Monday, November 11, 2013

Too Old to Die Young


From the Django Unchained soundtrack, sung by Brother Dege. An amazing and powerful song. The movie had amazing music overall. Each piece fit perfectly. Loved the movie, even if it was hard to watch at times. But, then again it's a Tarantino movie. Plus, it dealt with a very difficult subject. (Inglourious Basterds was awesome, too. It dealt with some pretty heavy stuff, as well. I honestly haven't seen too many of Tarantino's movies, but these were awesome.) It was artfully done, and hilarious at times. And, always good to see an awesome ending too! 

It's Veterans Day, and they definitely deserve a day, if not more, honoring them. It's also National Sundae Day, and Origami Day. When done right, sundaes are awesome!:iconchibispainplz:And, there are so many different ways to make them. I've never really been into origami.:iconswissplz:Seeing other people make them is cool. There was a time when I was little where I tried to get into it. I still have some of the ones I made from back then. They're not bad, just not great either. Kind of like how I feel about crocheting. It looks amazing to see other people's finished product, but I can't concentrate on it for too long when I try it myself. 

Thursday was my birthday!:party:Went to Red Robin for my actual birthday dinner. I got a root beer float, shared some pretzel bites, had their Bleu Ribbon burger (a bleu cheese based burger), and a birthday sundae. They came out singing Happy Birthday, and gave me the sundae afterwards. (The sundae was a bit strange. Had ice cubes in it. But, still good.) I always feel so embarrassed when restaurants do this, although I try to go to ones that do that for my birthday.:iconchibiswedenplz:In addition to having my birthday dinner, I wanted to do something fun. I was hoping to go someplace like the art museum, the science center, Uwajimaya (that amazing Asian supermarket), and/or the International District to visit places like Chinatown. Oh well. It was nice that I went somewhere for dinner on my actual birthday. Was thinking about going to a new Japanese buffet tonight to celebrate, but we went to a Chinese buffet we know and love instead. Which was nice. They changed a lot of things, but were still good. Took some pics of what I got. Just to share. I might get into that habit.:iconberwaldplz:

Finished watching Hitman Reborn on Thursday. Including the OVA, which is like a special. They went on a 'Vongola family' based school field trip visiting most of the popular sites in Japan. At all the sites, there was something Vongola-related. It was funny. I really loved this series.:iconfrancisplz:It's kind of a shame that it ended. It'd be cool if they revive it and continue the story. Although, they certainly finished it nicely. They beat Byakuran, learned more about the Arcobaleno (although, we still don't know everything:icongermanyplz:), their rings were 'upgraded' during the last fight (even though most didn't get a chance to use the upgraded versions), the ghosts of the first Vongola guardians showed up to help, and a few other cool things happened at the end. It really was a cool fight. They were able to bring their boxed animals back to the present. Only, instead of keeping them in boxes, they were stored in another set of rings. So, I guess it could continue if they brought it back, there's enough things to work with. The manga continues the story for a while. So, I guess I'll see what happens in that. 

Watched Chernobyl Diaries on Saturday. It was better than I expected. They played around more with the psychological stuff, which I like. Kind of felt weird that the radiation apparently turned people into zombies.:iconwtfukplz:The animals were creepy. It wasn't one of the best or scariest movies, but I think it was decent. 

Finished both Kamo, Kyoto e Iku (Bitter Sweet Home Kyoto [or Kamo, Goes to Kyoto]), and Doubles. I liked both shows. Kamo had a good ending, and I wasn't expecting that. Doubles was a great detective show. I think this one could easily have a 2nd season. The 'Doubles' refers to their partners and working in pairs. Although, the 2 main detectives seemed to look/act quite a bit alike towards the end of the series. The actors were great, most of the stories were interesting, and the characters were likable. Everything worked out ok in the end for this one, too.

I wasn't feeling too well on my birthday.:iconlietplz:I couldn't sleep at all the night before. So, I allowed myself to sleep in on Friday. I slept a bit longer than I'd like, but felt much better when I woke up. The next day, I slept in a bit, too. I felt even better. So, I guess I just needed to sleep off whatever I had. 

Since I wasn't feeling well, I kind of slacked off a bit on my sit-ups. I think that's ok once in a while, and I started them up again today. I'm doing 80 sit-ups twice a day this week. Hope to get back into my walking. I had planned to do two 2-mile walks a day, but haven't really been able to keep it as a routine yet. That might change tomorrow...

I'm liking Ando Lloyd even more now. His system is starting to make its own program for emotions. He refused to believe it for a while. He keeps having nightmares, remembers his fellow android comrades fondly, seems to be capable of crying, seems to want to make Ando's life slightly better, etc. Ando named him Lloyd, and gave him her last name. He doesn't remember his real name, and he was always changing code names for himself. He seemed to really like that she named him. He apparently has a program that enables him to taste food and enjoy it. For some reason, they're hinting that he might have some of Reiji's memories. He knew about the wedding ring Reiji and Ando had custom made. He also kept saying Reiji isn't dead. I'm not entirely sure that he is, either. 

Log Horizon was pretty good. Shiroe finally managed to make his own guild, called Log Horizon. I kind of figured that would happen. He plans to make living in their hometown better. There seems to be a lot of despair going around since the players have been trapped in that world, and some have been taking advantage of the lower leveled ones.

Finished writing the 2nd story to my nightmare anthology. Didn't really know which direction it would take, and seemed a lot more fun to write than the first one.:iconchibihungaryplz:Not sure how the 3rd one will go...Hopefully, it only gets better.
Studied the last compound for the kanji: . 身代金 or みのしろきん (minoshirokin): ransom. Studied 2 more kanji. Neither of which had compounds listed. or だい (dai): no., (pref) ordinal. or だい (dai): title, subject, theme, topic; problem (on a test), question; (suf) counter for questions (on a test). Finished typing out a section of an article in You Maga. I'll start translating it next time. Read an article in Japanese on Asahi's site. It was on Paul McCartney recently starting his first tour of Japan in 11 years. Kind of interesting. 

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