Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Friend


By SPYAIR. An awesome song about friendship. I'm usually not a sucker for that kind of stuff, but they did it so well. I'm starting to really like this band. I know they've done a few theme songs for Gintama (I love this anime), and at the time I thought they were pretty good. But, didn't really listen to more of their songs. They debuted in 2005, and have 5 members. They have apparently done theme songs for 3 other anime. I found a cool Gintama amv that also translates part of the main chorus. (They sound cool 'live' on youtube as well.)

It's been pretty cold today.:iconshiverplz:I'm thinking of doing only one of my walks later because of it. I'm just not used to the cold yet. 
Started watching Henshin Interviewer no Yuuutsu or Transformation Interviewer's Depression. (I think it'd be better translated as The Melancholy of the Transformation Interviewer...:iconchibiaustriaplz:) It's good so far. It has one of my fave actors as the lead, which is a plus. A bit campy, has a lot of dark humor, and all the characters are eccentric to say the least. Really reminds me of Jikou Keisatsu or Time Limit Detective. Same type of humor, people act similar, etc. Shirakawa Jiro is a gifted writer, and he's published 99 mystery novels with 'trickery magic' as the theme. He's been writing non-stop since winning the grand prize at a writing competition when he was 15. Now, he's faced with writer's block while trying to start his 100th novel. 3 months pass, and he still has writer's block. In order to try and get inspired, he scours the internet for stories about unsolved murders. He stumbles upon a story about 2 women that were murdered and seemed to be posed as tulips. He decides to go to the town where the women lived. In order to interview people about the incident, he 'transforms' into a man named Aonuma Rio. Who seems to look much more approachable than what he truly looks like. Women seem to be more drawn to him as well. Where if he's himself, they're terrified of him. The pic on the upper left is what he looks like before he 'transforms', and the main pic is him after. Funny thing is the after transformation part is how the actor actually presents himself normally. So, it kind of seems like it's reverse...The girl in the pic is his assistant/editor. 

Naruto Shippuden was kind of sad. Kabuto eventually got stuck in a genjutsu (lit. Illusion Techniques, it messes with their enemy's perception of reality) time loop, where it's the same scene over and over again. It messes with his mind, and he starts to go a bit crazy trying to get out of it. Itachi's really brilliant. The fact that he's been reanimated by Kabuto hasn't changed that. He worked pretty well with Sasuke to fight Kabuto. Itachi wanted to take Kabuto out alive, since he's the one that essentially controls the war. Interesting to see what happens next. 

Ao no Exorcist was interesting. Izumo was kidnapped by the Illuminati to be used for some sort of ritual, since they basically used up her mother for it. Shima was apparently working for the Illuminati as a spy. The others are out searching for Izumo in her hometown. Although, something is very off about the townspeople. 

Wrote some more of the 3rd short story to my nightmare anthology. Interesting to see where it will go. Played my clarinet. Did some Irish and Klezmer tunes. Sounded pretty good this time. 

Tried to at least start my next drawing. I might have to start over.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:I thought the 'Drawing Bible' would help me, but it doesn't really help for multiple characters of different heights. I think I might base them off an old Max (original character) full body drawing. I used my old anatomy book for that one, and I think he turned out pretty good. I'll just have to tweak with the proportions with each character I add. Should be interesting. 
Studied more compounds for 調. The general meanings to this kanji are: investigate, exorcise, key (music), meter, prepare, tone, tune, writing style, note. 長調 or ちょうちょう (chouchou): major key (music). 調和 or ちょうわ (chouwa): harmony. 口調 or くちょう (kuchou): tone (e.g. of voice, etc.), (verbal) expression. 調律 or ちょうりつ (chouritsu): tuning (musical). 強調 or きょうちょう (kyouchou): emphasis, highlight, stress, stressed point. 好調 or こうちょう (kouchou): favorable, promising, satisfactory, in good shape. 哀調 or あいちょう (aichou): plaintive, mournful melody, minor key. 同調 or どうちょう (douchou): sympathy, agreement with, alignment, conformity, tuning. 調薬 or ちょうやく (chouyaku): dose. 単調 or たんちょう (tanchou): monotony, monotone, dullness. I'll study more compounds for this one tomorrow. There aren't that many left, so I might be able to move on to the next kanji as well.  

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