get another one of her feathers back. She entered a race where the winner gets the feather. According to this parallel universe, it grants immense power. They said enough to power an entire city. All of the participants are people they met through their travels to different universes. They still think that they look the same, but aren't the same people they knew. Apparently, that theory is going to change soon. According to the people that keep watching them. Still don't know who they are. They have plans to stop the group from finding all the feathers, though. 

Jikou Keisatsu was hilarious!:iconenglandispervyplz:Funnier than usual. I liked the restaurant they visited. It's called something like 'Fast Restaurant'. Everything is ready super quickly. For some, even before a customer has walked in. The owner knows exactly when someone will have an accident (like they spill something, burn their mouth, etc.) and gives them things ahead of time. She also closes early, but reopens the restaurant for the next day, an hour later. That was probably the best part of the episode. The hypnotist stuff was funny too. Shizuka wanted to find a way to fall asleep and she read about a hypnotist. She had a session with her, and found out that it was her old best friend from high school. The assistant to the hypnotist had a much stronger hypnosis and told Shizuka that she's an accomplished singer. So, in her head she was making it big, but to everyone else she looked like a fool. Turned out her friend was the murderer. But she did it as a minor, and like all the usual cases, it had reached the statute of limitations long ago. Kiriyama was a better hypnotist than her. She thought she could hypnotize him, but she was already under his. While they were hypnotizing each other, there were some really trippy backgrounds. They were sitting around a dinner table, and one background was a beach, another a surreal-horror theme, I think another one they were in the sky, etc. Made it even more funny.

Log Horizon has gotten even more interesting. The goblin king is planning to destroy everything/everyone in his way. Usually when it was just a game, there was an event where everyone had to kill him within a week. If they didn't, the goblins would multiply exponentially, he'd start moving from his castle and attack people, and the 'fish' goblins will multiply as well at the coasts. So, everyone would end up being surrounded. If they killed him during that week, the adventurers would be rewarded with very rare items. They were too worried about making their own lives better, they didn't know that the week was up for killing the goblin king. His minions aren't usually hard to kill, but the problem is the sheer number of them. Shiroe shared his info that he gathered on what happens to adventurers when they die. Crusty said it makes sense, because he's died enough times to realize that he's lost some memories of the outside world already. Since he forgot those memories, he's not sure how many and what they were specifically. He does know that he had a cat in the outside world, but can't remember its name or what it looks like. Sad. The 'kids' group from the camp (we don't know how old they really are, they're just low-leveled adventurers. The camp was to help them level up.) is off to battle the goblins that are heading to a defenseless town. They still haven't really explained Rudy yet. He might be apart of a group of People of the Land that are warriors (they rival the strongest adventurers). 

Toshi Desetsu no Onna was kind of sad. It was about a teacher who was in charge of the female dance group at the school, some were already apart of national idol groups. She had fallen in love with one of the stars of the group. They would meet during breaks in the girl's bathroom. Eventually the girl, Miki, tried to break it off, but the teacher first thought if she can't have her she would kill herself with a pair of scissors. Miki tried to stop her and the scissors went into her, killing her instantly. Another member of the group, who everyone thought hated Miki because they were 'bitter' rivals, was targeted by the teacher. The teacher thought she had influenced Miki's decision to break up. She wasn't successful with killing her though, and she survived. Miki's rival really loved her, and never hated her. The reason why the UIU were investigating it was because of an urban legend of a ghost that inhabits the 3rd stall of the 3rd floor's girl's bathroom. They say if you knock 3 times on the door, say "Hanako-chan, let's play", she'll come out and kill you or something. They didn't really know what happens when she answers it. Apparently, they basically proved that it was true. But, the ghost wasn't evil, and honestly wanted them to get to the bottom of the case. She even appeared as a regular student to them telling them about the teacher's secret meetings, rumors, and what they would do. Even Tsukiko was terrified of it by the end. But, why be scared of such a helpful ghost? She seemed nice, too. 

In Rurouni Kenshin, they explained more of Megumi's past and what her connection to an opium ring is. She, like her father, was once a regular doctor. The head of the ring had told her father to make opium for them. After a while, he stopped and refused to make anymore. He killed him, and made Megumi do it. She was told to make a new type of opium that's even more addictive and deadly. She refused to make it and ran away. Then, she found Kenshin and the rest of his group. The character's a bit over dramatic. Everything with her seems over the top. I feel sorry for her, but it makes it hard to take her seriously. She wants to go back to being a doctor. The opium ring finds her, captures her, and takes her to a guarded mansion. Kenshin and the others are going to bust in and save her. 

For Pandora Hearts, I still have a ways to go until I catch up to where the anime left off, but I'm getting there. I've always liked Break, but he seems even creepier in manga-form. He called Oz a creepy brat. Coming from him, it's a little odd. But, Oz is a bit weird anyways. At times he can seem creepy and not really himself. He's the key to knowing more about the Abyss, and possibly opening and closing it. So, everyone wants him. His clock 'seal' (looks like a tattoo) started to move. If it makes a full rotation, he'll be sent to the lowest level of the Abyss. Nobody knows if people can survive there, much less make it out. You're basically doomed. I don't think it made a full rotation in the anime. Maybe I'll find out what happens if it does. 

Wrote a bit of the 5th short story of my nightmare anthology. There's definitely more to this one than there was in the nightmare it's based on. I'm starting to like it, though. 

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