Thursday, November 29, 2012

On The Precipice Of Defeat


From Bleach's first soundtrack. This is an eerie, almost ethereal sounding track. I love the mood it gives off. Also, comes in at some pretty awesome moments in the anime. 

I was hoping to post more than I have been for this month.:iconswissplz:Well, maybe I'll get around to posting more next month. I'm a bit nervous about the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) on Sunday. I think I'm a lot more prepared this time, so I should feel more at ease. Went over different verb forms and types, and the na and i adjectives today. I know them pretty well by now, just wanted to review them. Don't want to forgot about one of the forms and get it wrong on the test.:iconberwaldplz:

Yesterday, I went over all the 'recent' kanji (about 100 of them that I've gone over the last few months. I know more, though), compounds, and some lessons from my grammar book while I was at the cafe. I fried my brain enough that when a guy there asked me something in Japanese, I stood there like an idiot thinking about it.:iconohboyamericaplz:Later, on my way home, I figured out what he was asking. He said it in a very polite way, and without a question marker. (It'd be something like: 'Thou speakest Japanese.' in English.) So, it'd be understandable why it threw me off. He also ended one of the words with -sumasu (-すます), when it should have been -shimasu (-します). He said he just started learning it. So, that might be why.:iconchibiaustriaplz:If I see him again, I might tell him about some of his mistakes. Although, I might just forget about it by then...:iconusaplz:Also, had an English toffee hot chocolate. 

Went to my new therapist's appointment last Friday. I can't make up my mind on whether I like her or not.:iconchibijapanplz:She had this almost constant fake look to her face. So, I'm just wondering if maybe that's just how she is. She seemed very nice. 

On one of the forums I'm apart of, there's an interesting thread. It just asks Do You Believe in G-d? There wasn't any side thing at the beginning, like religion v science, but now it's a bit different. There's a guy on there who obviously is ignorant of other religions besides Christianity. (And even that, I have a feeling he doesn't know much about.:iconkikuplz:) He thinks all religions are the same, that they're in it for the money, and that they brainwash their followers.:iconlietplz:Also, apparently, in order to be religious, you can't 'believe' (his word for it) in evolution and science as a whole. First of all, evolution isn't a belief, it's a theory. But, everytime someone talks about their religion, he brings up random scientific 'evidence' to try and sway people. It almost sounds like he has some sort of mental thing going on. When people try to debate or tell him that they're religious and into science, he usually ends it with 'typical religious response trying to defend your religion'. On mine, I apparently got him pretty good, and it pretty much ended with him saying 'well I don't know much about Judaism'.:iconenglandispervyplz:A lot of people have liked my posts in that thread. Someone told me it was very level-headed, and I tried to give examples on what we're different on, or even just what Judaism's about. They said I gave a clear answer everytime. I just want to educate people. They can believe what they want, but don't make crazy accusations.:iconromanoplz:Plus, bringing up unrelated scientific articles doesn't do much. Pretty much everyone is annoyed and/or slightly amused by his ignorance. Even people who aren't religious. Interesting to keep reading the responses others give him. He's starting to sound a bit desperate. Plus, this is interesting, according to the poll 80% of the forum members believe in some sort of G-d or G-ds. I thought the percentage would be lower. Kind of cool.:iconchibinitalyplz:

The person I met on Thanksgiving day, who also invited us to her Hanukkah party sent a very 'glowing' email about both of us. It was very nice. She said we were both amazing women. Also, that I'm a compassionate, wonderful, special, delightful young woman.:iconchibihungaryplz:And that she's proud of me. For the party, she told us to just bring ourselves. Don't worry about bringing food. Of course, right after I read her email, I read my dad's dedication section for her book. She said I was a delight and an inspiration. So many good compliments, I'm not sure what to do with them.:iconfrancisplz:Just not used to it. Something kind of chased those good feelings away on Sunday night through Monday. Which was kind of sad, because it was giving me some courage with things. Anyways, I've recovered somewhat. (Plus, it didn't help that my meds aren't up to par yet. My body is still flushing out the old 'stale' ones from my system while I take the new ones. So, I'm not completely stabilized yet.)

There's a possibility of at least 2 more Hanukkah parties coming up. Sounds like it'd be fun!:iconchibicanadaplz:Hanukkah goes from the night of Dec. 8th until the night of Dec. 16th. It's coming up faster than I realized! It's also earlier in the regular calendar than usual. It's really a minor holiday, but it's fun. 

I posted 2 drawings on dA. Both faces from one of my new original character sheets. They're of Zero and Sin. Both are from Greece, and I love the original mythology they come from. (I put my own spin on their stories, of course.)

An awesomely made amv:

A hilarious and well done Gintama amv. Parts of it are perfectly timed:

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