Thursday, November 14, 2013

National Pickle Day!


I love pickles!:dummy:There are so many different kinds. It's also International Girls Day, and National American Teddy Bear Day. Girls definitely should be celebrated. I don't think I ever had an actual teddy bear when I was little. Although, I had a stuffed polar bear I loved to death.:iconheroamericaplz:The teddy bear has an interesting story behind it. In 1902, President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt attended a bear hunt in Mississippi. The other members of the hunting party captured a bear, tied it to a tree, and asked the president to shoot it. He refused to kill the bear, and later a political cartoonist depicted the president with the bear titled, "Drawing the Line in Mississippi". In the first printing the cartoon bear was full-grown, but it was later redrawn as a cub. The story and cartoon became famous, and toy makers were inspired to create "Teddy's Bear". In 1906, the teddy bear craze picked up. 

Started writing the 3rd short story to my nightmare anthology. This nightmare is still pretty vivid in my mind, even though I had it while I was in high school. It still kind of freaks me out, but maybe it'll be good to have it written out?:iconusaplz:It feels very real, too. So far, each story has been told in slightly different ways. Different perspectives, 'voices' of the narrator, totally different centered character, etc. It's kind of exciting to write this way. Things feel fresh with each story. Kind of feels like more than one writer wrote these. 

Played my clarinet. Did some Gershwin, and pieces from my advanced classical book. Wasn't too bad. I hate how high that advanced book makes me go.:iconnataliaplz:I can do it, it just hurts my ears. Even if done right, it hurts. And, sometimes it hurts my head more with the amount of air I have to blow out, let alone having to control it for a while. Oh well. At least I can still do it...

For my next drawing project, I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to go about it. It's all my characters standing next to each other, interacting, showing their clothing designs, etc. They're all different heights, too. After I'm done, I hope to color it as well. Today, I looked at my 'drawing bible' book to get more tips on anatomy. I kind of have parts of anatomy down already, the problem I'm having is that they're all different sizes and heights. I might just try to play it by ear or something. We'll see. Hope to actually start drawing it soon.

Posted a pic of the 2 plates I had at King's Wok buffet on fb and dA. I'm surprised at how many views and faves I'm getting of it on dA. (With half of the faves, people have put them in their collections.:blush:) Surprised that people on fb liked it too. Didn't think the pic was all that great. But, makes me feel a bit better to see that people like it. (Been feeling down lately, so this perked me up a bit.) Oh, and I even had 2 requests from groups on dA to feature it. 

Watched Naruto Shippuden. Haven't watched it in a few weeks. So, I'm a few episodes behind. They revealed more of Kabuto's past. I feel sorry for him, but on the other hand he's more of a central character than I realized. He's essentially had a hand in or 'observed' every conflict, every interaction with others, etc. He doesn't know much about himself. He's been a spy planted in several different ninja villages, if not all. Originally working for Konoha, he quit after killing the one mother figure he had, and finding out they set both of them up. Then, he started working with Orochimaru pretty early on. They say he's one of the best at collecting intel. Interesting character. I still feel a bit iffy about him. Also, read a bit of Hitman Reborn. It was on the fake Mukuro arc. So far, seems a lot like the anime. 
Today's kanji was: . Pronounced as たん (tan): fault, defect, weak point; minor (music). As みじか (mijika): (pref, suf) short, brief. As みじか.い (mijika.i): short. 短音 or たんおん (tanon): short sound. 短気 or たんき (tanki): quick temper, short temper. 短期 or たんき (tanki): short term. 短距離 or たんきょり (tankyori): short distance, short range. 短剣 or たんけん (tanken): short sword, dagger, stiletto; hour hand (of a clock). 短所 or たんしょ (tansho): defect, demerit, weak point, disadvantage. 短小 or たんしょう (tanshou): short and small. 短針 or たんしん (tanshin): hour hand (of a clock). 短調 or たんちょう (tanchou): minor key (music). 短刀 or たんとう (tantou): short sword, dagger. 短文 or たんぶん (tanbun): short sentence; short piece of writing (e.g. passage, article, composition). 

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