Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!


It's the year of the Horse. Interesting that it falls on the first day of the new month of Adar in the Jewish calendar this year.:iconchibinitalyplz:They're both lunar calendars. Maybe I should watch a couple of episodes of Fruits Basket in honor of it? (Might do it tomorrow, though.) It's an anime that is based on the story behind the Chinese zodiac animals. Also, one of the few anime I actually have the official DVDs for. It's a very good series.:iconfrancisplz:The manga was even better. Interesting that I like the English dub voices more than the original Japanese ones. That's rare for me.:iconkikuplz:Rin, who is the horse of the zodiac, actually only shows up in the manga. She's pretty cool and strong. Yesterday was National Croissant Day. I love croissants! 

This week has been very weird.:iconlietplz:It started off really well, but halfway through I felt horrible. I was getting my sit-ups in, going to bed at decent times, and doing walks until then. My stomach started doing somersaults around halfway through the week. I started to go to bed later than I should, and I slept in to get my full amount of sleep. Since I slept in, I didn't get as much stuff done as I could have.:icongermanyplz:Didn't feel like doing my sit-ups because of my stomach. (Felt like I'd throw up during it.) Because of this stuff, I started to feel down too...:iconwtfromanoplz:Just made it all peachy. Well, this weekend and coming week I can try and do better. Hopefully my stomach will calm down a little more, too. 

Went to Red Lobster last night. I got tea, and ordered from their 4-course meal deal again. (It's an awesome deal, and it makes several meals for me!:iconheroamericaplz:) Decided on the house salad with bleu cheese dressing, chicken tortilla soup, wood-grilled tilapia with broccoli and mashed potatoes, and substituted a dessert that was seasonal and wasn't on there which was red velvet cake in a jar. I usually got their Caesar salad, but the house salad was good too. It was a nice and simple mix of vegetables. Light on the dressing as well, which I like. The tortilla soup didn't have cheese in it like it usually does. So, I asked for some, and they gave me a big sauce bowl full of it. I love cheese, so thinking I shouldn't waste it, I dumped it all in. It was probably more cheese than soup...:iconchibihungaryplz:I usually get the Cajun chicken linguine as my entree. I wanted to try something a little different. There aren't that many options on the meal deal list for me. (It is a seafood place that specializes in lobster and other shellfish...) This was good, though. The fish was very lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. The broccoli was fresh and was still a bit crisp, not overdone. The mash potatoes had a mixture of cheese and pepper in them. They were so good!:iconitalyplz:I didn't realize I could substitute a dessert. The meal deal only lists 3 desserts. Not many, and sometimes those get old.:iconpolandplz:Although, I've only had 2. I have to be in the mood for cheesecake, and I'm not entirely positive that I'd like caramel cheesecake. It sounds odd. Kind of close to sounding like flan, and I hate flan.:iconwtfukplz:But, now that I know, there are a lot more options for me. Anyways, the red velvet cake in a jar was awesome!:iconchibispainplz:A while back I had their seasonal strawberry shortcake in a jar, and that was amazing too! This had layers of icing, cake, and chocolate chips on top. It's kind of fun to eat it out of a jar. 

Oh, and when I asked for a bread bag for the Cheddar Bay biscuits (which I only ate one of, I was saving the rest for later), our waitress gave me a pre-filled bag of extra ones. I had to ask again for a bag for the ones I already had in the basket. It was a little too generous.:iconusaplz:I try not to eat too many in one sitting, so a full bag takes me a while to get through. And, to have another bag...Although, I don't think it ended up being the amount I got last time. Our waitress back then kept giving us basket after basket of them. I had put them off to the side so I would remember to get them later. I don't remember how many it ended up being that time.:iconromanoplz: 

I started Switch Girl on Wednesday. I'll talk more about it soon. And, I started Atami no Sousakan or Atami Investigators today. Another Satoshi Miki drama. I love his shows!:la:He's an amazing writer/director. I'll go into more detail soon with this one, too. 

Finished Henshin Interviewer no Yuuutsu or The Melancholy of the Transformer Interviewer. It was really good. Satoshi is as great with his mysteries as his humor. It was kind of a twisted ride. The very end was a bit weird, and I'm not entirely sure that I really got it. Everything was very well done, though. Everything was timed well, the story was interesting although creepy at times, just like Jikou Keisatsu they knew when to be serious and when to be hilarious. Since it dealt with some heavy/dark stuff, it seemed they didn't want to make light of it. Which was good. 

I finished editing the 5th short story to my nightmare anthology. I think this one was quicker than the others. Next time I can start the 6th one. Yay!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:This one's actual nightmare was even more gruesome than the 5th one. So, hopefully I'll be able to get through it. It'll be interesting to see how this one turns out.

Yesterday, I also played my clarinet. Did a lot of klezmer tunes. It sounded pretty good.
Yesterday, I studied more compounds for, and started studying the kanji . 発足 or ほっそく (hossoku): starting, inauguration, launch, founding, establishment, start-up. 発心 or ほっしん (hosshin): spiritual (or religious) awakening, resolution. 発疹 or はっしん (hasshin): rash, eruption. 自発 or じはつ (jihatsu): spontaneous. 蒸発 or じょうはつ (jouhatsu): evaporation; unexplained disappearance. 反す or かえ.す ( to turn over, turn upside down, overturn; (after the -ます stem of a verb) to repeat..., do...back. 反らす or そ.らす (so.rasu): to bend, warp, curve. 反る or そ.る ( to warp, be warped, curve, be curved, be arched, bend, be bent; to bend backward (body or body part, e.g. fingers). As はん (han): (pref) anti-. As たん (tan): a measure of fabric for kimonos, haori, and other clothes. 反物 or たんもの (tanmono): fabric, cloth, textiles, drapery, dry-goods, piece goods; measure of kimono material. 反映 or はんえい (hanei): reflection (light, image, situation, attitude, etc.), reflecting; influence, application (e.g. of an update). 

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