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Or: Hot. By Jane Zhang. Basically about 'hot' and passionate love. Great dance song, too. I'm a bit new to Cpop, but discovering some artists and songs through Lastfm. To me, they have a different and interesting feel. I was already a bit into S.H.E, but that was basically it for Cpop artists. Her voice is amazing, and hearing the language in song form is interesting and beautiful. (Although, I find it an interesting language to begin with.)

I've been slowly getting back into things. I feel much better than I did last week.:iconheroamericaplz:Managed to do a full day of my sit-ups yesterday, and did my morning ones for today (hopefully will get to the evening ones). I'm doing 60 sit-ups twice a day this week. I think I had gotten up to 95 twice a day before I was sick. Thought this would be a good amount to ease into it again. It would probably be bad if after not doing it for so long, doing 95 twice a day again right away. Hope to get back to walking tomorrow. Hopefully, I can finally get into walking twice a day, as well. I had been trying to make it a habit before, but never quite got into it.:iconohboyamericaplz:If I can do it, I'll be doing 4 miles a day instead of 2. 

Watched the finale of Ando Lloyd. It was an amazing show.:iconfrancisplz:The main actor is extremely talented, and somewhat of a legend in Japan. He was amazing again. Able to go from a robotic/serious like personality to a goofball genius professor. The professor had very distinctive mannerisms too. The lead actress was also pretty good. Very convincing. The actress who played the role of his sister was awesome, too. The character has a split personality, and that's very difficult to do well, too. She sometimes would snap into an evil cold-hearted psycho killer. Her normal personality was nice, sweet, loved people, etc. She was also a genius professor. (She was on a similar level, if not even brighter than her brother.) She had an interesting way of switching, as well. Hiccuping a lot when her 'nice' side tried to win over her 'evil' one. Almost fainting when she switched to 'evil'. I liked Suppli, as well. The actress who plays her has been getting better and better with each show I've seen her in. She hasn't been acting for long, and she is in a lot of ads over there. Lots of other amazing actors, too. It had a really bizarre, yet nice ending. Made you wonder long after it ended. It almost looked like there'd be a possibility of a 2nd season. I hope so.:la:The plot was very intricate, unique, and fascinating. Each episode seemed to go by in a minute, it was that awesome. 

Log Horizon has been getting more and more interesting. They go into a lot of detail, but do it in a good way. The round table of guilds are visiting the People of the Land or NPCs (non-player characters) in the game. They seem to be changing a great deal along with the 'Adventurers'. The Adventurers have made great advances in technology. And, the NPCs are worried that there will be a war between them, or they'll be left behind. They also want to learn from them. Very interesting how they built the dynamic with the NPCs. They're all curious of the outsiders, too. Not sure what to make of them. They used to just give out quests, but now they don't have to, and are unsure of what to do. The inexperienced Adventurers went to a camp to train, which was Shiroe's idea. (Kind of like summer camp for kids.) One of the 'trials' during it is to clear a dungeon. The main group wasn't able to do it, and almost died. When many anime are finishing up the season, this one is apparently not even halfway through. Nice.

Wrote more of the 4th story from my nightmare anthology. Again, it seems to be going in an interesting direction. I never really know how things will end up until I'm close to the end. I know I'm nearing the end of this one, at least. Can't believe I'll be moving onto the 5th one soon! Yay!:dummy:

Played my clarinet for an hour yesterday, and normal amount of time today. It felt really good to play for that hour. I had planned before I got sick to play during the weekend for that amount of time. Before that, I rarely played during the weekend...:iconkikuplz:I feel like I improved a lot more with just that. I used to play an hour a day when I was in junior high (maybe even in elementary school. Started when I was 10) until, I think, a year or 2 into college. I remember that they would tell us in junior high to practice for 20 minutes. I used to laugh at that. Still do, because that's really nothing. (My norm now during the week is 30 minutes. I won't go less than that.) I played some jazz and klezmer today. 
Today's kanji was: . When pronounced as とう (tou): (suf, counter) class, order, rank; (suf) etc., and the like; (pref) equal. As (ra): (suf) pluralizing suffix (often humble, derogatory, or familiar), and others, and the like, and followers; or so (rough indicator of direction, location, amount, etc.); (after the stem of an adjective) nominalizing suffix. As など (nado): (suf, particle) (usually in kana instead of kanji) etc., and the like, and so forth; (indicating an approximate quote or vague suggestion) or something; (lessening the significance or value of the previous word) the likes of. As 等しい or ひと.しい (hito.shii): equal, similar, like, equivalent.

Translated some more of a You Maga article. Found out that it uses a word that's pretty rare. But, I do know that sometimes they use words that are only common in things like newspapers or magazines. I think they're called something like asahi words, based on the famous newspaper. Makes it more exciting, then.:iconeestiplz:

Read an article on Asahi's website in Japanese. It was about a figure skater who didn't rank high enough in the national championships to advance to the Olympics. He had hoped that he had recovered enough from injuring his leg, but he wasn't up to par yet. It was sad. He said he couldn't find the words to express how he felt. He had won a bronze medal for Japan in the 2010 Olympics. One of the few medals that they've won in his category. So, it surprised a lot of people.

On a forum, I starting talking in Japanese with someone. Apparently, I blew their mind and they just said 'epic' at one point. I don't think they were using actual Japanese words. But, they weren't writing in kana, and sometimes it's hard to read romaji (basically transliterated in Latin letter form. It's literally 'Roman Letters' in Japanese) and know what they're talking about. Especially if they use the 'shortened' form with the lines over the letters. But, I checked it later, and I was right about them not using real words, or words written incorrectly even using that form. I had written back to them in kana/kanji, and maybe that's why they said 'epic' afterwards. They were surprised at how much I actually know. 

Youtube faves:
Fran's, from Hitman Reborn, funny moments (he's funny in most of his scenes. I love this character, and he didn't have much screen time.):
Hilarious scene from Hitman Reborn with Tsuna and Spanner (I also love Spanner. Maybe more so than Tsuna, although he's a good character too. I also love Spanner's assistant, a small mosca which is a kind of robot. It's also featured):
Tsuna doing his 'hiis' (didn't realize how many times he did it, and it was more than this. It only shows a snippet of the series. The show has a lot more episodes):

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