Thursday, December 12, 2013

National Cocoa Day!


I love cocoa!:dummy:This is apparently related to the beverage hot cocoa or hot chocolate. In America, we usually use these terms interchangeably. But, technically hot chocolate is made from heated water or milk with melted chocolate pieces, while hot cocoa is made from cocoa powder and heated water or milk. Either way, it's good! I usually like some with marshmallows. We've got hot chocolate with tiny ones. Guess I can have some more later.

I'm feeling pretty sick today.:sick:Almost like I have a cold. My nose is running, sinuses are full, have a huge headache on both sides of my head, etc. I was finally feeling normal for about a week. That weird stuff that I had before that week seems to have gone away, at least.:iconkikuplz:I've been having tea, mandarin oranges, took an antihistamine, and took my usual vitamin. So, hopefully that'll help. I have felt slightly better since this morning at least. I just need to take it easy on myself. I probably should be in bed...:iconswissplz:But, I get restless when I do, even if I'm very sick. 

Last weekend, was bone chilling cold. Record low temps for the area. Despite this, we went to a Japanese buffet for the first time Saturday night. Apparently, it's very popular. We had to wait a while in the waiting room. The door was constantly opening and closing, bringing in the cold air. Even with coats, gloves, scarves, lots of people, etc. it was really cold in there. Eventually, we were able to get a table. It's a very big place. Tons of sushi, a salad bar, various kinds of meats, soups, appetizers, desserts, etc. I don't think I got to everything, there was so much stuff there. There weren't too many specifically Japanese things. That was mainly the sushi and miso soup. (Which I didn't have either of...) There was a lot of general Asian stuff. Mostly from China and Korea. But, it was mostly very good all around.:iconchibispainplz:They had a huge chocolate fountain. The only things I didn't like were 3 desserts and the iced tea was a bit odd.

The next night we went to a movie theater to watch Gravity in 3D. (The theater is actually maybe 5 minutes away from the buffet.) I think I might have only seen one other movie in 3D when I was little, but can't remember what it was. My contacts were messing with me most of the time.:iconwtfukplz:But, it was still fun to see. I'm not sure if I was 'thrilled' about the movie. A lot of it didn't seem realistic. But, it did have cool effects and imagery. The whole thing might have been a dream, she could have died the time she was hurling through space by herself at the beginning, several things might be able to explain away the unrealistic stuff. And, it ended kind of abruptly. So, I have a mixed opinion about the whole thing. 

In the Interviewer, it's becoming more and more funny. Kind of an off beat/eccentric/campy sort of humor. It's apparently getting pretty raunchy, too. Kind of surprised me a bit. I'm really liking this show. And, the main actor has improvised a lot of stuff for the character. I respect him even more now.:iconchibihungaryplz: 

In Naruto Shippuden, it was an emotional episode. I'm about 3 episodes behind. Itachi is an amazing character. He took most of his secrets to the grave. He had to be reanimated and work together with his younger brother, Sasuke, in order to come clean about them. He put Kabuto in a mind loop, and was able to get him to release his reanimation jutsu. This also meant that Itachi had to 'die' again. So, Itachi essentially ended the war. There's a lot fewer enemies to fight. I think Tobi might be the last one...They still haven't revealed much on who he really is. They've hinted that it might be Obito though. Looks like things are only getting more interesting.

Wrote more of the 4th short story to my nightmare anthology. Haven't really gotten to the 'scary' stuff yet in this one. But, there are hints that things might not be right or they're unsettling. Then again, I haven't gotten to the actual nightmare yet. I have to set it up a bit. 

Played my clarinet. Did some tunes from my advanced solo book. Stumbled a bit this time, but that might be because I haven't been keeping up with playing everyday for the last week. It's been off and on. Hopefully, I can stay on track with it now. I sounded pretty good this time overall, even with the occasional stumble.
Studied more compounds for: . The general meanings for this one are: (counter) degrees, occurrence, time, strength of alcohol. 度量衡 or どりょうこう (doryoukou): weights and measures. 度合い or どあい (doai): degree, extent. 温度 or おんど (ondo): temperature. 感度 or かんど (kando): sensitivity, reception (e.g. radio and television), severity (quake). 湿度 or しつど (shitsudo): level of humidity. 態度 or たいど (taido): attitude, manner, behavior. 丁度 or ちょうど (choudo): (this is usually written in kana, instead of the kanji form) just, right, exactly. 調度 or ちょうど (choudo): supplies, furniture, fixtures. 程度 or ていど (teido): degree, amount, grade, standard, (suf) of the order of (following a number). 年度 or ねんど (nendo): fiscal year; academic year, school year. 

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