Friday, November 2, 2012

5 More Days!


Yay! 5 more days until my birthday!:dummy:It's been really dreary looking out today. Kind of set the mood. 

I finally made another therapy appointment. This time it'll be with someone totally different. The last therapist I had decided to transfer to another place. So, I have to essentially start from scratch with another therapist. I'm also trying to figure out how I'm getting there. Many people have told me that they're there for me, and would help me with whatever I need. But, when it comes to actual situations like that, they either say no or they have to wait and see.:iconwtfukplz:Kind of funny.

I called someone who has been helping me get to Shabbat services, but she's going to be out of town. So, she said to talk to someone, the same person I was thinking of if she didn't work out. I called her, and she spent roughly 30 minutes mulling over it, and then asked me what else was going on in my life. It's a yes or no thing, really.:iconchibijapanplz:She said she doesn't have anything that day, but things may pop up. Eventually, she said she'll call back next week to tell me if she can or not. After I gave her directions through an email, she called back and kind of lectured me for 10 more minutes. I don't need that.:iconlietplz:But, she'll still see if she can drive me later. Also makes me think that maybe I shouldn't ask her to drive me again...She called again, for a longer time! This time not lecturing me, but talking about life stuff. I think I've talked to her for close to 2 hours today! What a headache...:iconromanoplz:Nice person, but crazy at times. Meanwhile, I think I'll email another person, who has also helped me out before. If this doesn't work out for this appointment, I can make another one, but have it not too much later than this one. It's really important that I see someone soon. 

Watched Gokusen. The students found out about Yankumi's family. (Like the other classes she taught during the other seasons.) They seemed to think it was cool. One of the students' had parents who were going through a nasty divorce. The father blames it on him. His father was cruel towards him. Telling him he'll never be happy, and telling him that he failed at life. In a way, I think it's good for the family that his father splits up with his mother. His mother took a lot of the verbal abuse too. At the end of the episode, he realized he had great friends that no matter what, if he was with them, he'd be happy. He was also touched by Yankumi's story. About how her parents died in an accident while she was very little. And, that her grandfather took her in. The next episode is the finale. So, that should be interesting. This is the last season of the show, so I'm a little sad that'll end soon.:iconpolandplz:

Gintama really trolled its fans this week. It was a rerun, but felt like it'd be a new episode. Although, I kind of like the one they showed. It's the type of show that if there are reruns, you'd still want to watch it. A bit disappointing, still. It was about Madao trying to find a cheap apartment. Ended up being shown a haunted apartment. Where a violent murder happened in the main room. Blood was everywhere. No one came back out of that room, by the end of the episode. Madao's girlfriend peeked in, and also got sucked in. Perfect episode for Halloween.

Hetalia was interesting. Saw Australia's character for the first time. It was part 2 of their interviews with the clubs at the 'school' segment. Also, about how the Germans would sneak into America's troops during World War 2. Mentioned a rivalry between England and America. The mangaka puts interesting twists/portrayals to things.

Managed to play some of my clarinet. Did some Gershwin, and some pieces from my advanced classical music book. Was pretty good this time.:iconeestiplz:Went over another kanji, some compounds, and a Japanese lesson. 

deviantART faves: Warm cats Little Ben Mr Skull Made a Friend... I did not make these! First, is a drawing of Zazie from Letter Bee with a cat holding onto him. Done by an artist I watch. Haven't seen too much Letter Bee fanart. Zazie loves cats. Interestingly done. Second, a cool yet creepy drawing of a boy and his shadow. Also, done by another artist I watch. I'd be scared if I had a shadow like that. Third, kind of a cool skull cake with a fondant snake coming out of it. The skull still has an eye. 

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