Monday, November 5, 2012

2 More Days!


Wow! Can't believe there's 2 more days until my birthday!:la:The election is tomorrow, thank goodness. I'm getting tired of the ads on TV, phone, etc.:iconlietplz:I already voted a while ago. Just want it over with. Although, I do hope whatever I voted for comes through. There's not just the presidential election. There's also referendum 74 on gay marriage. It'll be amazing if that's approved. They should have the same rights.:iconhongkongplz:It's also National Doughnut Day.

Managed to get in a nice walk this morning. It was cool, crisp, and colorful out there.:iconchibicanadaplz:Leaves are everywhere! Played some of my clarinet. Did some of the hardest classical pieces in my advanced solo book (probably should not have started with that...:iconchibichinaplz:), some jazz songs, and some Irish tunes. Wasn't too bad. Messed up a bit on the hardest piece in my advanced book, but that was to be expected. It really is tough. 

Monsters was fun to watch today. They kept up the humor from the first episode. Very interesting way that the deaths are portrayed too. It's somewhat easy to figure out who the killer is, but the way they get to the killer is interesting. So, it's not just focused on the 'reveal', but on how they got there. 

Kamisama Hajimemashita has been very interesting. It still has those shoujo-ish scenes, but it's done well and somehow goes with the flow. I'm really liking the story. Tomoe's starting to get attached to Nanami, finally. He saved her numerous times already, but in this episode she saved him. The thunder deity would not accept a human as the earth/land deity, and took away her 'mark' and shrunk Tomoe. He looked like a little kid with fox ears and a tail. Cute. He became sick, because he had too much power for such a small body. But, Kurama helped him and Nanami. Eventually, Tomoe thought he was useless and so was Nanami, and decided to go to the thunder deity to become her familiar. Once he got there, he hated her, and decided to hide in Mikage's (his previous master) mirror. Nanami, even without her 'powers', finds him. In the end, the thunder deity accepts her, gives back the 'mark', and turns Tomoe back. But, when Tomoe came back to his normal size, he had much longer hair. Interesting. He had to kiss her again, to renew the contract.

Wrote a bit more of chapter 19. Kind of had fun with one of the descriptions of an animal they see at the local zoo. Seems like it'll be an interesting chapter. Finally went back to that really long drawing meme. Started the 'multiples' section. Read a bit of Kekkaishi. Nothing really interesting this time. 
The kanji for today is: or かい (kai). It means world, (biological) kingdom, partition of land, (suf) the world of (some category). The compounds I worked on today are: and . 競走 or きょうそう (kyousou) is: race [like you're running in a 'race'.] 走行 or そうこう (soukou) is: running a wheeled vehicle (e.g. car), traveling. 疾走 or しっそう (shissou) is: sprint, dash, scampering. 完走 or かんそう (kansou) is: running the race, staying the course. 多分 or たぶん (tabun) is: perhaps, probably; generous, many, much, great. Studied another lesson from my Japanese book. Translated a sentence from a You Maga article I'm working on. Read an article from Asahi's website about Psy's popularity. 

deviantART faves:Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial Easy as hell pizza balls I did not make these! First, a simple hands, legs, and foot tutorial. Those can be difficult to draw, but looking at this seems to make it look easy. So, hopefully in the future it'd be a great reference.:iconchibinitalyplz:Second, very interestingly done 'pizza balls'. They said you can add whatever 'toppings' you'd like for your pizza. I don't eat pepperoni so, I was a little thrown off at first. They almost look like calzones. Maybe in the future I'll make something like this too. Very good idea. 

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