Thursday, January 9, 2014

National Apricot Day!


I love apricots!:la:Dried or fresh, they're both awesome! Apricot trees were found in China about 4000 years ago. It became popular in the Mediterranean soon after. There are a lot of other ways to eat them as well. It's also National Static Electricity Day. Interesting that there's a holiday like that.

During my afternoon walk yesterday, it was pouring down heavy rain. I thought having an umbrella would keep me dry. It helped a lot, but from my knees down I was drenched.:iconwtfukplz:The water even made it into my sneakers. The socks I wore are the type that are like sponges, and will absorb any amount of liquid. They also swell up when they've absorbed enough liquid. So, my socks were absolutely soaked. My feet were really cold. But, I didn't realize how drenched they were until I took them off before going to bed. They made a squishy sound, and were dripping.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:I wiped off my feet after, and then put them under the covers as I tried to go to sleep. I was still freezing for a while. Didn't help with getting sleep, either. Once I finally had warmed up, the bed felt really comfy, and I went into a deep sleep. When my alarm went off soon after, I felt that I hadn't slept enough and went back to bed. So, I ended up sleeping in, and it threw my day off a little.:iconohboyamericaplz:Oh well. I needed it. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get up when I want to. 

In Interviewer, it was very interesting. It wasn't too funny of an episode, but it dealt with some heavy stuff like rape. Sad and a bit disturbing, but it was well done. The mystery behind the 'Tulip Murders' just seems to be getting more and more complicated. The more info they find, the more questions they have. Everything seems to be connected in some way. The people behind everything (we don't really know who) have retaliated against Jiro and Rika. They've hacked into their bank accounts, freezing their debit/credit cards. Plus, put out a novel under Jiro's name. It claims to be his 100th novel on the Tulip Murders. He hasn't even started to write it yet. That was the reason behind going to investigate the mystery in the first place. It was an interesting topic that he thought he could finally draw inspiration from for his 100th novel. He had writer's block for a while before reading about the case online. Oddly, he finds reality boring, and tends to write fiction. But, he's discovering that reality may not be as boring as he had thought.:iconchibiaustriaplz: 

Naruto Shippuden is finally back after taking a break for 2 or 3 weeks. Better than putting out a bunch of fillers...They've started to reveal what really happened to Obito, what the actual connection is between him and Madara (they are related, but Madara was supposed to have died long before Obito was born), and the meaning behind everything that's happened. Madara joined the fight with Obito against Naruto, Kakashi, Guy, and Killer Bee. The Kages aren't looking too great, but Tsunade might be able to save them. There was a new ending, but I still don't really like it. 
I'm catching up on the manga version of Hitman Reborn. Still have a ways until I get to where the anime ended, but I'm getting there. I'm curious as to what happens in the story afterwards. The manga went on for a much longer time. So, it's been interesting. The characters are in a bit of a different style than they were in the anime. Although, I think the design is getting closer to that anime version. Makes sense since the manga started before the anime did. Designs generally do change over time, especially with such a long series. Tsuna and the guardians have gotten the real half of the rings that officially designate them as the new boss (successor) and guardians of the Vongola. The leader of Varia feels that he's the rightful next boss, and that his guardians deserve them too. He was adopted into the family and the 9th treated him like his own son. Tsuna hasn't met the 9th yet, and yet the 9th has officially chosen him. It's kind of sad. Anyways, in order to see who's the true successor, they have to go head to head. (They'll get the other half of their rings when they defeat their opponents.) So, the Arcobaleno are going to split up and train them one on one in order to beat Varia. Varia ends up being really cool, and a close ally in the story. They just have a misunderstanding at this point in the story, really.

Got some writing done. This short story in my nightmare anthology is getting longer than my other ones. Still falls under the short story type. It's gotten quite exciting though.:iconfrancisplz:It's going on long after the real nightmare ended, but explains quite a bit. I guess it's also a way for me to make some sense of them.

Played my clarinet. Haven't done it for a while, but I sounded pretty good. Maybe better than last time. Although, I remember that exercise helps with playing the instrument. Since it all has to do with breathing, lung capacity, and I guess a bit of endurance. Exercise in general can help with that. (And, I've upped my exercise routine lately.) Did a lot of klezmer tunes.

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