Wednesday, December 25, 2013

National Egg Nog Day!


This was actually yesterday, but I love it so why not celebrate again? I love it even though it's associated with a holiday I don't celebrate.:iconusaplz:It's good with a little nutmeg on top. I've never had the 'traditional' one with alcohol. Probably will never be able to in the future either. That's ok, it's awesome without anyways.:iconheroamericaplz:Haven't had it in a long time...

Also, to people who celebrate it, hope you had a good and merry Christmas. I don't celebrate it, but I wish all the best to my friends and family who do.:iconchibicanadaplz:To me it's just another day. Although we, like a lot of other Jews, usually go out to a Chinese buffet for it. Sometimes going to the movie theater is another 'tradition' during this time. Sometimes to people who don't celebrate Christmas seeing all the decorations, hearing the music, etc. everywhere you go for like 2 months can get really annoying. It was almost like Christmas exploded this morning on all the morning 'news' shows. At least, that'll all be over soon.:iconswissplz:

I stayed up later than I should have Monday night.:iconwtfukplz:I was watching a documentary about a sushi chef in Japan. It was slow moving at first, and then I couldn't stop watching it. It didn't help that there were no ads during it. It went pretty late, and then I got sucked into looking at my email and other messages. By the time I realized it, it was already close to 1am. That's not good. I've been trying to go to bed early and get up early. It threw me off most of the following day...:icongermanyplz:I was able to go to bed much earlier last night, and it felt much better. I just have to watch out for stuff like that.

Started watching the 2nd season of Doctors. It was another one that I wasn't expecting them to continue. The main character is kind of similar to House. Only he's very sweet and understanding with patients. He challenges his coworkers all the time. He solves the more difficult cases, as well. He can manipulate people very easily. It's a pretty good show, not outstanding but good.

In Tokyo Ravens, it was kind of a fluff episode. Kon wasn't able to make herself invisible, so she was trying to find ways to follow and make sure nothing happens to Harutora. Kon's his familiar, who's a fox spirit. She's usually always with him, but hiding herself most of the time. (Apparently, if she's visible for too long, it tires him out.) She ended up causing a big stir at school and people thought, since they only saw the varsity jacket on her that had a tiger design, she was a tiger. Eventually, one of the teachers helped her get her invisibility back. But, the person who inadvertently started the whole thing, had an earful. She was in the middle of a spell, and Kon had knocked into her, causing her to lose her ability to go invisible. Kon had tried to hide herself by wearing Harutora's jacket. The jacket was ruined, and he was pissed. I love Kon, but right now she just seems really cute and like she's comic relief. Hopefully, she'll get stronger. 

Wrote more of the 4th story to my nightmare anthology. More twists to it that I wasn't expecting. If this part had actually been a part of the nightmare it's based on, it would have made a lot more sense.:icontinoplz:Maybe I'm subconsciously trying to make sense out of it. Interesting. I know I'm close to the end of this one. I think next time I'll end it. 

Played my clarinet. Did some Mozart and some of the 'advanced' solo tunes. Wasn't too bad. Sounding better and better. 

Drew more of Shadow in detail from my project. Might have gotten his hair down, finally. Also, continued the drawing meme from before. Did the 2 other parts to the 'happy' section. Not sure if I'm entirely happy with the results, but they're not bad. Next is the sad section. I hate to draw her being sad, though. She's usually so happy and bouncy looking. But, she does have a difficult past, and she's hiding some dark secrets. So, she had to have some sadness. And, a character who is never sad, can be disturbing as well. 
Today's kanji were: , , and . When is by itself, it's pronounced as わらべ (warabe). In compounds, it's usually pronounced as どう (dou). It means: juvenile, child. Usually it's an archaic word for child. (Normally, child is 子供 or こども (kodomo).)  is pronounced as のう (nou). It means: farming, agriculture. When is seen by itself, it's usually pronounced as なみ (nami). It's only pronounced as (ha) in compounds. It means: wave. 波形 or なみがた (namigata) or はけい (hakei): wavy form, ripply shape; (はけい only) waveform. 波線 or はせん (hasen): wavy line. 波動 or はどう (hadou): wave motion, undulation, surge. 波長 or はちょう (hachou): wavelength. 津波 or つなみ (tsunami): tsunami, tidal wave. 

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